james yeager violated the tennessee constitution

… and now “shall be punished otherwise, in such manner as the Legislature may prescribe.”  No, seriously. 

After yesterday’s post documenting how James Yeager is a coward, not based on his actions in Iraq, but rather his actions here in America, I was planning on leaving this whole topic alone for the foreseeable future, but this is just too much comedic gold to pass up.  As was pointed out to me by WizardPC, dueling is 100% forbidden and illegal here in the Great State of Tennessee, per Article IX, Section 3 of the state’s Constitution

Any person who shall, after the adoption of this Constitution, fight a duel, or knowingly be the bearer of a challenge to fight a duel, or send or accept a challenge for that purpose, or be an aider or abettor in fighting a duel, shall be deprived of the right to hold any office of honor or profit in this State, and shall be punished otherwise, in such manner as the Legislature may prescribe.

Tennessee is hardly alone in this provision, with Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oregon, South Carolina, and West Virginia all having Constitutional clauses prohibiting dueling, with numerous other states having statutory prohibitions against dueling.  Personally, being the small-l libertarian I am, I disagree with both the Constitutional articles and the laws criminalizing dueling, but the law is the law, and if you want to do something that is currently illegal, you need to change the law first. 

JamesYeagerViolatesTNConstitutionDuelWhich brings us to Thursday at 2319, when James Yeager posted the following idiocy on his Facebook page

I _______________________ willingly accept a challenge to duel from James Yeager. I understand we will use the “Code Duello” as our only rules. I understand that all firearms and swords are deadly and dueling will be hazardous. My participation WILL be dangerous. The outcome of these dangers may include, but are not limited to: DEADLY FORCE which is the amount of force that will cause death or great bodily harm. GREAT BODILY HARM is defined as injury that creates a substantial risk of death, protracted unconsciousness, protracted or permanent disfigurement or the loss or impairment of the use of a bodily member, organ or faculty. I may also have personal property damage.

I _________________________hold no other person, corporation, or entity responsible for my safety, medical care, or welfare besides myself. I desire to participate at my own peril. I further understand that I may be held liable for any damage or loss to Tactical Response that is caused by my dependents, willful misconduct, or fraud while participating in these activities. I also understand my image or likeness may be used in all forms and media for advertising, trade, or any other purpose.

I ____________________________hold Tactical Response Inc, Tactical Response Gear Inc, and James Yeager HARMLESS to all criminal and civil matters that arise from my acceptance of this duel.

_________________ ____________________ ____________________

Date Print Name Signature

_________________ ____________________ ____________________

Date Print Name Signature

NOTARY PUBLIC (Must be notarized.)

_________________ ____________________ ____________________

Date Print Name Signature

*Please include a copy of your state issued identification and that of your witness and your Second. You second must also sign a copy of this form.

Yes, that is a dueling contract.  Yes, James Yeager lives in, Camden, Tennessee, and his “facility”, Tactical Response, is based out of there. 

Being the so very helpful person I am, I commented at his Facebook thread: 

Apparently James Yeager is ignorant of Tennessee State Code, specifically Article IX, Section 3, which reads, and I quote: 

“Any person who shall, after the adoption of this Constitution, fight a duel, or knowingly be the bearer of a challenge to fight a duel, or send or accept a challenge for that purpose, or be an aider or abettor in fighting a duel, shall be deprived of the right to hold any office of honor or profit in this State, and shall be punished otherwise, in such manner as the Legislature may prescribe.”

One can only hope his local authorities prosecute him appropriately for violating the Constitution of Tennessee.  Likewise, if James is so massively ignorant of Tennessee’s state laws, why would *anyone* trust him to be their firearm trainer? 

Within 20 minutes, James Yeager further demonstrated his cowardice by deleting that comment (with a “Go f—k yourself.” thrown in for good measure) and banned me from commenting on his profile.  Thankfully, being used to small-minded imbeciles like James who do not want the world to know they are wrong, I thought ahead, and took the screen capture you see to the right. 

