“Ten percent of nuthin' is...let me do the math here...nuthin' into nuthin'...carry the nuthin'...”
by Jayne Cobb




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a thousand blind monkeys could do better

This keychain tool kit that I forgot was still attached to my carabiner was deemed unacceptable for me to have on my person by the Nashville branch of the Thousands of Sexual Assaulters due to its 1.375" knife, and was therefore confiscated from me at the security checkpoint for the airport (sorry, Weer’d).

However, at both Nashville and SeaTac airports, this solid stainless steel pen (that could […]

the tsa does not care about your health

This is me, not being surprised:

The Transportation Security Administration has been quietly removing its X-ray body scanners from major airports over the last few weeks and replacing them with machines that radiation experts believe are safer.

I have only been harping on this for about two years now, but, hey, giving two years’ worth of airline passengers an increased chance of cancer is no big […]


A conversation yesterday evening between myself an a FedEx shipping employee, while filling out the shipping forms: 

Her:  So what are you shipping? 

Me:  A rifle. 

Her:  A rif… and who are you shipping it to? 

Me:  The company that made it. 

Her:  Oh.  Ok.  Carry on! 

Of course, this illustrates the idiocy of requiring interstate firearm transfers to go through an Federal Firearm License holder; I am fairly […]

hopefully the start of a trend

Until more parents start pulling more "stunts" like this one, the Thousands of Sexual Assaulters at airports around the nation will continue intentionally violating our Fourth Amendment-protected rights:

Andrea Fornella Abbott yelled and swore at Transportation Security Administration agents Saturday afternoon at Nashville International Airport, saying she did not want her daughter to be “touched inappropriately or have her “crotch grabbed,” a police report states.

After the woman refused to calm down, […]

just when you think they could not get worse…

Remember how the Transportation Security Administration was created and installed in order to guarantee, or at least improve, the safety of the American public as they availed themselves of our comprehensive airplane transportation network?

Yeah, neither do I, actually, but you can witness just how much your “safety” takes a back seat to the Thousands of Sexual Assaulters’ agendas, whatever the hell they are, when you read about how they inflicted ten times […]

knowing is half the battle

Want to know what kind of happy-fun “security” measures the Thousands of Sexual Assaulters have in store for you at the airports you will be using? Take a look at TSA Status (when it works – it has been swamped of late) for the short-and-sweet.

As with all crowdsourcing applications, its information is only as accurate as what we feed it, so let the administrator know what kind of “security” theater you […]

talk about a deficiency

Everyone remember the brand-spanking new backscatter scanner systems the Transportation Security Administration Thousands of Sexual Assaulters are using at airports now? You know, the ones that photograph you electronically nude, can and will eventually cause cancer, and violate our Fourth Amendment-protected rights (a crime that the former Assistant TSA Administrator has already confessed to)? Those scanners?

Yeah… those backscatter scanners cannot detect dangerous amounts […]

ionizing radiation is not your friend

Just a friendly reminder, courtesy of my father, who spent more than a few years cuddled up to a high-output nuclear reactor and more than a few nuclear weapons:

There is no safe level or threshold of ionizing radiation exposure.

“Backscatter scanners” now used at airports all over the country employ x-rays, which are a form of ionizing radiation. Worse, bystanders/onlookers are not shielded from these devices (just look […]

a slight disparity

Sometimes, I really love the internet.

Last night in the shower, Better Half and I were discussing the new “gate rape” procedures instituted by the TSA (seemed appropriate at the time), and she asked if people going into maximum security prisons had to go through the same kinds of procedures we are currently “enjoying” at airports across the country. My response was that it was funny she should mention that: […]