“All right, I was exaggerating. If you guys suddenly cooperated with the common sense gun control laws that we propose and we saw a tremendous decrease in gun violence, we would naturally want stricter laws in order to lower even more the remaining gun violence. Eventually, I and most of the others would conclude that no guns at all in civilian hands is the best way to go.”
by Mike Bonomo, writing as 'MikeB302000'


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new rule

Thanks to a certain spineless coward (who is less anonymous than he thinks) taking potshots at myself and my friends behind the veil of history-less usernames and bogus email addresses, I have instituted a new functionality at this site:  if you are a first time commenter and your comment clears the standard spam traps and detectors I have installed, the site will send you a happy little email informing you that if you verify your […]

lou gagliardi wants to kidnap your children

But she wants someone else to do it for her, so that is ok. 

Unfortunately, the following Twitter conversation will be somewhat disjointed and I will be unable to adequately link to all of the various tweets.  Why?  Because Lou Gagliardi is a spineless coward who, upon realizing what she said, Memory Hole’d the tweets I managed to keep screen captures of. 

Why did she delete these tweets?  Why do you think – […]

baldr odinson outs himself

By now, regular readers of my weblog should be familiar with the name “Baldr Odinson” – that spineless, dishonest, cowardly troll who so very much hates it when his own methodologies and tricks are used against him (speaking of, I need to put his poll back up at some point).  Regular readers of the pro-rights community would also be aware that Baldr Odinson condoned, if not outright supported, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence’s vicious, […]

make a vote, lose a vote

My requirements for my duly-elected representatives to get my votes are fairly simple: respect and preserve my rights, do your best to minimize government, and stand up for what you believe in. Through their failings in one or more of those categories, Representative John Duncan and Senator Bob Corker both just lost my vote:

"I wish we could balance the budget immediately, but it is not totally up to me," said U.S. Rep. John […]