speaks for itself

In general, the anti-rights cultists have largely abandoned the lie of “only wanting to compromise”, which is just as well; it was always a lie, everyone knew it was always a lie, and it convinced no one. 

But, occasionally, you find a useful idiot who did not receive the memo: 

comebackshaneCompromise@comebackshane: @Soldier1eaODGrn Reasonable should be determined by an equal number of representatives from both sides. Compromise.

@wallsofthecity: The pro-rights community has been "compromising" for over 80 years. It’s time to reclaim our rights. @comebackshane @Soldier1eaODGrn

@comebackshane: @wallsofthecity @soldier1eaodgrn Compromise is a continuous thing. It doesn’t go away. You can’t just go, "Fuck it, I’m done!"

@wallsofthecity: Actually, we can. "Compromise" requires both parties to give something up. #guncontrol never hass. @comebackshane @soldier1eaodgrn

@comebackshane: @wallsofthecity @soldier1eaodgrn OK…you can own a semi-automatic military style weapon…after a proper background check and training.

compromise_v21Yes, that was Shane Ross’ – aka @comebackshane – notion of “compromise”: he will “allow” you to continue owning your “semi-automatic military style weapon” so long as you submit to his demands. 

Now, just so everyone is on the same page, the definition of “compromise” is “an agreement or a settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions.”  What concession did Shane here make?  Oh, right, he “allowed” you to go on exercising your rights to keep and bear firearms, own private property, and tend to your self-defense.  These mental midgets literally believe that respecting basic human rights is a “concession”. 

As the title says, that speaks for itself. 

Of course, this is the same useful idiot who could not define “assault rifle”, and managed to define “assault weapon” as “semi-automatic firearms with a detachable magazine”… and that was it.  I shit you not.  Yes, this individual wants to restrict, if not outright ban, something he cannot adequately or properly define.  As I am fond of noting, “gun control” supporters seem to exhibit the Dunning-Kruger Effect with… shall-we-say above-average frequency. 

By now, everyone should be familiar with Lawdog’s famous – or, perhaps, infamous – dissertation on “compromise” in the “gun control” arena, but please refresh yourself on how much we have surrendered for absolutely nothing in return. 

Should I “compromise” with someone looking to murder me?  No?  Then why should I waste my time “compromising” with someone trying to deprive me of other rights, especially when the “compromise” itself is naught but a bald-faced lie? 

nraam is go

Well, it looks like I will, in fact, be attending the National Rifle Association’s Annual Meetings up in Indianapolis this year. 

The current schedule has me there all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so I should be able to get the full experience.  If you want to meet up with me and hang out, drop me an email at “linoge (at) wallsofthecity (dot) net”, or leave a comment here, and we can exchange cell numbers and whatnot.  If you are looking for the perfect opportunity to tell a US Navy veteran who served in a war zone that he is “all hat and no cattle” to his face, as one of my recent detractors phrased it, you are going to have to find me on your… oh, hell, who am I kidding?  Keyboard commandos of that caliber never have the nerve to say anything in person. 

Even if you do not want to meet up, if you are attending the NRAAM, I would strongly suggest considering this offer.  IFAKs / blow-out kits with Celox and chest seals and tourniquets do have instructions on them, but you will not want to be reading those instructions while someone is bleeding out on the floor.  Thankfully, a side benefit of being a Triage Officer in the Navy (I do not know who thought it was a good idea to put an engineer in that role…) is that I am all too familiar with the use of that equipment; but, even so, my training is five years old, and I am considering whether my schedule can allow me to attend the class as well. 

Anywise, plans for interesting holsters are already in the works; the necessary parts have been ordered and are in transit, and, if nothing else, I will bring the compensated Tokarev and its “race holster”.  I think I have hit on a “race holster” design for the Mauser, but I am going to have to play around with the kydex before I am really certain, and I do not want to do that until I have the right parts on hand and can measure everything properly. 

