2012, in review

It is that time of the year again… Just like all the previous posts like this one, I am using Google Analytics data, with the same warning that its numbers do not match the numbers generated by other statistics engines. Likewise, we will compare numbers against last year.

Absolute Unique Visitors: 94,843 (35% increase)

Visits: 174,805 (9% increase)

Peak Daily Visitors: 1,549 (23JAN12) (27% decrease)

Average Daily Visitors: 478.92 (9% increase)

Pageviews: 244,249 (not tracked previously)

Total Posts: 512 (46% decrease)

And speaking of discrepancies, StatCounter shows 203,477 unique visitors, 273,178 visits/pageloads (they do not appear to differentiate), a peak of 1,964 on the same day, and an average of 746 visits a day. On the other hand, WordPress’ stat engine shows 280,000 pageviews total and a peak of 2,187 views on 23JAN.

Top Referring Sites:

1. Say Uncle (no change)
2. Weer’d World (+1)
3. Gun Blog Black List (+7)
4. Sharp as a Marble (+1)
5. Days of our Trailers (-1)
6. PJ Media (new)
7. Gun Free Zone (new)
8. The Gun Wire (new)
9. Everyday, No Days Off (no change)
10. Alphecca (new)

Top Keywords:

1. walls of the city (no change)
2. gunsamerica (new)
3. 9mm luger (no change)
4. little bear holsters (new)
5. lucy lawless (new)
6. renee wyatt divorce (new)
7. the truth about guns (new)
8. spartacus (-2)
9. firefly alignment chart (+1)
10. linoge (-8)

Top Posts:

1. the truth about the truth about guns and robert farago
2. cz-75 magazines in a baby eagle / jericho 941 – a review
3. a criminal perspective
4. gunsmoke lied. twice.
5. graphics matter, year the fourth
6. exile machine’s hammerhead ar-15 rifle grip
7. you are your own first responder
8. gun control demotivator
9. the inconsistency of gun control
10. and this is why you wear eye protection at the range

All said, it was a somewhat quiet yet for "walls of the city"; apparently my posting dropped by almost half, but, conversely, my readership picked up between 10 and 35%, depending on which statistic you think "counts". I guess this means I put more value in my individual posts, or just that I have larger archives for more people to go digging through.

Speaking of archives, three of my top-ten posts are not from this year, and two are from 2010. Interesting.

The two big traffic bumps this year occurred when Instapundit linked to my post about how Florida concealed carriers are more law-abiding than Mayors Against Illegal Guns members and when I exposed the fetid pile of waste that lurks beneath the surface of The Truth About Guns. I am not entirely sure what, exactly, that says about what you folks like to read, but I suppose it says something.

And as for the search terms people use to find this site… well, I have nothing positive to say.

2011, in review

It is that time of the year again…  Just like the previous few times down this road, I am using Google Analytics data, with another iteration of the warning that its numbers do not echo the numbers generated by other statistics engines.  However, I might as well keep with using the same system, just to keep the datasets valid.  And, finally, we will compare numbers against last year

Absolute Unique Visitors:  70,150 (84% increase)

Visits:  160,029 (81% increase)

Peak Daily Visitors:  2,113 (11JUL11) (178% increase)

Average Daily Visitors:  438.44 (81% increase)

Total Posts:  949 (24% decrease)

And speaking of discrepancies, StatCounter shows 179,054 unique visitors, 254,022 visits, a peak of 2,701 on the same day, and an average of 696 visits a day.

Top Referring Sites: 
1. Says Uncle (no change)
2. The View From North Central Idaho (+2)
3. Weer’d World (+5)
4. Days of our Trailers (-1)
5. Sharp as a Marble (-3)
6. Handgun Podcast (new)
7. MArooned (+2)
8. The Firearm Blog (new)
9. Everyday, No Days Off (new)
10. Gun Blog Black List (new)
(Google, Yahoo, Sitemeter, Reddit, StumbleUpon, direct links (bookmarks, typing it in, etc.), etc. omitted.) 

