psa: tn hcp and moving out of state

If you have a Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit and move out of state, the TN Department of Safety will cancel your HCP as soon as they receive notification that you have acquired a driver’s license from another state. 

This is not terribly well publicized online, but I called the DoS and asked them directly, and that was the answer. 

The lack of a grace period is somewhat annoying, but when coupled with North Carolina’s “you must live in this state for 30 days before applying” constraint, as well as the fact that the Wake County Sheriff’s Department told me yesterday that my Concealed Handgun Permit application would take 90 days to process (even though they only have 45 days by law… apparently sheriffs are willfully misreading § 14-415.13 (5) to indicate that they have 45 days after the receipt of the medical records, not 45 days after the receipt of the release), it is damned frustrating indeed. 

I will have to leave for the NRAAM in 41 days; something tells me I will have to find someone else to model my Crazy Holster for me. 

(In fairness, some of that is my fault.  We delayed my getting an NC DL for a couple of reasons, and then I procrastinated about taking the CCH class.  But still; permits to to exercise a Constitutionally-protected right need to go the way of the dinosaurs and fast.) 

dragon leatherworks and ncis

Everyone remember the all-of-maybe-one-second-of-airtime that Dragon Leatherworksspiffy lunchbox received during the NCIS episode “Playing With Fire”?  Well if that was hitting the bigtime (and it was), I do not even know how to categorize this: 


Note the banner on the upper right. 


Note the guy in the green shirt. 


Banner again. 


Really blurry banner. 


Behold the whole banner and the guy in the green shirt! 

Yes, ladies and gentlepeople, Dragon Leatherworks is, in fact, a real business, and their banner and t-shirts (the green and orange ones, specifically) were featured in yesterday’s NCIS episode “Bulletproof”.  Dennis Badurina – the man who does all the hands-on work – will happily make you a leather holster for pretty much any handgun you might own, and even a belt to hang that holster on if you need one. 

You might want to get your orders in soon, though; free advertising like this is bound to consume all of Dennis’ free time. 

(Can I just say, though, that I positively hate the “soft-focus” filming style of NCIS?  Maybe it is just me…) 

new house notes

I am never again moving into a not-brand-new house/apartment/etc without first steam cleaning the carpets. Repeatedly. We have vacuumed, steam cleaned, vacuumed, vacuumed, steam cleaned, and vacuumed a single bedroom, and dust bunnies – drowned and otherwise – are still being pulled out of the carpet. Good times.

Irrespective of employment (since it was Better Half’s job that brought us here), I can only come up with one reason (you can purchase wine in grocery stores) that someone would live in North Carolina over Tennessee, and a whole host of reasons (higher gas prices, higher home prices, higher cost of living, higher taxes, positively absurd requirements to transfer a driver’s license from another state, auto “inspections” for registration, no ability to transfer carry permits from another state, even-more-sucky cable providers…) why someone would not. Oh well. I have lived worse places, but I am now seeing how/why North Carolina is frequently referred to as “The California of the East”, having lived in both.

Speaking of cable companies, I have used Comcast and I have used Charter, but Time Warner, after all of two weeks of being a customer, takes the cake as the worst cable company I have ever had the misfortune of using. They are the only landline company to provide service to our address, and the first tech out did not bring the hardware we specifically requested, the office we exchanged his useless hardware at gave us broken hardware, and the telephonic tech support could not identify it was broken. And, of course, they charged us for the privilege of having their incompetent tech come out. Two weeks later, we are up and running, and assuming I can figure out how to procure everything we watch through other sources, we are probably two months out from cutting the (television) cable entirely.

My home “office” will be in a turret. No, this had no bearing on our home selection. None at all.

And on a completely unrelated note, simply because it does not warrant a post of its own, anyone who seriously claims “blogs are dead” is just making a paltry, transparent excuse for their own laziness / lack of motivation. And, yes, I say that as a mostly-retired weblogger.

james yeager, helping the "gun control" extremists

Considering that my posts documenting how James Yeager is a coward and how he violated the Tennessee constitution are getting an unusual amount of traffic in recent days, I thought I would take a brief moment to comment on Yeager’s most recent bout of mind-numbing stupidity wherein he stated, "If it goes one inch further, I’m going to start killing people!".

First, just like the Sandy Hook Elementary School murderer, James Yeager is not representative of the average firearm owner, nor is he representative of the average pro-rights activist*. Using those two disgusting (for differing reasons) individuals to paint all firearm owners or pro-rights activists as murderous whackjobs looking for any and all excuses to fly off the handle is nothing more than a hasty generalization logical fallacy – a specious stereotype, in other words – and should be ridiculed and discarded as such.