I do not plan on blogging the convention, and my good camera is still quite down, so do not count on high-quality pictures.  Still, if any reader wants me to swing by any booth in particular, let me know, and I will see what I can do. 


on the military and firearms

Let me tell you a story, though an admittedly dry, boring one. 

Regular readers will know that I am a United States Navy veteran*, and, specifically, a Surface Warfare Officer; in short, this means I directed other people to drive ships around oceans.  However, while ships are in port, they have something called a “quarterdeck”; I have no idea what happens to the quarterdeck when the ship is underway, but think of it like laps – they disappear when you stand up.  In any case, quarterdecks are where the visitors and crew of the ship embark and disembark, and where the only access to and from the ship – the brow – is attached. 

IMG_0216-001On the quarterdeck, you will find a variety of things – the ship’s log, a connection into the 1MC (the ship’s loudspeaker system), the various flags (assuming they are not already flying), and, of course, the Officer of the Deck (OOD) and the Petty Officer of the Watch (POOW).  The Commanding Officer (CO) of a ship is always responsible for the ship**, whether it is in-port or underway, but he cannot always be onboard.  When he is not and the ship is in-port, the Command Duty Officer (CDO) is his appointed representative, and is delegated some of the CO’s authority.  The OOD, on the other hand, operates as the CDO’s representative on the quarterdeck of the ship, with the POOW operating as the OOD’s assistant. 

OODs are responsible for ensuring the overall safety and operation of the ship while in-port – they pass 1MC announcements, sound bells for time progression, keep track of whether an officer is aboard or ashore, act as an interface between shoreside workers and onboard personnel for repair tasks, organize working parties, and check the IDs of persons attempting to access the ship.  Additionally, should the situation arise, OODs and POOWs are the ship’s first line of physical defense while in-port – both carry M9 pistols.  Depending on the ship’s size and threat condition, there can be additional roving/fixed patrols armed with a variety of other weapons, but if someone means to storm the ship, they are coming up the brow… right into the OOD and POOW. 

As a junior officer in the Navy, I stood OOD for four to six hours every six days for the first three years of my career.  Thankfully, all I did for those… countless… hours was check ID cards – there are a few stories I probably will not share, but the upshot is there were no shootouts on any of the ships I served on.  In order to be qualified as an OOD, however, I had to get qualified on the M9. 

Which is a sad story in and of itself. 

“Qualifying” on the M9 consisted of sitting through a presentation given by the Gunnery Mates on how to operate, load, and fire the M9… and then go to the range and shoot the qualifying course.  I was afforded no opportunity to practice, familiarize myself with the firearm, or do anything except get in front of the qualifying target and hope for the best.  Thankfully, I managed to qualify as a “Sharpshooter” (meaning I scored somewhere between 204 and 227 out of 240)… and that was the last time I ever fired that ugly-arsed POS in the Navy. 

400deckportholeHowever, despite the… lacking… “training” I received on that particular firearm***, the Navy, from my Department Head on up, trusted me to carry an M9 in Condition 2 with 45 rounds of ammunition in Pascagoula, Mayport, Ingleside, Norfolk, San Diego, Panama City, Manta, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Darwin, Brisbane, and other ports I am sure I am forgetting. 

Do you know what the Navy did not trust me to do, however?  The Navy did not trust me to carry a firearm off duty, or on the ship any time I was not on watch.  While I was stationed in Mayport, FL, I possessed a Florida CCW permit; if I dared to bring a firearm onto base, concealed or otherwise, and it was discovered, I would have been up on serious, federal charges and/or court martial. 

I satisfied the Floridian requirements for peacefully, responsible carrying a handgun in the state.  I satisfied the military requirements for carrying a handgun on watch.  It is even worth noting that I received and maintained a Department of Defense Secret clearance during my time in.  But if I were to go out into Jacksonville, purchase the same handgun, stick it in the same craptacular holster the military used, and carry it onto the base as a personal firearm, the reaction I would have received would have been… one I would rather not be on the receiving end of. 