IMIGHTDIETODAYOf course, the real hilarity of all of this was pointed out to me by ENDO-Mike, who brought this whole, sad idiocy to my attention – if one examines the properties of the Word document wherein James Yeager typed up that wholly illegal-in-Tennessee “dueling contract”, you will see that the document’s title is not actually “DUEL ACCEPTANCE”, but rather, “I MIGHT DIE TODAY”.  I do not think I can adequately describe how pathetic it is that something shaped like a man is willing to die and is accepting of that possibility all because of some internet name-calling.  Absurd.

So let us recap the situation, just for good measure: 

– Even so much as being the bearer of a challenge to a duel is illegal here in Tennessee. 

– Anyone who participates in, challenges someone to, bears the challenge of, or aids and abets a dual is prohibited from holding any office of honor or profit in Tennessee and may be punished as the Tennessee state legislature decides (cannot say as though I am a huge fan of that open-ended clause, but there it is). 

– James Yeager has challenged anyone willing to accept to a duel, complete with a “dueling contract”.  I am still not a lawyer, but that would seem to satisfy “send… a challenge for that purpose” or “be an aider or abettor”, though, once again, this may be a situation where a specific “target” must be expressed for the law to be applicable.  In any case, all that needs to happen is someone accept Yeager’s challenge, and there is no question whatsoever. 

Like I said, even looking past James’ other deficiencies as a trainer, if he is so massively ignorant of Tennessee state law that he does something expressly forbidden by the state’s Constitution itself, why would anyone think it is a good idea to take classes from him?  Barring an acute case of Gell-Mann Amnesia, you know he is not following state laws himself; why should you believe what he is teaching you is within their bounds? 

appleseed hotwash

I promise I will give you all an honest-to-God after-action report, but that will have to come after typing has stopped hurting; until then, you can read the official-ish one here.

Better Half qualified as a Rifleman on Sunday, shooting a 211, 212, and 227, each score with a different rifle due to equipment failures, and hit the Redcoat target shingle every single time; I qualified as a Rifleman on Saturday, shooting a 210, then a 223, 227, and 233 on Sunday, and managed to clear the Redcoat target on Sunday. Evidence will be forthcoming as soon as I take pictures. Commenter Lynn H. also qualified on Sunday, shooting a 222 and 223 as well. Apparently 40% of the shooters qualified, which is either close to or legitimately a record of some type. (Max possible score is 250, qualifying is 210.)

Oh, and this was only the third time Better Half has ever fired a rifle, and the second time she was behind her rifle. No one is "too" inexperienced for Appleseed, though knowing how to run your rifle is kind of a necessary requirement (they just do not have the time to cover it).

Kilts are wholly unacceptable attire for spending eight hours outside in <60 degree weather and >10mph winds. I am very thankful WizardPC brought emergency pants.

I got in WizardPC’s pants.

Testing your rifles beforehand by shooting ~500 rounds of the ammunition you use at Appleseed in no way guarantees that the rifles will actually work on the firing line.

Yes, both our rifles failed. My homebuild consistently refused to strip the second round in the magazine (we would load, make ready, aim, fire, and then I would go click, have to re-cycle the slide, and everything was peachy after that; I am running a Wolff extra-power spring), occasionally had the bolt stick back after shooting, and occasionally nosed a fresh round into the bottom of the chamber, binding things up; while Better Half’s Magnum Research… well, it found pretty much every failure it could. Stovepipe, failure to extract, double-feed, double-feed with stovepipe, bend the bullet 30deg off the casing while trying to load it, bend the bullet 30deg off the casing while in the magazine. I assume replacing the extractor might fix some of that, but it is not like the existing extractor is that old, and I do not believe MR uses stock Ruger extractors. I wonder if this is warranty-claim-able…

These repeated failures were tremendously frustrating, but you cannot let it get to you, otherwise your shooting will go to hell.

Know which target you are shooting at. It does not matter how well you shot your neighbor’s target, and your neighbor might be a bit annoyed.

Get a good sling. This can be hard, and does not include most slings found on Amazon (it did not include mine), so hopefully your shoot boss will bring some to sell like ours did.

Make sure your optic is set up to be usable at both standing and prone positions; hint: your head will be in different positions on the stock.

Keep trying. Better Half shot every single Army Qualification Test and Redshirt target, and progressively improved on every one, despite having rifles drop out.

