“If you are not prepared to use force to defend civilization, then be prepared to accept barbarism.”
by Thomas Sowell




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swappa-ing things around

So Better Half and I are looking into possibly changing our cell phone service provider, as well as upgrading our phones.  The former is actually the easy part these days… the latter is a bit more complicated. 

Since we are looking at pre-paid plans, we generally cannot get subsidized phones, which leaves us with the “unlocked” phone market.  Amazon carries more than a few of those, of course, but you […]

cloudy with a chance of images

Thanks to the new Photon service of the WordPress Jetpack, all images contained within posts on this site are now being served by WordPress’ own content delivery network. This should be transparent to you, the users (in fact, I had to actually check the links of images to make sure pressing the "engage" button did anything at all) and should (I use that term tentatively) decrease load times for the site. […]

words of one syllable

Well, I probably will not confine myself to just those, but I feel like I should. 

Apparently some of my more-irregular readers are too stupid to do some looking around before they open their mouths and prove themselves to be idiots.  However, for the record, the terms of use, commenting policy, disclosure policy, and contact methods are all available on the bar at the top of […]

hide the goats

Not to toot my own horn too terribly hard, but some of us have been advocating this strategy for a little while now, for exactly the same reasons, but with relatively limited success… I guess folks need to aquire their own experience and come to their own conclusions, but it does amuse me more than a little that so very many people are reaching so very similar of a […]

a brief reminder

… Just so we are all on the same page.

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If you make a comment, or attempt to make a comment, at this weblog, you additionally accept and agree to abide by […]