Because that makes sense. 

So, yes, military bases are “gun-free zones”, in that private citizens cannot carry personal firearms onto them, just like every other “gun-free zone” in existence.  A lot of folks have been blaming President BJ Clinton for that particular rule, but the oldest thing I have found is Department of Defense Directive Number 5210.56 (*.pdf warning), dated 25FEB92, which states: 

It is DoD Policy to limit and control the carrying of firearms by DoD military and civilian personnel.  The authorization to carry firearms shall be issued only to qualified personnel when there is a reasonable expectation that life or DoD assets will be jeopardized if firearms are not carried. 

It is worth noting this directive supersedes DoD Directive 5210.66, “Carrying of Firearms by DoD Personnel”, dated 17MAR86. 

DSCF4971-001Yes, military bases have gate guards – bases have between one and 10+ gates, with anywhere between two and 10+ guards (typically rent-a-cops of various types; we generally stopped using Marines at base gates long ago) per gate – and they might have some sort of roving patrol, but even that is not guaranteed (Pascagoula did not, and Mayport did not as far as I am aware).  However, once an aggressor were to penetrate the outer shell of security afforded by those gate guards, there is no immediate second layer of defense – calls would have to be made, forces would have to be mobilized, and all the while, service members and their civil service counterparts are… well, screwed. 

Why not allow service members to be their own second layer of security?  After all, you are your own first responder, and you are the only person legally or morally responsible for your own safety.  And, realistically, a vast number of military members – predominantly Marines and Army, granted, but more and more Air Force and Navy, thanks to the Individual Augmentation program – have received significantly more firearm-related training, if not real-world experience, than your average beat cop that would respond to a “mass shooting” event.  Why not allow them to put that training and experience to work, rather than be forced to “shelter in place”**** and wish they had ammunition?   

Oh, right, because the political points garnered by continuing the myth that “gun-free zones” victim disarmament zones work is more important than anyone’s life, military or not.  It is well past time for us to realize criminals do not obey signs, and disarming peaceful citizens only helps facilitate those who would prey on them. 

(* – And, thankfully, free of any and all legal, moral, or contractual obligations to the military, which means I can say whatever I want about it now. 

** – Barring two unique circumstances; can anyone name them? 

*** – That “training” is why I went out and purchased my very first firearm and then got interested in the firearm-owning community, ending up with this weblog right here.  So, thank the Navy?

**** – Can you imagine the Founding Father’s responses to the military – much less any American citizen – being ordered to “shelter in place”?  Good grief.)

(Image of me on the deck of the Cleveland shamelessly stolen from the Brisbane Times.) 

hava fundraiser and dark angel medical

One of the things that has seen a lot of use over in "The Sandbox" – Iraq and Afghanistan – and was imported back into the States by our service members is the concept of a "blow out kit", "individual trauma kit", or "improved first aid kit". In short, these kits – which are generally no larger than two AR-15 magazines side-by-side – are specifically designed and built to immediately address profusely bleeding wounds in such a way that the injured person can be stabilized until better-equipped / professional medical services can arrive. Combined with the knowledge of how to use them, kits like these have saved countless of our service members’ lives overseas, and there are actually examples of lives saved by them here in CONUS as well.

Much like fire extinguishers, knives, flashlights, and your sidearm, they are just one of those things that it simply does not hurt to have around. I have a store-bought one bouncing around in my trunk, and am considering buying / assembling another for the house.

darkangelmedicalHowever, one of you lucky folks who have donated to the Honored American Veterans Afield fundraiser I am running will not have to worry about that, thanks to an amazingly generous donation by Dark Angel Medical. This veteran-owned small business based out of Colorado is built around creating easy to use, affordable individual trauma kits – Direct Action Response Kits, in their parlance – and they have thrown in a Complete Kit in Multicam for the giveaway side of the fundraiser. (AR-15 magazine not included; only in picture for scale.)

