“I'll give you eloquence and logic, your patience (lack of) is what makes you so interesting to follow.”
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tim and susan have matching handguns

Holy flying carp!  Two posts in one week!  It is a sign of the apocalypse! 

… Or something. 

Anywise, regular readers may recall a post I wrote about shopping for wallets a while back, and that I mentioned a certain Saddleback Leather Company.  Out of the blue last week, I got the following email from them: 

I work for a Texas-based company that makes rugged leather gear. We […]

james yeager proves his cowardice

Courtesy of a comment over at ENDO, I have discovered that James Yeager has made his "James Yeager is a coward?" video private and unviewable by the unwashed masses. In other words, he ran away from the impressively colorful conversations breaking out in the comments section of the video; one can hardly blame him, though, considering the number of large, strapping young men who took him up on his […]

inforce wml – a video

Looking back at it, my explanation of how to mount an Inforce WML to any firearm with an appropriate Picatinny rail might not have been the clearest thing ever. 

As such, here is a handy-dandy video showing you how to go about it: 

Yeah, not exactly production quality – apparently Flip camcorders* do not have a particularly close focal range – but it gets the point across.  Likewise, […]

is it wrong to laugh at this?

the social bar

… at the bottom of the page.  Too much?  Too useless?  Better or worse than the social buttons at the bottom of individual posts now?  Do not care in general?  If nothing else, it reminded me I have a Flickr account… 

[Update] And so the plugin has been nuked, and I continue my quest for a less-obtrusive-than-that-but-cleaner-than-what-I-have way of integrating this social stuff… [/Update]

Anywise, the plugin is the WP Social Toolbar […]