Second, I refuse to allow my rights to be limited simply because one person who happens to own similar pieces of machined metal as I do cannot keep his temper in check. Or, to put it another way, one nutcase losing his gos-se on an internet video is a wholly insufficient reason to limit everyone else’s rights. You and I both may not like what Yeager says, and, speaking personally, I would very much prefer if he were to crawl in a deep, dark hole and pull it in after him, but so far as I can tell, he is operating within the bounds of the right protected by the First Amendment, and damned if I will not defend that right as much as the one protected by the Second Amendment.

Third, if you have ever received any training from James Yeager in regards to firearms, deadly force, or other related topics, I would strongly recommend that you seek out additional training from other sources such as Mas Ayoob, Larry Vickers, Todd Green, Front Sight, Gunsite, and countless other sources I do not know or cannot remember at the moment (note: I have no affiliation with the places or people named and have received no training from any of them). Why? The training Yeager provided you may have been technically and functionally accurate, but do you really want the prosecution of your self-defense hearing/trial holding up the video of Yeager claiming he is going to "start killing people" as an example of the person who trained you to shoot down that poor choir boy who was only trying to collect money for the Salvation Army mugger/rapist/murder/etc.? Being able to counter with examples of significantly-more-up-standing individuals in the self-defense training community might prove useful.

Fourth, do not even get me started on the cowardice of yanking the above video, claiming he does not retract any of his statements, and then whinging about people re-uploading the original video. If he had pulled the original clip and put up some kind of apology or somesuch in its place, I might consider giving him some credit… but this kind of response screams "hand caught in the cookie jar". Poor baby.

Fifth and finally, James Yeager and his company "Tactical Response" thankfully do not appear to be qualified to provide Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit instruction/training, but Yeager has been lying about his "certifications". I particularly enjoy how his site now says "TN Department of Safety Certified Firearms Instructor (formerly)", when the TN DOS representative TPM quotes states "there is no such certification offered".

[Update] On a related note to Yeager lying about his non-existent "certification" from TN DOS, it would appear as though his handgun carry permit has been revoked by the state of Tennessee "based on a ‘material likelihood of risk of harm to the public’". I cannot say as though I agree with that reasoning being acceptable to revoke a permit, and I have to wonder why that reasoning did not come into play during Yeager’s childish "duel" challenges, but there it is. [/Update]

In closing, like I said on Twitter, I would like to take a moment and thank James Yeager for providing the "gun control" extremists all the ammunition they will need to paint all firearm owners as equally deranged, murderous, and psychotic as he is… as if we did not have enough of that going on with the Sandy Hook murderer as it was. There are a fair number of people I sincerely wish were not "on my side", but this guy is pretty much at the top at the moment…

Of course, while I say that, rumor has it that James Yeager will be on the Ed Show (whatever the hell that is) on MSNBC tonight. Frakking awesome. We could have calm, cool, collected folks like Mr. Colion Noir represent us on national television, but instead we get flaming nutbags like Yeager. Good to see yellow journalism is still alive and well…

(* – I imagine James Yeager would get along with the woefully self-destructive "threeper" community just fine , what with his above-quoted line and absolute lack of any actual action on his part, but even I would not force this over-steroided gas-bag on even that community.)

james yeager proves his cowardice

Courtesy of a comment over at ENDO, I have discovered that James Yeager has made his "James Yeager is a coward?" video private and unviewable by the unwashed masses. In other words, he ran away from the impressively colorful conversations breaking out in the comments section of the video; one can hardly blame him, though, considering the number of large, strapping young men who took him up on his offer.

I guess that answers his own question. In the affirmative.

In other news, a lawyer actually considered taking Yeager up on his offer, but decided that getting stuck in middle Tennessee when Yeager wussed out was not in her best interests. I would quote from her article, but you really need to read the whole thing, if only for her all-too-appropriate modifications of James’ last name.

james yeager violated the tennessee constitution

… and now “shall be punished otherwise, in such manner as the Legislature may prescribe.”  No, seriously. 

After yesterday’s post documenting how James Yeager is a coward, not based on his actions in Iraq, but rather his actions here in America, I was planning on leaving this whole topic alone for the foreseeable future, but this is just too much comedic gold to pass up.  As was pointed out to me by WizardPC, dueling is 100% forbidden and illegal here in the Great State of Tennessee, per Article IX, Section 3 of the state’s Constitution

Any person who shall, after the adoption of this Constitution, fight a duel, or knowingly be the bearer of a challenge to fight a duel, or send or accept a challenge for that purpose, or be an aider or abettor in fighting a duel, shall be deprived of the right to hold any office of honor or profit in this State, and shall be punished otherwise, in such manner as the Legislature may prescribe.

Tennessee is hardly alone in this provision, with Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oregon, South Carolina, and West Virginia all having Constitutional clauses prohibiting dueling, with numerous other states having statutory prohibitions against dueling.  Personally, being the small-l libertarian I am, I disagree with both the Constitutional articles and the laws criminalizing dueling, but the law is the law, and if you want to do something that is currently illegal, you need to change the law first. 

