that time of the year again

$50, 12 toys for Toys for Tots


It was not our best year ever for raw number of toys, but some of those are playsets and fairly complex ones at that, so hopefully their recipients will consider playing with their friends/families. 

If you are interested in donating yourself, drop-off locations are fairly easy to find, and apparently Toys ‘R’ Us is a nation-wide Toys for Tots partner, so you can always leave your toys with them.  As always, they would prefer new, unwrapped toys, and, of course, they are always willing to take money

I know this season is going to be rough for a lot of people, but if you can spare the time and money, you stand a good chance of making it a little bit better for some kids out there. 

‘tis the season

I know I am already asking a bit of you, my readers, with my ongoing Soldiers’ Angels fundraiser, but this is the season of giving after all, and, personally, one of my favorite charities is Toys For Tots.  If you can give at all, every dollar helps, but we typically have found that doing our own shopping at discount stores and sales nets us amazing results; for example, this pile cost us a bit less than $50: 


And with that small expenditure, I am fairly certain that 15 kids’ Christmases will be a little brighter.  Drop-off locations have gotten crazy-prevalent these days, with even gas stations and apartment complexes getting in on the party, and, as always, they are happy to take your credit card over the intertubes.  If you want your toys to make it to kids this year, though, get your new, unwrapped toys to a drop-off soon! 

The Marines do good work all over the world, and some of the best is right here, in our own back yards. 

13 toys, $48

You cannot say as though I ask a great deal out of you, my readership, but since I have done this for two years now, I might as well keep up the momentum:

The stuffed animals are from the Disney Store in our mall, and were all of $3 a piece after last Christmas – they all have 2009 stamped on various portions of their anatomies, but do you honestly think the children receiving them will care? And the Transformers were just a lucky find at a local Kohls when they were running some kind of sale. The trick is just watching stores, and typically going shopping after the holidays for next year – after all, it is not like they go bad.

$50 is not a lot of money – about 2.5 boxes of ammunition these days, depending on calibers and types – but it can make 13 children’s Christmases a hell of a lot better. Now that Toys for Tots has teamed up with Toys ‘R’ Us, dropping off donations is significantly easier, and they are always willing to take money if shopping is not your thing; but if you can, we would definitely appreciate it if you could give the Marines a little help this year… and I definitely know the kids will.