Take a lot of padding. The shoot took place in a (thankfully) covered firing line with a concrete floor, and not only was said concrete hard, it was quite cold. We took remnants of carpet large enough to stretch from past our elbows in prone to past our knees, and then some cheapie $7 sleeping bag mats from Wal-Mart. It was not enough; thanks to a mild case of pectus excavatum, the bottoms of my left ribs are about ready to kill me, and Better Half’s arm joints are no happier. I cannot imagine how WizardPC (on a comforter) and Oddball (on a fleece blanket) survived.

A huge "Thank you!" to all the orange- and red-hats and the green-hat responsible for this whole shindig.

If you have not been to an Appleseed event yet, you are cheating yourself out of a lot of good instructing and an interesting look at the instigating actions and decisions of the founding of our nation; it may be a bit like trying to drink water out of a firehose, but eventually some of it will sink it, and you will become a better rifleman.

And that is what it is all about.

Wizard has his own write-up up

sam colt, and the internet, made them equal

Remember that video of me going to town with my Saiga-12? (I mean, it is only a few posts down from this one.)

Well, it turns out that single, solitary video, posted six days ago, has had more views than the 33 most-recent videos the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence Ownership put up… combined (and some of those videos have been up for four months now). Even better, neither "likes/dislikes" nor comments have been disabled on the Saiga video – in stark contrast to the Brady Campaign’s videos, which all have full Reasoned Discourse enabled – and as of this writing, it has received 38 likes, no dislikes, and 10 positive comments.

I should stress that this video had no "budget"; we simply brought those tools we already had in our possession – Oleg his camera, WizardPC his shotgun, and me the Saiga. The video was edited in Oleg’s spare time (which, from observation, he does not have a lot of), and, so far as I know, no money was specifically spent on the video itself. On the other hand, the Brady Campaign exists exclusively as a lobbying and activism organization; almost their entire budget (diminishing though it may be, and what little of it does not get pocketed by their higher-ups) goes into putting on shows (like the "gun violence" victim exploitation fiasco dominating their recent videos) to try to convince the American people that their illogical, emotional arguments actually hold water in the real world. And here they are, getting upstaged by a bunch of bloggers filming their own video literally in a farm pasture in the middle of nowhere.

bradycampaignfailI dare say everyone involved in the production of the Saiga video deserves one of these:

So do me a favor, if you feel like it – spread that video far and wide. Show that bloggers writing from their basements in PJs (Literally, in my case… What? It is comfortable.) really can stand up to multi-million-dollar-financed professional anti-rights groups… and win, at that.

famous on the internet

Hm. I think I know that guy:

As my mother (who recently out-shot my father with his HK45, much to his chagrin) told some of our Boston relatives, this is what happens when you do not allow children to have realistic-looking toy guns in the house. Bear that in mind. (I still made ones out of LEGOs.)

And apparently I resemble Hugo Weaving. News to me. Though I can live with this observation:

Linoge’s grins were infectious. My daughter started giggling when he grinned at the end.

Although, in all seriousness, I should not have shot the Saiga without eye protection at all times – that thing has enough back-blast to give your non-dominant hand a sunburn, to paraphrase WizardPC. Do not be stupid like Linoge; wear eye protection.

Video courtesy of the inimitable Oleg Volk, who can make even a schlub like me look awesome in front of a camera. Short-barreled Saiga-12 courtesy of Coal Creek Armory. 20-round drum courtesy of MDArms. Single-shot .410 shotgun courtesy of WizardPC. T-shirt courtesy of ENDO Apparel. The holster for a Smith and Wesson 686 SSR is a product of Michael’s Custom Holsters (and I finally managed to take some pictures of it this weekend – look for them this week). Belt courtesy of Endeavor Stitchworks.

Mutton chops courtesy of God (and the long-suffering Better Half).

On a related note, what is a decent, free alternative to Microsoft’s Live Movie Maker? Specifically, I am looking for something that allows second-by-second control over the audio track of a video, and allows for text overlays like counters and such.

always good to be inspiration

You know you have had a birthday party at Oleg Volk’s when you come home with a small box full of .22 ammunition of various types, flavors, and loadings.  A big thanks to Oleg, Peter, Miss D., WizardPC, Mrs. WizardPC, everyone else who showed up, and, of course, Better Half for putting together what was a thoroughly entertaining party. 

