“Am I missing an eyebrow?”
by Adam Savage




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one-line review: warm bodies

Warm Bodies:  It was no Zombieland (and, really, I have to doubt any movie will ever live up to that epicness), and it had a fair bit more romance than I typically appreciate in my zombie movies (but, of course, you knew that going in*), but they pulled off an almost complete subversion of the trope fairly well, without getting too Twilight-y. 

(* – And, really, how many zombie movies were not […]

sign them up for a marathon

I was not a huge fan of the book, so maybe it is just as well the movie’s only point of similarity appears to be its title:

Of course, the movie goes with freakishly hyper-fast zombies, whereas the books featured the standard shamblers… I cannot say as though I have ever been a huge proponent of the former position. I mean, unless we are going to the 28 Days Later theory, […]

not a huge fan of tapco

But this was not half bad:

Use the right tool for the job, and when it comes to zombies, a revolver ain’t it.

(Video should be fixed now.)

shark? what shark?

While Christmas shopping recently, Better Half discovered that Amazon has a dedicated, actual, honest-to-God storefront named Zombie Apocalypse Supplies.

No, really:

This store has such categories as "Brain Protection" and "Duct Tape".

I might be at a loss for words.


cannot. stop. laughing.

If you were not playing computer games around the middle of the ’90s, this will mean nothing to you, but I literally cannot count the number of times I went through this exact flow chart:

My only real complaint is that the key is wrong in a few spots.

(Found thanks to Pithy Title Goes Here. Original graphic property of FMV Magazine, who explains the […]

mainstreaming survivalism

Despite still being painted as a “fringe” aspect of our society comprised of nothing more than loony-bin candidates who somehow escaped psychological “assistance”, the whole concept of “survivalism” and “prepping” has understandably caught on amongst the American people, with even the CDC jumping onboard the zombie bandwagon in order to encourage people to keep basic supplies in their homes. Because, really, if you are ready for the zombie apocalypse, a hurricane is just […]

just trying to help out

Dear Joan Peterson (aka “japete”),

Since you seem to be having such a hard time understanding the concept of “zombies”, much less why anyone would want to shoot them (helpful hint: THEY EAT BRAINS), I thought I might take a moment to offer you a suggestion.

Just three hours south of you in Morristown, MN, Ahlman’s Gun Shop is […]

one-line review: walking dead, second season

Walking Dead, Season Two*: Just as Top Shot turned out to be nothing more than "Survivor with Guns", this show is turning into nothing more than "Days of Our Lives with the Occasional Undead Shambler"; the only reason I might continue watching is the last half of the last episode (and, no, not just because it was a zombie-slaughter).

(* – This whole "half a season now, half a season six months from […]

how not to advertise

The zombie apocalypse is afoot. The dead are rising up and nomming on the living. Nowhere is safe. Society has collapsed. Cats are sleeping with dogs. Etc. etc.

Given that set of circumstances, would you be wandering through the wilderness with your primary weapon being some spiffed-up and Dremel-attacked 1911, and your secondary firearm being a Condition 4 AR-15 wrapped up in a duffel bag?

Yeah. Me neither. And that is just the […]

pray for armless zombies

By and large, electric vehicles are an insufficient replacement for most people’s primary forms of conveyance. A lot of people will not like that statement, but it is true. However, I am glad to see that some innovators are willing to take that reality as a starting point, and work around it:

Like the Toyota Supra Mk IV, the EV-1 was a car loved by some but ultimately too expensive […]

so many zombies, so little time

Having just come from another round of “competitive shooting is really fun and you really should get into it one of these days”, and while pricing out the various accessories I would need to do so, I am once again reminded of just how annoyingly steep the bar of admission can be for those kinds of events.  This is further compounded by the amount of time the range officers spent at […]

not sure how much i would pay attention

Apparently according to my subconscious, a revolver is the worst possible weapon available during the zombocalypse, especially if your ammunition is crappy enough that two out of three rounds are misfires, and if, for some reason, you do not carry speedloaders, speedstrips, or any form of loose ammo.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to reload a revolver out of a box of ammo while a zombie breaks through the back window […]