This kit includes the pouch (which, of course, is MOLLE-compatible), a CAT tourniquet, trauma shears, nitrile gloves, HALO seals, nasal airway tubing, QuickClot combat gauze (not the loose QuickClot beads), compressed gauze, 4" Israeli bandage, and a sealed bag to hold it all together. It may not sound like a lot, but just those materials and the knowledge of how to use them can mean the difference between life and death for a gunshot victim, and things like that do not only happen "Over There".

If you want to go ahead and snag a kit for yourself, Dark Angel Medical also offers a Pocket D.A.R.K., which somehow manages to pack gloves, a SWAT-T tourniquet, QuickClot gauze, and a 4" Israeli bandage in a 4"x4"x1" pack suitable for hanging off your belt. Definitely worth a thought.

Oh, and if you ever happen to use one of their kits in a legitimate situation, send them the documentation on it; they will send you a replacement kit, free of charge.

One important detail I do not want to leave out is this disclaimer that is listed on Dark Angel Medical’s webpage before you can purchase any of their kits:

Purchaser’s Release from Liability Waiver

Dark Angel Medical, LLC

By purchasing this kit and all products contained therein, the purchaser warrants and attests that they have the necessary training, certifications and/or authorizations to properly deploy and use the kit’s contents and/or accessories.

The purchaser also assumes any and all liability for events arising from their use of the kit and will not hold any person or business associated with Dark Angel Medical, LLC nor the company of Dark Angel Medical, LLC, civilly or criminally liable.

This liability waiver holds true for whomever chooses the package containing the kit Dark Angel Medical donated, so please bear that in mind.

To expand on that waiver, I would not go so far as to say that blow out kits are useless without training, but it is entirely possible for you to cause more harm than good with one if you do not know what you are doing, and when your significant other is bleeding out on the floor next to you is not the time to be reading the instructions. Thankfully, one of the random pieces of training I picked up in the Navy was the appropriate use of the equipment in those kits (as a newly-minted Butter Bar, I was the Triage Officer on my first ship, if you can believe that), but I am still considering getting some refresher material in the near future.

In other words, if you select this package, and do not have training, I would strongly suggest getting it.

So with all the legalese and details dealt with, the Dark Angel Medical D.A.R.K. got to start its very own "Preparedness" package, along with the other copy of Paul Revere’s Ride I have.

What else do I need to bribe you with to get you to donate?

(Note: Just like the MagHolders, this D.A.R.K. was scouted by Skas, so be sure to point some thanks his way.)

james yeager is a coward

… and a disgrace to the great state of Tennessee, unfortunately.

No, the title of this post does not stem from James Yeager’s questionable behavior during his time in Iraq – I was not there, and I cannot comment on it – but rather his recent behavior here, in these United States.

To begin with, James Yeager is voluntarily on-record as saying he will "break your f—–g back" if you call him a coward to his face. I am fairly certain that all of my readership graduated high school, and are probably more than familiar with the alpha-male bullies that tended to roam the halls of those fine institutions. I am also fairly certain that all of my readership is more than aware that those immature children are, almost invariably, intellectual lightweights and cowards to boot, and attempt to cover up both deficiencies by exhibiting offensive levels of bluster, aggression, and domineering attitudes.

So, tell me, what does someone who makes violent threats from behind the safety of his video camera remind you of?

Moving forward, James Yeager has offered to pay whatever travel expenses you need to go to Camden, Tennessee, and call him a coward to his face. He clarified:

It will be a one way “E-ticket” so no paper ticket will be mailed. I will need your full name and date of birth for the ticket. There will be no need for a hotel.

Apparently James Yeager means to follow through on his threat to break people’s backs; why else would you only need a one-way ticket and not need a hotel room? Even more apparently, James Yeager feels he has something to prove, otherwise why would he go out of his way to entice people to him so he could break their backs? What does he feel insecure about? What is he compensating for? What does he think he has to make up for with blind, inchoate rage?