Top Keywords:
1. walls of the city (no change)
2. linoge (no change)
3. 9mm luger (+7)
4. remington 870 express tactical (new)
5. walls of the city embassy pen (new)
6. spartacus (new)
7. kwikrnu draco ak pistol (new)
8. c.o. arms (-5)
9. bright as day black as night (new)
10. firefly alignment chart (new)
(Variations or permutations on a theme omitted.) 

Top Posts:
1. graphics matter, year the third
2. online ammunition retailers – a hypothesis
3. the killing of jose guerena
4. the inconsistency of gun control
5. caracals at orsa – the main event
6. janus
7. they did this to themselves
8. sanitary hardware
9. dungeons and midbulk transports
10. Way to be creepy, Zuckerberg

This was something of a big year for “walls of the city”, what with raising almost $300 for Ramon Castillo’s recovery fund, raising $2000 for Soldiers’ Angels, being featured on Reddit, spreading the word about Jose Guerena’s killing, continuing to debunk “gun control” propaganda with nothing more than pictures, breaking the news about a duplicitous ammunition retailer, WizardPC breaking out into his own weblog, and obviously traffic here going through the roof.  I can hardly make promises for the coming year, but the trends indicate bigger and better things! 

[Update] And one of those bigger things actually happened last year, and I did not even notice – sometime late last year, I climbed up over half a million total hits!  Thanks to everyone who visited!  [/Update]

(Note:  unlike some sites, my statistics trackers do not count my traffic to the site.  Doing so would artificially inflate my numbers and mislead you, my readers.) 

in review

Once again, we are going to look at the performance and statistics of this particular webpage over the last year. Just like the last time we did this (and the time before that), I am going to use Google Analytics data, with the repeated warning that its numbers do not agree with the numbers provided by my other two statistics-tracking systems. However, for the sake of consistency, using only one dataset is adviseable. Additionally, where applicable, I will be providing percent or placement changes as compared to last year.

Off we go.

Absolute Unique Visitors: 38,164 (5.7% increase)

Visits: 88,540 (43% increase)

Peak Daily Visitors: 759 (14 June 2010) (72% decrease)

Average Daily Visitors: 242.58 (43% increase)

Total Posts: 1252 (12% decrease)

(Just to touch on the discrepancies between tracking engines, StatCounter shows 136,851 total page loads, 98,773 unique visitors, 63,022 first time visitors, 35,751 returning visitors, and a peak of 1,323 back on 25OCT. Wierd.)

Top Referring Sites:
1. say uncle (no change)
2. Sharp as a Marble (+2)
3. Days of our Trailers (new)
4. The View from North Central Idaho (+2)
5. Hell in a Handbasket (new)
6. The View from the Porch (-1)
7. 3 Boxes of BS (+3)
8. Weerd World (new)
9. MArooned (new)
10. The Liberty Sphere (-8)
(Google, Yahoo, Sitemeter, direct links (bookmarks/typing it in), etc. omitted.)

Top Keywords:
1. walls of the city (no change)
2. linoge (+3)
3. c.o. arms (new)
4. leonard embody (new)
5. kwikrnu (new)
6. a gun is worth a thousand pictures. “doug powers” (new)
7. fuddism (new)
8. mantis knives (new)
9. kershaw ram review (new)
10. 9mm luger (new)
(Variations of “walls of the city” omitted.)

Top Posts:
1. exile machine’s hammerhead ar-15 rifle grip
2. graphics matter, year the second
3. pulling back the curtain
4. janus
5. alexander tristan riley, back at it again
6. sanitary hardware
7. registration leads to confiscation
8. get your screw on
9. graphics matter, year the second, part two
10. the stupidity of assault weapon bans, illustrated

Apart from the lack of an Instalanche this year (and for us small-timers, those are probably once-in-a-lifetime events), this year was an additional success on top of the success of last year – sure, my one-day-peak visitors was lower, but that was entirely due to the aforementioned Instylink last year. On the flip side, I wrote fewer posts, reached more absolute unique people, and had a lot more visits in general – I call that a win.

As I have said before, I write this weblog for myself, but it would be a lot less interesting and engaging if it were not for feedback from you folks… Thanks for your comments, visits, and feedback throughout the years.