“Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man gainst his own bosom. Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birthright of an American... The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people.”
by Tenche Cox


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in light of recent events

In case you have not heard, 12 people were murdered today by a couple of undereducated, over-indoctrinated, violent radicals who got their lace panties in a twist over a couple of cartoons depicting their chosen messiah in less-than-flattering ways. 

And even without me specifying the religion of the attackers in that sentence, I bet you can figure out which one the murderous assholes adhered to without clicking through the link.  Which is part of […]

i do not know why they bother lying

I tend to look askance at anyone who uses InfoWars as a source, or rants on about the “evils” of “big pharma”, but this is just too good to not share:

I was ten when the Waco siege went down, and, at the time, I did not really understand what was going on, why it was going on, or why my parents were so horrified at seeing ATF and FBI agents lob tear […]

what’s this?

What’s this?  There’s magic in the air… 

Anywise, time for a game of “What is this?” 

First up, we have… this: 

So, aside from being annoyingly out of focus, what do you make of it? 

Ok, that one is a freebie – it is a pile of the first eight HAVA fundraiser boxes to go out.  Now, if I screwed anything up (and I am fairly sure I did), please […]

just looks strange

So there are lots of theories, regarding conspiracies and otherwise, racing around the internet regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary mass murder, even through today. Personally, I like to see evidence before making any serious conclusions of my own, but I did want to bring your attention to one video I found particularly… attention-grabbing.

Emilie Parker was one of the six-year-olds murdered that day in Newtown, Connecticut, and her father, Robbie Parker, participated in a […]

not a huge fan of tapco

But this was not half bad:

Use the right tool for the job, and when it comes to zombies, a revolver ain’t it.

(Video should be fixed now.)

why, i do believe they might be a touch peeved

I do not agree with the Roman Catholic Church on… well… a lot of things, but I find this commercial absolutely fascinating:

Our Glorious President has never really placed a whole lot of emphasis on appeasing the religiosity types (at least, when it comes to Western religiosity types… if you happen to wear a cloth wrapped around your head or believe marrying prepubescent girls is a-ok, he is all about keeping you happy), […]

inforce wml – a video

Looking back at it, my explanation of how to mount an Inforce WML to any firearm with an appropriate Picatinny rail might not have been the clearest thing ever. 

As such, here is a handy-dandy video showing you how to go about it: 

Yeah, not exactly production quality – apparently Flip camcorders* do not have a particularly close focal range – but it gets the point across.  Likewise, it also answers my […]

sam colt, and the internet, made them equal

Remember that video of me going to town with my Saiga-12? (I mean, it is only a few posts down from this one.)

Well, it turns out that single, solitary video, posted six days ago, has had more views than the 33 most-recent videos the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence Ownership put up… combined (and some of those videos have been up for four months now). Even better, neither "likes/dislikes" nor comments have […]

famous on the internet

Hm. I think I know that guy:

As my mother (who recently out-shot my father with his HK45, much to his chagrin) told some of our Boston relatives, this is what happens when you do not allow children to have realistic-looking toy guns in the house. Bear that in mind. (I still made ones out of LEGOs.)

And apparently I resemble Hugo Weaving. News to me. Though I can live with this […]

~20 ounces of lead downrange

Hey, I know that guy!

I need to lean in more… I seem to "tuck" around the gun more than lean, but I am still fighting four years of air rifle training from my NROTC days.

(Video courtesy of Guns, Cars, and Tech. SBS Saiga courtesy of Coal Creek Armory.)


only so much time in the day

Since the recent WordPress 3.3 “Update” has broken not only its interactions with Windows Live Writer but also the Android WordPress app and the onboard WordPress Jetpack plugin, in the place of any meaningful post that I would have written in the time I wasted trying to troubleshoot and correct someone else’s poor code, I give you some appropriately seasonal videos, courtesy of my parents:

Am I being too much of […]

is it wrong to laugh at this?

where were the cell phones?

Ok, I was mistaken – I have one last thing to say about the Tucson shooting today.

We are rapidly becoming a fully-connected society, in that one will find smart phones, cameras, and video recorders almost everywhere, at almost any time; and, predictably enough, when major events transpire, it is not long at all until a horde of various people’s own recordings of the event are broadcast, posted, or otherwise disseminated on the Internet. […]

representative gabrielle giffords’ alleged shooter

Really, it should not surprise me when the majority of conservative/libertarian/small-government/Tea-Party/etc. weblogs out there are busy expressing their condolences, sympathy, and sorrow over the recent mass shooting in Tuscon, while the majority of liberal/authoritarian/big-government/etc. weblogs out there are busy assigning blame, making up reasons (that conveniently demonize the aforementioned conservatives), and generally pointing fingers… and, I am not surprised, just disappointed.

Before the last murdered person’s body had even cooled, I personally saw comments, […]

interpretation is in the eye of the beholder

Want to lose an appreciable amount of time today?

Go watch Parallel Lines and see what six different short films can do to the same script.

it is not the falling that hurts

I do not care if the world has ended, the zombies are surrounding us, and that is the only safe place to be – you will never find me in a place that will allow me to take this kind of video.

Good. Lord. The rational, engineering side of my brain knows just how sturdy those kinds of constructs are, and what they are designed for, and so forth… but the little tiny nugget […]