I wonder.

And just in case you were unclear on exactly what James Yeager is threatening to do, here are his exact words in a phone conversation with a /k/ denizen:

So why don’t you step up to the f—–g plate, like I f—–g asked you to, and come and say it to my f—–g face so I can f—–g kill you?

I must admit, with four years of Navy service under my belt, I am sorely unimpressed with Yeager’s wholly unimaginative, repetitive, and clumsy attempts at profanity. But that is besides the point.

jamesyeagerisacowardIf nothing else, we are well into the realm of "The lady doth protest too much, methinks", but even looking past that brief literary aside, does a person who threatens to murder (and, yes, what James Yeager describes is unquestionably murder, as we will get to in a moment) another human being over name-calling strike you as a particularly courageous individual? Would such a person be brave? Would such a person be so much as responsible, rational, or even reasonable?

I dare say not. In fact, I would go so far as to describe a person who threatens to murder other people over being called a name as a "coward", along with "bully", "thug", "sociopath", and a raft of other wholly-appropriate-and-accurate terms. He is too afraid and too insecure to man up and go on with his life while ignoring his detractors, so he instead tries to intimidate them into silence with threats of unlawful violence. Hell with that.

And speaking of unlawful violence, I will give Tennessee credit – they make it very clear what is and what is not a "self-defense" situation. The important things to note is that accurately calling James Yeager a "coward" is not "using or attempting to use unlawful force" against him, and even if it were, he has already repeatedly "consented to the exact force used or attempted by the other individual", per his incessant videos and comments on the topic. In other words, if he does kill someone for daring to call him a "coward", he will be incapable of claiming self-defense with any degree of credibility.

On the other hand, Tennessee also makes it quite clear what first-degree murder is:

A premeditated and intentional killing of another

Now, I am not a lawyer, and I make absolutely no claim at having a solid understanding of all these laws and how they interact, but so far as I can tell, Yeager has already demonstrated premeditation and intent to kill someone who dares call him a "coward". My understanding is that he has to demonstrate premeditation and intent to kill a specific person for this to be 100% applicable, rather than anyone who does X, but then we just get down to second degree murder: "A knowing killing of another." Given his mercenary background, I dare say Yeager would have a hard time arguing that he did not know he was killing a person while he was doing so.

Speaking more generally, I have to wonder if the Federal Bureau of Investigation would be interested that James Yeager was making telephonic threats… if the /k/ denizen was not in Tennessee, it seems as though things could get a touch complicated.

So why am I poking the unbalanced whackjob when I do not care about what happened on Route Irish and have absolutely no intentions of ever taking a class with or from that sociopathic imbecile? Well, on the one hand, I find myself in the unfortunate position of having to share a state with him, and having to share a culture with him, and it is always a good idea to distance yourself from such albatrosses as this nimrod.

But, more importantly, I hope this post serves as a warning to those folks who do consider taking classes from him. James Yeager may be the best thing to happen to firearm training since Colonel Jeff Cooper himself, but the simple fact is Yeager is threatening to murder someone over being called a name. Is that really the kind of person you want teaching you or anyone you know about the lawful use of force, the deadly force triangle, stand your ground, castle doctrine, or anything even remotely related to lawfully carrying and employing a firearm in civilized society? Or, worse yet, do you want this violent school-yard-bully who never actually grew up, only got bigger, and his various threatening YouTube videos to be presented as evidence at your self-defense trial as the person who taught you how to gun down that choir boy who was just asking for change for a pay phone?

Think about it.

(And this is all without even beginning to touch on James Yeager’s patently unsafe history of putting photographers downrange during live-fire drills and dickish backstabbing of folks who lawfully exercise their rights in a fashion he does not like.)

there went that myth

A lot of anti-rights cultists would have you believe that each and every police officer patrolling the streets of our nation are all crack shots, and the shooting course necessary to join their exclusive ranks is so complex and difficult that we Mere Mortals could never stand a chance of passing, much less comparing.

