“The firearms are not the problem; they are simply a tool by which a violent person perpetrates the problem.”
by Linoge




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back, but not for long

So observant readers will note that posts have been magically appearing here, but I have not been commenting.  That is because we have been here: 

Doing a lot of this: 

And this: 

We have been home for just over 12 hours and are already prepared to go back. 

Unfortunately, we will be going on another trip soon, but that will be to have my […]

you would think they would figure it out by now

Not-very-hypothetically speaking, if one were to be taking a trip in the near future to a location that will involve a lot of swimming, under- and on-water activities, and the occasional downpour, what would be everyone’s recommendations regarding an affordable waterproof image-capturing device?

From what research I have been doing, options still seems strangely limited, despite camera manufacturers producing arguably weather- and water-proof cameras for almost as long as they have been […]

back on the walls

In case you have not been paying attention, things around here have been somewhat automated for the past few weeks, on account of Better Half and I heading out to the Pacific North Wet to hang out with my parents for a spell.  It is going to take me a few days to catch up on all the comments the site received and all the email I received (if I have not responded to your […]