in light of recent events

In case you have not heard, 12 people were murdered today by a couple of undereducated, over-indoctrinated, violent radicals who got their lace panties in a twist over a couple of cartoons depicting their chosen messiah in less-than-flattering ways. 

And even without me specifying the religion of the attackers in that sentence, I bet you can figure out which one the murderous assholes adhered to without clicking through the link.  Which is part of the problem. 

Anywise, I had originally made this graphic to address anti-rights cultists who were demanding that I surrender my rights/property/etc., but it seems equally applicable to religious radicals who demand I surrender my rights/speech/etc.: 


This variation is my current Twitter header: 


(Original photo by Oleg Volk.) 

Finally, there is a (graphic – you have been warned) video of the terrorists shooting a police officer begging for his life in the street.  Assuming that video was taken with a cell phone, and assuming that cell phone’s field of view is anything like mine’s, a shot on those terrorists would not be difficult for a decently-practiced individual with a handgun, much less an actual carbine or rifle.  At the very least, unexpected return fire from an elevated position would have distracted the terrorists and possibly saved the police officer’s – and others’ – life. 

As I said on the Book of Faces and Twitters earlier today, just imagine if everyone with a camera or cell phone recording the shooting had a firearm – along with the training and will to use it – instead. 

Or, as someone with a little more first-hand experience once stated


Feel free to use these as you like, but remember that far better artists than me are risking their lives to express themselves.  For some particularly disgusting individuals and groups, simply holding to or verbalizing a position different from theirs is sufficient cause for them to want to murder you; what is your planned response should they decide that you are next? 

Me, I do not plan on going home in a body bag, and thus I will equip and train myself accordingly. 

i do not know why they bother lying

I tend to look askance at anyone who uses InfoWars as a source, or rants on about the “evils” of “big pharma”, but this is just too good to not share:

I was ten when the Waco siege went down, and, at the time, I did not really understand what was going on, why it was going on, or why my parents were so horrified at seeing ATF and FBI agents lob tear gas cannisters into the compound. Now, 20 years later, I get it.

And, after all, given that the federal government has functionally institutionalized burning out suspects – and, at the time, that is all the Branch Davidians were – is it any surprise that the LAPD / San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office resorted to identical tactics?

(Found at Failure to Fire.)

what’s this?

What’s this?  There’s magic in the air… 

Anywise, time for a game of “What is this?” 

First up, we have… this: 


So, aside from being annoyingly out of focus, what do you make of it? 

Ok, that one is a freebie – it is a pile of the first eight HAVA fundraiser boxes to go out.  Now, if I screwed anything up (and I am fairly sure I did), please let me know.  I already know I shorted someone a duffel bag strap, so if you end up with a bag without a strap, email me, and I will send it to you.  Also, if you did not get your DVD(s), email me.  It is no excuse, but there is a lot going on here these days.  The next batch will go out as soon as I can get it out. 

Secondly, I dare say this one is self-explanatory: 

And finally… well, now you get your first actual unanswered question:  identify this gun. 


It will not help you any, but it was recently added to my collection this afternoon, along with another two fine firearms… courtesy of a cash transaction that transpired in a bank’s parking lot with no paperwork, no background check, and nothing but two friends shaking hands.  That, my fellow Americans, is freedom

just looks strange

So there are lots of theories, regarding conspiracies and otherwise, racing around the internet regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary mass murder, even through today. Personally, I like to see evidence before making any serious conclusions of my own, but I did want to bring your attention to one video I found particularly… attention-grabbing.

Emilie Parker was one of the six-year-olds murdered that day in Newtown, Connecticut, and her father, Robbie Parker, participated in a brief news conference the day after the shootings. This video appears to be a recording of a television set showing that event, and, no, you do not need to watch all 5 minutes’ worth; the first 50 seconds is all we are really concerned with:

Now, I do not have children, so I cannot do anything more than imagine and guess… but for those of you who do have offspring, would you be able to carry on like that a day after your daughter was murdered by a rampaging lunatic? And, more specifically, could you throw a switch and go from laughing and smirking to almost-crying in around 15 seconds?

I sincerely despise the overwhelming majority of conspiracy theories out there – the rest can be amusing in a perverse kind of way – but some things look strange now matter how you tilt your head.

why, i do believe they might be a touch peeved

I do not agree with the Roman Catholic Church on… well… a lot of things, but I find this commercial absolutely fascinating:

Our Glorious President has never really placed a whole lot of emphasis on appeasing the religiosity types (at least, when it comes to Western religiosity types… if you happen to wear a cloth wrapped around your head or believe marrying prepubescent girls is a-ok, he is all about keeping you happy), but when the largest single sect of the largest single religion in the country all but says, "Screw this guy; find someone else," (in appropriately pious words, of course), well, that has got to grab your attention.

Incidentally, while I may not agree with the Roman Catholic Church on the specific details, those "values" they mention are exactly why I will be voting for Gary Johnson next month (Oh, thank God, the election is next month… I would like to think then this idiocy will stop, but I know better.); after all, why would I vote for someone who does not adequately represent me, or who would lead America in a direction I would rather it did not go?

(Found by way of of The Smallest Minority.)

inforce wml – a video

Looking back at it, my explanation of how to mount an Inforce WML to any firearm with an appropriate Picatinny rail might not have been the clearest thing ever. 

As such, here is a handy-dandy video showing you how to go about it: 

Yeah, not exactly production quality – apparently Flip camcorders* do not have a particularly close focal range – but it gets the point across.  Likewise, it also answers my question as to whether or not this would be useful for something like optics – that little slide back and forth when you push on the body might not matter for a flashlight, but it will throw a sight completely out of whack.  Still, for things like the WML, or vertical forward grips, or other such random things that people are prone to hanging off their rails, I can definitely see the attraction of this no-tools, done-in-30-seconds design. 

Lord knows I could build a fairly complete set of hex drivers from all the various things I have purchased that had to include them in the packaging… 

(Inforce provided this WML for me to test and evaluate to my little heart’s content, which I plan on doing quite thoroughly.  However, a positive review was not requested or guaranteed; as always, I will write either what I believe to be the truth, or my honest perceptions on the matter.  As such, the FTC can not-so-respectfully pack sand.)

(* – Yes, I do actually have a product made by a company that does not really exist any more.  Kind of strange.)