“An armed man need not fight.”
by Robert Heinlein




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well, they wanted equality

I have absolutely no problems with women serving in “combat units” in the military…  

… so long as they meet exactly the same, already-established standards that everyone else serving there already met.  

Simply put, having separate requirements for women and men in a combat unit is absolutely idiotic; it is not like an M240B will care whether the person humping it 10 miles over a mountain has breasts or not, and neither will […]

a burden happily borne

Way back at the end of the year before last (bit wierd to be saying that, honestly), I happily jumped on the bandwagon announcing the birth of “The Future of Guns Online”, otherwise known as “GunUp”.

Looking back on that, I find myself very happy I did not jump on the “membership” bandwagon too, despite multiple people encouraging me to do so.

Why? Well, the technical aspects of why not joining […]