“I feel like a modern-day Diogenes with his lamp, looking for a consistent man amongst the anti-rights nuts… and while the Internet provides one hell of a lot of wattage, I am not making a great deal of progress.”
by Linoge




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the journal news and gawker media pull a commercial appeal

Not having a dog in this particular fight, I can only sit back and laugh at how quickly The Journal News and now Gawker Media are realizing that private American citizens enjoy their… well, privacy. Extra bonus points got to Gawker for labeling all firearm-owning New Yorkers as "Assholes" – way to make friends and influence people, especially in New York.

On the one hand, a fair argument could be […]

in which i completely recant what i said

So late last year, I wrote a post generally defending Red Jacket Firearms and their Discovery Channel television show, “Sons of Guns”, from those who considered it to be less-than-satisfactory.

Well here is me, saying I was wrong. Better Half and I have completely given up on Sons of Guns, barring the unlikely event that there is absolutely nothing else on the TiVo, in which case we will go read a book. So […]

laws are for the little people

Oh, look, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is intentionally violating a photographer’s copyright.

Color me surprised.

No, not really. "Gun control" extremist organizations have a longstanding history of violating copyrights in their unending crusade to demonize and dehumanize firearm owners and carriers, which bring us back to an interesting point that comes up time and time […]

the bullying troll known as the csgv

It would appear as though Ladd Everitt and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has devolved from threatening a man’s family over a difference of opinions, to threatening multiple pro-rights webloggers’ families (including mine now) over differences of opinion.

What do these anti-rights bigots hope to achieve with their kindergarten-grade "outing" and cyberstalking of pro-rights webloggers? Are they so stupid as to think that naming us will somehow […]

methinks i see a pattern

On the one hand, and via Robb at Sharp as a Marble, an unkown-to-me conservative weblogger has been receiving threats for the past few years from a particularly unstable, violent, and vile individual, who has taken it upon herself to extend those threats to the weblogger’s child and mother.

What was Jeff’s (the weblogger in question) reaction? Well, you can read the entire, sordid timeline here, but suffice […]