With regards to the title, it would appear as though my recent modeling has convinced 1 With a Bullet to finish converting his own Saiga 12 into something without ergonomics only a politician could love.  His may not be quite as pretty as mine, but he did all the work himself, which already puts him in a category above me. 

Finally, but most importantly for me, Better Half has expressed interest in going to an Appleseed event in the near future.  No doubt this was facilitated by Oleg’s generous inventory of suppressed .22s, but, regardless, this is pretty shiny in my book.  Now we just need to procure/borrow a .22 rifle that weighs somewhere between a Marlin Papoose (Oddball’s was awesome, but at 3.25 pounds, it was almost too light, and has no forward sling attachment) and Oleg’s integrally suppressed 10/22 (similar models seem to measure about 6.5 pounds), and then I need to figure out how to stick a sling on Hogue’s Ridged AR-15 Forend

Does anyone have that particular handguard, and do you know if its barrel nut is compatible with any other handguards? 

As always, suggestions on both counts are welcome. 

so what did you do this weekend?

I had the distinct privilege of finally meeting the guy who used to guest write here and currently runs Guns, Cars, and Tech along with his current guest author, meeting Gremlin and his staff, Oleg Volk, meeting Chris from Archangel Industries (who apparently makes shiny kydex holsters, including clear OWB ones, which is an interesting thought indeed), shooting a hell of a lot of guns that were not all mine with ammunition that was not all mine, inducting some good folks into The Joyous Fellowship of the BOOM, and doing a little modeling in my spare time:


True to his aesthetic form, though, I spent about a tenth as much time in front of Oleg’s camera as Better Half did, and when we left, he was muttering something about "advertisements" and "Appleseed" and even "magazine covers". No idea if any of them will pan out, but it will be pretty cool regardless.

One thing was consistent throughout, though: Ash may have his BOOM Stick, but I have a Happy Stick – very few people are capable of emptying so much as the five-round magazine out of the short-barreled Saiga without something approximating an ear-to-ear grin. WizardPC won the quote of the weekend when, after finishing a 20-round drum, I pointed out to him that he needed one, and his response was, "I need TWO!"

So here is a big ol’ "Thank you!" to Oleg for putting us up for a night and taking so many pictures and another one to everyone for coming out to the range on Saturday and Sunday; Better Half and I had a great time! 

(Image courtesy of the inimitable Oleg Volk.  "Vera" Saiga-12 short barrel shotgun constructed by Coal Creek Armory.) 

race-baiting bores me

For me, the whole Martin/Zimmerman case is functionally over – the incident is being investigated, and if there is sufficient evidence to indicate that a murder transpired*, I have every reason to believe that Zimmerman will be charged, and that is exactly the way the system is supposed to work.

On the other hand, the fallout from this case has just begun, and I shudder to think how far the ripples will travel.

For instance, by way of Midwest Chick and Mike W., we learn that Spike Lee has endangered the lives of two innocent people completely and totally unconnected to the Trayvon Martin shooting. Oh, sure, he thought he was tweeting the address of George Zimmerman, but explain to me how that is any better again? Given the various and sundry ways people have wanted to kill Zimmerman, I hardly think providing those people his place of residence (which it was, in fact, not) is all that good of an idea, or even an idea that will help defuse an already nightmarish situation.

Spike has since apologized, but that does a fat lot of good for David and Elaine McClain who are now living in fear for their lives from the threat of the lynch mobs pointed to their front door.

Likewise, there is this wonderful comment from WizardPC:

Something that’s struck me in the last few days is how, despite all the media attention, no one who actually knows George Zimmerman has come forward and said “oh, yeah, that guy is totally a racist jerk!” Not his neighbors (the ones who bothered to meet him), not his coworkers, not even an ex girlfriend. If he really is evil incarnate like he’s being portrayed, I don’t think it’s possible for him to have hidden it so thoroughly.

The overwhelming majority of the mob demanding Zimmerman’s head on a silver platter are absolutely, incontrovertibly convinced that he was and is "racist" (whatever the hell that means any more); fine, where are the people from before the shooting who knew Zimmerman coming forward and saying, "Yeah, this kind of thing was only a matter of time…" or somesuch other stuff. *crickets chirping* Racism is not something that goes from "zero" to "murder" in a single night, so there should be a pattern; where is it?