JamesYeagerViolatesTNConstitutionDuelWhich brings us to Thursday at 2319, when James Yeager posted the following idiocy on his Facebook page

I _______________________ willingly accept a challenge to duel from James Yeager. I understand we will use the “Code Duello” as our only rules. I understand that all firearms and swords are deadly and dueling will be hazardous. My participation WILL be dangerous. The outcome of these dangers may include, but are not limited to: DEADLY FORCE which is the amount of force that will cause death or great bodily harm. GREAT BODILY HARM is defined as injury that creates a substantial risk of death, protracted unconsciousness, protracted or permanent disfigurement or the loss or impairment of the use of a bodily member, organ or faculty. I may also have personal property damage.

I _________________________hold no other person, corporation, or entity responsible for my safety, medical care, or welfare besides myself. I desire to participate at my own peril. I further understand that I may be held liable for any damage or loss to Tactical Response that is caused by my dependents, willful misconduct, or fraud while participating in these activities. I also understand my image or likeness may be used in all forms and media for advertising, trade, or any other purpose.

I ____________________________hold Tactical Response Inc, Tactical Response Gear Inc, and James Yeager HARMLESS to all criminal and civil matters that arise from my acceptance of this duel.

_________________ ____________________ ____________________

Date Print Name Signature

_________________ ____________________ ____________________

Date Print Name Signature

NOTARY PUBLIC (Must be notarized.)

_________________ ____________________ ____________________

Date Print Name Signature

*Please include a copy of your state issued identification and that of your witness and your Second. You second must also sign a copy of this form.

Yes, that is a dueling contract.  Yes, James Yeager lives in, Camden, Tennessee, and his “facility”, Tactical Response, is based out of there. 

Being the so very helpful person I am, I commented at his Facebook thread: 

Apparently James Yeager is ignorant of Tennessee State Code, specifically Article IX, Section 3, which reads, and I quote: 

“Any person who shall, after the adoption of this Constitution, fight a duel, or knowingly be the bearer of a challenge to fight a duel, or send or accept a challenge for that purpose, or be an aider or abettor in fighting a duel, shall be deprived of the right to hold any office of honor or profit in this State, and shall be punished otherwise, in such manner as the Legislature may prescribe.”

One can only hope his local authorities prosecute him appropriately for violating the Constitution of Tennessee.  Likewise, if James is so massively ignorant of Tennessee’s state laws, why would *anyone* trust him to be their firearm trainer? 

Within 20 minutes, James Yeager further demonstrated his cowardice by deleting that comment (with a “Go f—k yourself.” thrown in for good measure) and banned me from commenting on his profile.  Thankfully, being used to small-minded imbeciles like James who do not want the world to know they are wrong, I thought ahead, and took the screen capture you see to the right. 

IMIGHTDIETODAYOf course, the real hilarity of all of this was pointed out to me by ENDO-Mike, who brought this whole, sad idiocy to my attention – if one examines the properties of the Word document wherein James Yeager typed up that wholly illegal-in-Tennessee “dueling contract”, you will see that the document’s title is not actually “DUEL ACCEPTANCE”, but rather, “I MIGHT DIE TODAY”.  I do not think I can adequately describe how pathetic it is that something shaped like a man is willing to die and is accepting of that possibility all because of some internet name-calling.  Absurd.

So let us recap the situation, just for good measure: 

– Even so much as being the bearer of a challenge to a duel is illegal here in Tennessee. 

– Anyone who participates in, challenges someone to, bears the challenge of, or aids and abets a dual is prohibited from holding any office of honor or profit in Tennessee and may be punished as the Tennessee state legislature decides (cannot say as though I am a huge fan of that open-ended clause, but there it is). 

– James Yeager has challenged anyone willing to accept to a duel, complete with a “dueling contract”.  I am still not a lawyer, but that would seem to satisfy “send… a challenge for that purpose” or “be an aider or abettor”, though, once again, this may be a situation where a specific “target” must be expressed for the law to be applicable.  In any case, all that needs to happen is someone accept Yeager’s challenge, and there is no question whatsoever. 

Like I said, even looking past James’ other deficiencies as a trainer, if he is so massively ignorant of Tennessee state law that he does something expressly forbidden by the state’s Constitution itself, why would anyone think it is a good idea to take classes from him?  Barring an acute case of Gell-Mann Amnesia, you know he is not following state laws himself; why should you believe what he is teaching you is within their bounds? 

james yeager is a coward

… and a disgrace to the great state of Tennessee, unfortunately.

No, the title of this post does not stem from James Yeager’s questionable behavior during his time in Iraq – I was not there, and I cannot comment on it – but rather his recent behavior here, in these United States.

