“Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man gainst his own bosom. Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birthright of an American... The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people.”
by Tenche Cox


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now this is interesting

One of the favorite tactics of anti-rights cultists is to loudly point to the differences in murder rates between the United States and once-Great Britain, and proclaim that the latter’s significantly lower murder rate is due to their draconian and oppressive "gun control"… despite the complete and utter lack of any evidence of causality (see "correlation != causation").

This is all good and well… except for the small detail that none of the released […]

lies, damned lies, and statistics

Regular readers will know that I am fond of dorking around with numbers and seeing what presenting them in different ways can show us.  Invariably, this graphic came to my attention (specifically when FarmDad posted a link in Gunblogger Conspiracy to a Facebook post about it): 

A few things bugged me about that graphic right off.  First, where did the numbers come from?  I did not know the FBI published information on a […]

2012, in review

It is that time of the year again… Just like all the previous posts like this one, I am using Google Analytics data, with the same warning that its numbers do not match the numbers generated by other statistics engines. Likewise, we will compare numbers against last year.

Absolute Unique Visitors: 94,843 (35% increase)

Visits: 174,805 (9% increase)

Peak Daily Visitors: 1,549 (23JAN12) (27% decrease)

Average Daily Visitors: 478.92 (9% increase)

Pageviews: 244,249 (not […]

the truth has quite the impact

Well, yesterday evening marked the end of the first week our "the truth about the truth about guns and robert farago" post had been online, and here are some interesting statistics for you.

It is the most-commented post on this site (with 67 comments thus far).

It is the sixth-most-visited page on my site (not counting the main page) since February 2010 (when I installed JetPack which tracks these kinds of things):


i guess this is a case where babble can be good

A fellow Knoxville blogger has gotten a gig at a parenting blogging site, and examined the benefits and dangers of keeping firearms in the house, complete with a helping handful of statistics from yours truly – statistics that are, I would point out, properly cited and sourced. In any case, I am not one to tell another person that they should or should not do something, but if you are considering purchasing firearms (and thus […]

graphics matter, year the fourth, updated, again

Thank God for my helpful readers.

Last time around, thanks to commenter TS, we were able to integrate importation numbers into the "graphics matter" series of posts, which only served to perforate the "more guns = more deaths" hypothesis even worse. Unfortunately, though, Shooting Industry Magazine rearranged their site sufficiently that some data was apparently lost, and I had to drop the 1981-1985 section of the graph due to not being able to adequately […]

graphics matter, year the fourth, updated

[Please disregard this post, and instead reference this updated version, which has more data.]

No, unfortunately, the FBI has not released a finalized version of their 2011 Uniform Crime Report (it is scheduled for September), so I cannot update the second half of this post series, but commenter TS brought up a very valid point on the 2009 update for the CDC side of this post: what about firearms imported into America? I actually had […]

like a plan coming together

I do so love it when people take one of my very few good ideas and put them into practice, and, yes, I do mean that quite literally without a shred of sarcasm implied or stated. 

Everyone knows my particular fondness for pretty pictures to simplify and express otherwise complicated concepts, but I will freely admit that I exclusively focus on things that are specifically of interest to me, and I only have so […]

graphics matter, year the fourth

[Please consider this updated version of this post, which has integrated firearm importation data as well as production numbers.]

Thanks to the newest preliminary FBI stats on crime coming out recently (the past pattern was replicated again: crime is down overall), I was reminded that I needed to check up on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and see if they had updated their WISQARS system to include fatal injury data from 2009; lo […]

safe extrapolations

The plural of “anecdote” is not “data”, but considering that the “gun control” extremists have neither, take this for whatever it is worth.

This past Thursday, I purchased my first gun safe from our local Academy – a Cannon Scout 21* (or the Academy-specific variant, given that some details are different), at a much better price than is quoted online. About a month ago, I tried to purchase a similar, smaller safe from the […]

keeping score on their irrelevance

Speaking of graphics, it would appear as though the hoplophobic "gun control" extremists at the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence Ownership has released another one of their yearly "scorecards"*. What does that have to do with pretty pictures? Not a darned thing, but Barron’s analysis of that scorecard generated some nice graphs that I am going to steal, along with their explanations, below:

Here is the straight comparison of the score versus the […]

correlation does not imply causation

Correlation does not imply causation.

That is a sentence which – in various phrasings and rewordings – I have repeated at least twice a year for the past three years in my Graphics Matter series of posts. But, really, for the non-mathematicians amongst us (including myself), what does that actually mean?

Well, by way of the inimitable genius behind Dilbert, we have this example:

And today, by way of Bloomberg Businessweek, […]

the brady campaign lies

I am sure regular readers of this site are not overly surprised by that revelation, but it bears repeating as often as is necessary. 

As was pointed out to me by a “gun control” extremist who eventually blocked me when I pointed out the lie in question (What is it with those people being incapable of defending their positions or admitting they are wrong?), in 1999, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence Ownership […]

graphics matter, year the third, part two

Hot on the heels of the CDC updating their information for 2008, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has finalized their 2010 Uniform Crime Report, and I am happy to announce the below update to last year’s "Graphics Matter, Part Two" post, including some changes to standardize the "graphics matter" series:

And now for the standard round of disclaimers:

1. Intellectual property: While all of this data is publicly available from the sources […]

graphics matter, year the third

Now that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have finally updated their WISQARS system to include fatal injury data from 2008*, I am happy to announce the below update to last year’s "Graphics Matter" post, including some slight changes prompted by viewer feedback:

This year, we are just going to start over with the disclaimers, and go at it from the top.

1. Intellectual property: While all of this data is […]

entering with a bang

It is always good to welcome yet another pro-rights weblogger into the fold, but it is even more satisfying when that individual rightfully rips the Brady Campaign a new one over their idiotic abuse of statistics in the process:

While anybody with more sense than a houseplant knows that suicide is a mental health problem, not a gun problem, and that it’s no secret nations with some of the strictest civilian gun control on […]

the suicide of gun control

“Gun control” is a dying cause, and rightfully so.  You know it, I know it, and even the anti-rights cultists themselves know it (which could explain why their tactics are becoming increasingly vicious, abusive, and thuggish).  But the interesting thing is how many of those anti-rights cultists (aka “gun control” supporters) are acknowledging their failure and rationalizing it to themselves: 

WHAT ACCOUNTS FOR the strange death of gun control? Paradoxically, the story begins with […]

the idea is catching on

Regular readers will be familiar with my belief that pretty pictures can make otherwise-complicated concepts easier to understand, and, thankfully, a lot of people are getting the chance to see why. However, I am always open to suggestions or new interpretations, and while I do not always have the chance to generate them on my own (speaking of, does anyone know when the CDC will be providing the 2008 fatal injury data?), I can definitely […]

hoist them on their own petard

Everyone knows I am a huge fan of using graphics to illustrate hard-to-describe concepts, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that I love the hell out of Howard Nemerov’s post comparing firearm ownership against a variety of other metrics in countries throughout the world. Of course, one of the best parts about this post is the source for all of his data – the United Nations, a notoriously anti-self-defense, anti-firearms organization that […]

write what you know

I am always amused when self-righteous people attempt to lecture others from a position of ignorance… Thankfully, these days, the ability of individuals to correct those ignorant blowhards, and call them out for what they are, is significantly greater than it was in the past.

However, before we get to the full purpose of this post, a slight deviation…

Take a look at this boat and tell me what you see: