“I'll kill a man in a fair fight. Or if I think he's gonna start a fair fight. Or if he bothers me. Or if there's a woman. Or if I'm gettin' paid. Mostly when I'm gettin' paid.”
by Jayne Cobb


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a source exists, but the numbers do not

In a previous post, I indicated that I was not aware that the FBI published crime statistics on a county-by-county basis. Thankfully, due to some helpful pointers, I have discovered that the UCR is broken out by county online.

However, the system does not break out firearm-related crime statistics by themselves; instead, it only tracks violent crime as a whole, and murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault individually.

In […]

that ugly "need" hydra

A few months ago, I happened to have a rather… interesting*… conversation with the warped and benighted mind behind the Twitter account of @1StopCity. A recurring theme in this particular conversation is that unless you have a particular "need" for something or to do something, you have absolutely no right to that thing or to do that thing, or, in his very own words, "Odds against you "needing" a gun negate your right to own […]

like a plan coming together

I do so love it when people take one of my very few good ideas and put them into practice, and, yes, I do mean that quite literally without a shred of sarcasm implied or stated. 

Everyone knows my particular fondness for pretty pictures to simplify and express otherwise complicated concepts, but I will freely admit that I exclusively focus on things that are specifically of interest to me, and I only have so […]

keeping score on their irrelevance

Speaking of graphics, it would appear as though the hoplophobic "gun control" extremists at the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence Ownership has released another one of their yearly "scorecards"*. What does that have to do with pretty pictures? Not a darned thing, but Barron’s analysis of that scorecard generated some nice graphs that I am going to steal, along with their explanations, below:

Here is the straight comparison of the score versus the […]

the suicide of gun control

“Gun control” is a dying cause, and rightfully so.  You know it, I know it, and even the anti-rights cultists themselves know it (which could explain why their tactics are becoming increasingly vicious, abusive, and thuggish).  But the interesting thing is how many of those anti-rights cultists (aka “gun control” supporters) are acknowledging their failure and rationalizing it to themselves: 

WHAT ACCOUNTS FOR the strange death of gun control? Paradoxically, the story begins with […]

of course not, you dozy git

About the only positive thing I could ever say about MikeB302000 is that he has prompted a significant number of folks to pen a significant number of truly outstanding posts… kind like how overbearing, authoritarian, abusive governments prompted the founding of our great nation. At any rate, Joe Huffman has yet another amazing post up wherein he takes MikeB’s points out to the woodshed and beats them like the proverbial red-headed step-child, and I definitely […]

quote of the day

Anti-rights cultists have a long-standing history of focusing their efforts exclusively on firearm-related crimes, often to the detriment of the societies they are working in – one need only consider the history of once-Great Britain, and its current status as “most violent nation in Europe” to see how that particular train of thought ends. However, I have had the suspicion, especially of late, that those same “gun control” advocates would consider a decrease in firearm-related […]

they have been down that road

A fair number of people are getting understandably concerned that Our Glorious President may decide to idiotically perforate both his feet in some pointless and poorly-thought-through thrust for increased “gun control” here in the United States, with the recent shootings in Tucson acting as a not-really-springboard for the same. If there is one thing I am sure of, it is that President Obama is an idiot, so it really would not surprise me if he […]

expanding the dataset

About a week back, I demonstrated that there is a negative correlation between firearm ownership rates and the rate of crimes committed with the assistance of firearms, which completely precludes the possibility of there being a causal relationship between the former and the latter – in short, firearms do not cause crime. But that conclusion was based solely off information from here in the United States, where the number of firearms has been steadily increasing […]

curse your sudden but inevitable statistics

Firearm sales continue to increase, while violent crime continues to decrease… and still those darned streets just refuse to run red with blood.

Of course, any student of statistics and history would already know that there is effectively no correlation between firearm ownership and crime rates, and what correlation there might be is negative (in that as firearm ownership increases, crime rates typically decrease). But, then, “history” and “statistics” do not exactly fit into […]

registration leads to confiscation

Historically speaking, firearm registration invariably leads to firearm confiscation – the only significant variable is time.

This was true in Canada:

Ten months after Rock’s remarks, Parliament passed the Canadian Firearms Act, and confiscating legally owned firearms is precisely the first thing the new law did. The first of three major provisions to go into effect banned private ownership of well more than half of Canada’s legally registered pistols. Any handgun of .32 […]