As is frequently the case when dealing with people who support “gun control”, those people looking for any and all excuses to deprive you of your individual rights are wrong:

Barron has the full break-down of how the course was set up and how it differs from the standard LAPD qualification course (if anything, the one shown in this video is harder than the Los Angeles Police Department’s course), but the simple truth is that most of the non-LEO shooters, most of whom are unrated in USPSA (meaning they are not exceptional shots, or simply have never attempted that qualification shoot), passed the course with flying colors.

Which, once you look at the requirements for the police qualification shoot, is hardly surprising.

This is not to automatically downplay police officers; I am quite sure there are a few people wearing badges who can outshoot the majority of competitive shooters in the world. I am also sure there are a few competitive shooters who can mop the floor with the majority of police officers out there. The point is that law enforcement officers are not anything or anyone special – yes, they may have specific training in specific fields, and, yes, some of them have chosen to undergo all kinds of training in very specific fields, but simply strapping on the badge and a duty belt does not make you superman, or even a better shot than everyone else.

And to touch on that “training” aspect briefly, police officers are required to intervene and engage in all kinds of circumstances, events, and happenings that we non-LEO individuals can elect to steer clear of and avoid; however, this does not necessarily mean that the training required for those circumstances is also required for the effective use of self-defense by private citizens. After all, a woman does not have to go through hours of conflict de-escalation training to know that the man approaching her with a knife in his hand and an expressed intent to rape her is, indeed, posing a deadly threat to her person. I would prefer that she had the training to identify that the hypothetical rapist had satisfied the three legs of the Deadly Force Triangle (opportunity, intent, and capability), or whatever equivalent her trainer prefers, but that is just a desire on my part, not a requirement I would impose through legislation.

Of course, the amusing part of all of this is that UBU52 – the anti-rights troll who requested this test be performed – is nowhere to be seen. I guess having one of her pet myths literally shot out from underneath her was just too much for her to take.

but it works!

Over the years, I have received training in a variety of martial arts, and along the way, I have managed to pick up a few useful features from each one. Occasionally, though, some of those things come back to bite me in the ass.

This time around, the bug/feature in question stems from fencing. When engaged in that stylistic form of swordplay, you and your opponent both are wearing head-encompassing masks generally made out of fine, but heavy, mesh – the sport uses blunted, dulled blades, but the whole, "Ow, you just poked out my eye," thing tends to be a drag whether the tip is pointy or not. In any case, you cannot very well see your opponents’ eyes, nor can they see yours.

So what do you watch when squared off against them? Good luck trying to watch the sword; the damned things move fast enough to leave very healthy welts through long-sleeve shirts if you are not being careful. The person’s hands are likewise somewhat pointless, given that they are generally obscured by the bell or guard of the sword handle. So there are two schools of thought I was taught: one says to focus on the shoulder facing you, and the other says to focus on the person’s chest.

In both cases, you are watching a location that does not move very much, but when it does move, you are probably going to have to do something about it in the very near future. Personally, I found that watching the chest – a spot somewhere around where the manubrium and actual body of the sternum meet up – makes it much harder for the person to "fake" you out, while simultaneously allowing my peripheral to keep track of those shoulders as necessary, especially when I defocused a bit.

Regardless, that is just me, and I am far from being anywhere near "skilled" with any kind of sword. However, all of that training eventually carried over into karate when I was a teenager; after all, when you are sparring, you are geared up in a light-weight Red Man Suit, and with the headguard in place, you cannot always get an accurate read on the other person’s eyes. So watch their chest.

Now that I am older and think about such things from time to time, it turns out that "watch their chest" is not always the best of tactics, especially not when paired off doing one- and two-step sparring in "plain clothes" against a female about a foot shorter than you.