And then there is this disturbing report from Bob Owens:

More disgusting is the obvious fact that ABC News used a strategically placed chyron (graphic) to cover up the back of Zimmerman’s head for their broadcast, covering up the video that would have disproven their story. View the video at the Daily Caller, and you’ll not that they did not even need a chyron, their was no need to transmit any additional visual data to explain the story.

The only logical reason the chyron exists is to cover-up Zimmerman’s wounds. ABC News doctored the video to sell a false narrative, in a dishonest attempt to brand a man a murderer. I’d be very interested to know if Zimmerman can pursue legal action against ABC for constructing this false narrative.

I know, I know, your first reaction to the media lying through their collective teeth is to whip out your surprised face, but bear with me a moment – ABC intentionally edited the video such that it appeared as though Zimmerman was largely unharmed, and thus, according to that video, completely removes his "self-defense" claim in his shooting of Martin. And, believe you me, it is working; all throughout today, various members of the Lynch Zimmerman Mob were tweeting about how the video does not show any injuries at all on Zimmerman, and how that is conclusive evidence that he unjustifiably shot down Martin in cold blood.

The question, of course, to all of this is "why?" Why is it so very important that Zimmerman be racist, why is it is so important that the shooting be a murder rather than self-defense, and why is it is so important for certain colors of people to flex their "lynch mob" muscles right now?

Unfortunately, I fear the answer is as simple as it appears on the surface – race is simply not that large of an issue any more. More and more, people are realizing that the concept of "race" is nothing more than a fabricated distinction created – and now perpetuated – by small-minded morons who were just looking for a reason to demonize and hate some other segment of humanity. For most people, this realization, and the acceptance of it, is a welcome one, given that it will eventually serve to drastically reduce some pointless and useless strife throughout our societies; however, two types of people still bitterly cling to the notion of "race"… or, rather, two sides of the same coin.

On the one side, we have people who genuinely dislike people of other skin tones or locational backgrounds – this is hardly a phenomena isolated to America, and it is likely one that is going to last for quite some time now. On the other side, though, we have a non-zero part of the population that, even today, needs to be discriminated against because they need to be victims. In our current society, being a victim – even in your own mind (*cough*JoanPeterson*cough*) – grants one special abilities and privileges, not the least of which is the moral high ground, and a rather disturbing number of folks know they would never gain those particular abilities by any other means than through self-exploitation.

Just look at what the term "racist" has become – a cudgel with which to silence opposition, regardless of whether they have any particular feelings regarding the skin tone or geographical ancestry of the person in question.

In the end, the wanna-be victims are almost as bad as the actual, honest-to-God racists, simply because they both are perpetuating the belief that a person’s coloration or genetic heritage has any bearing, whatsoever, on their worth as a human being… and, as this situation shows, neither are above using the threat of physical violence to get their ways.

Which brings us back to the "why"… and the answer: they want race-based riots, they want fear in the streets, and damned if they do not want something verging on a societal war again**. Again, "why?" Because situations like that give the wanna-be victims power.

Even though they are the ones calling for violence, quietly (or loudly) directing it, and generally doing everything they possibly can to rile up the masses, they are doing it For The Right Reasons (TM), so they are above reproach and questioning. And yet people listen to these professional victims, which only serves to inflate their egos and fulfill a long-seated desire for power they never would have sated any other way. They are not leaders; they are inciters, but, regardless, they need that jolt of, "People really care about me!" like a crack addict needs a hit.

In other words, I am of the opinion that this entire situation has been drastically blown out of proportions simply because some narcissistic assholes wanted to feel important. Yes, the Zimmerman/Martin shooting probably should have been better investigated by the police than it was, but that failing of the police department (not the Stand Your Ground law) does not warrant marches, threats against completely unrelated individuals, and non-stop playing of the race card. Once we start going down that path, motivations become suspect, and things have a tendency of getting rapidly out of control.

(* – Honestly, I am starting to doubt there is, but that should have no bearing on whether or not there actually is.

** – Note to self: never watch another thing with Roseanne Barr in it. Not that that would be hard.)