To begin with, James Yeager is voluntarily on-record as saying he will "break your f—–g back" if you call him a coward to his face. I am fairly certain that all of my readership graduated high school, and are probably more than familiar with the alpha-male bullies that tended to roam the halls of those fine institutions. I am also fairly certain that all of my readership is more than aware that those immature children are, almost invariably, intellectual lightweights and cowards to boot, and attempt to cover up both deficiencies by exhibiting offensive levels of bluster, aggression, and domineering attitudes.

So, tell me, what does someone who makes violent threats from behind the safety of his video camera remind you of?

Moving forward, James Yeager has offered to pay whatever travel expenses you need to go to Camden, Tennessee, and call him a coward to his face. He clarified:

It will be a one way “E-ticket” so no paper ticket will be mailed. I will need your full name and date of birth for the ticket. There will be no need for a hotel.

Apparently James Yeager means to follow through on his threat to break people’s backs; why else would you only need a one-way ticket and not need a hotel room? Even more apparently, James Yeager feels he has something to prove, otherwise why would he go out of his way to entice people to him so he could break their backs? What does he feel insecure about? What is he compensating for? What does he think he has to make up for with blind, inchoate rage?

I wonder.

And just in case you were unclear on exactly what James Yeager is threatening to do, here are his exact words in a phone conversation with a /k/ denizen:

So why don’t you step up to the f—–g plate, like I f—–g asked you to, and come and say it to my f—–g face so I can f—–g kill you?

I must admit, with four years of Navy service under my belt, I am sorely unimpressed with Yeager’s wholly unimaginative, repetitive, and clumsy attempts at profanity. But that is besides the point.

jamesyeagerisacowardIf nothing else, we are well into the realm of "The lady doth protest too much, methinks", but even looking past that brief literary aside, does a person who threatens to murder (and, yes, what James Yeager describes is unquestionably murder, as we will get to in a moment) another human being over name-calling strike you as a particularly courageous individual? Would such a person be brave? Would such a person be so much as responsible, rational, or even reasonable?

I dare say not. In fact, I would go so far as to describe a person who threatens to murder other people over being called a name as a "coward", along with "bully", "thug", "sociopath", and a raft of other wholly-appropriate-and-accurate terms. He is too afraid and too insecure to man up and go on with his life while ignoring his detractors, so he instead tries to intimidate them into silence with threats of unlawful violence. Hell with that.

And speaking of unlawful violence, I will give Tennessee credit – they make it very clear what is and what is not a "self-defense" situation. The important things to note is that accurately calling James Yeager a "coward" is not "using or attempting to use unlawful force" against him, and even if it were, he has already repeatedly "consented to the exact force used or attempted by the other individual", per his incessant videos and comments on the topic. In other words, if he does kill someone for daring to call him a "coward", he will be incapable of claiming self-defense with any degree of credibility.

On the other hand, Tennessee also makes it quite clear what first-degree murder is:

A premeditated and intentional killing of another

Now, I am not a lawyer, and I make absolutely no claim at having a solid understanding of all these laws and how they interact, but so far as I can tell, Yeager has already demonstrated premeditation and intent to kill someone who dares call him a "coward". My understanding is that he has to demonstrate premeditation and intent to kill a specific person for this to be 100% applicable, rather than anyone who does X, but then we just get down to second degree murder: "A knowing killing of another." Given his mercenary background, I dare say Yeager would have a hard time arguing that he did not know he was killing a person while he was doing so.

Speaking more generally, I have to wonder if the Federal Bureau of Investigation would be interested that James Yeager was making telephonic threats… if the /k/ denizen was not in Tennessee, it seems as though things could get a touch complicated.

So why am I poking the unbalanced whackjob when I do not care about what happened on Route Irish and have absolutely no intentions of ever taking a class with or from that sociopathic imbecile? Well, on the one hand, I find myself in the unfortunate position of having to share a state with him, and having to share a culture with him, and it is always a good idea to distance yourself from such albatrosses as this nimrod.

But, more importantly, I hope this post serves as a warning to those folks who do consider taking classes from him. James Yeager may be the best thing to happen to firearm training since Colonel Jeff Cooper himself, but the simple fact is Yeager is threatening to murder someone over being called a name. Is that really the kind of person you want teaching you or anyone you know about the lawful use of force, the deadly force triangle, stand your ground, castle doctrine, or anything even remotely related to lawfully carrying and employing a firearm in civilized society? Or, worse yet, do you want this violent school-yard-bully who never actually grew up, only got bigger, and his various threatening YouTube videos to be presented as evidence at your self-defense trial as the person who taught you how to gun down that choir boy who was just asking for change for a pay phone?

Think about it.

(And this is all without even beginning to touch on James Yeager’s patently unsafe history of putting photographers downrange during live-fire drills and dickish backstabbing of folks who lawfully exercise their rights in a fashion he does not like.)