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hava fundraiser, more details

In just the few days since my last update, I have some more good news for you.

First, I will be giving away an Ally .22 Silencer from York Arms. All National Firearms Act rules and state laws apply, so you will have to pay the $200 tax stamp and fill out the paperwork, and if you live in a state that does not allow you to own such things, you are kind of […]

starting to make this a regular event

Now that I have had time to recover from my thoroughly successful (if a bit stressful) Soldiers’ Angels fundraiser, and since some folks have been prodding me about when I would be running my next one (and offering up promises of prizes to encourage people to donate), I have started considering what organization might be the best recipient for our collective generosity. Soldiers’ Angels is unquestionably an awesome organization, but it does not hurt to […]

wounded warrior project zumbos themselves

Well, since the Wounded Warrior Project does not want my money or any money from firearm owners or firearm-related corporations, I guess I will be donating more to Soldiers’ Angels in the future. 

Of course, if Leslie Coleman, the “public relations director” for WWP wants to explain how this sentence: 

WWP does not co-brand, create cause marketing campaigns or receive a percentage or a portion of proceeds from companies in which the product […]

gun blogger rendezvous

Speaking of things I will not be able to attend this year, the Gun Blogger Rendezvous is this September 6th through 9th in Reno, Nevada, and you really should try to make it if you can:

Once a year Gun Bloggers and Gun Blog Readers from around the country gather in Reno at the Silver Legacy Hotel & Casino to visit, compare notes, discuss everything firearms related, and get in three range days covering […]

support starbucks; support our troops

As I obliquely mentioned while exposing the "National Gun Victims Action Council" for being the gun-grabbing bigots they are, the anti-rights cultists are organizing a boycott of Starbucks, not just because the coffee company abides by the laws of whatever states their shops are in and thus allows open carry in their stores, but also because the NGVAC wants to extort massive amounts of money out of Starbucks:

[Elliot] Fineman said his organization plans […]

out of my hands

Alright, if you were one of the lucky winners in the Soldiers’ Angels Fundraiser and Giveaway, and I was responsible for your prizes, they are in the mail: 

Sorry for the delay, but consider yourself lucky that one of those “helpers” did not end up in a box to someone…  Though, speaking of, if I crossed my wires somehow and you got something you were not supposed to, or did not get something […]

soldiers’ angels fundraiser – impossible without you

Now that the Soldiers’ Angels Fundraiser and Giveaway is concluded and the winners have been announced, it is time for a few "thank you"s.

First, I would like to thank Better Half – this shindig has taken up a lot of time, with more to come, and shipping out all of this stuff is going to be a borderline nightmare. However, she supported me and my crazy ideas, and here we are.

Secondly, […]

soldiers’ angels fundraiser and giveaway follow-up winner

Dear Captain Murphy, 

You suck and we hate you. 

Sincerely,  Me. 

That out of the way, as you all know, most of the winners for the Soldiers’ Angels Fundraiser and Giveaway were announced yesterday, and congratulations to all of them.  While a certain package from CKRT was still lost in the nether between them and me, I did not want to draw out the drawing (har har) any longer than it had […]

soldiers’ angels fundraiser and giveaway winners

So the emails will be going out shortly, but the winning ticket numbers for the Soldiers’ Angels Fundraiser and Giveaway are as follows: 

Dragon Leatherworks Wyvern Holster:  4 The Best Belt:  13 Crimson Trace Glock Gen4 LaserGrip 1:  382 Crimson Trace Glock Gen4 LaserGrip 2:  139 Crimson Trace Glock LightGuard:  188 Crimson Trace S&W M&P LightGuard:  237 Crimson Trace Springfield XD LightGuard:  90 Militec Bundle 1:  208 Militec Bundle 2:  73 Militec Bundle 3:  […]

soldiers’ angels, setting the date

Thanks to some donations that would not have made it past the previous deadline, the Soldiers’ Angels Fundraiser and Giveaway currently sits at $2,325 donated to that outstanding organization.

I do not think "thank you" quite sums up an appropriate response to that kind of opening of hearts and checkbooks, but thank you all the same.

So here is how it is… the package from CRKT has not yet materialized on my doorstep, […]

soldiers’ angels fundraiser – still going strong

I know momentum has slipped a little, and I know this has run a little past what I initially promised, but the Soldiers’ Angels Fundraiser and Giveaway is still going on, you can still donate money to Soldiers’ Angels, and I will still give you tickets for the inevitable drawing we are going to have. The mail service has been dragging its feet on the promised package from CRKT, but the day after that box […]

soldiers’ angels last-minute update

$So, I had promised that we were going to do the prize drawing for the Soldiers’ Angels Fundraiser and Giveaway tomorrow. 

I am going to have to postpone that on you. 

Like I mentioned a few days ago, CRKT has promised some prizes for the giveaway, but I am not entirely sure what they are sending, or even how many “whats”.  So, since the mail has come for Saturday, and UPS and FedEx […]

crkt and soldiers’ angels

As my last drive-by post of the day, I would point out that the ticker-tracker to the left appears to be stuck at $1925 with only three days and change left in the Soldiers’ Angels Fundraiser and Giveaway. While you generous folks have already blown away my initial pipe dream of $1000 raised for Soldiers’ Angels, it would be kind of… sad… to get all this way and fall just barely short of $2000. All […]

say uncle / ctc and soldiers’ angels

Alright, folks, we are coming into the home stretch. You officially have less than two weeks to get any final donations in to the Soldiers’ Angels Fundraiser and Giveaway before it shuts down and the prizes are distributed to the winners. Better yet, we are within easy striking distance of $2000 raised for Soldiers’ Angels, and, speaking personally, I would very much like to see that ticker roll over… so get out there, donate to […]

elzetta and soldiers’ angels

So you have a home-defense shotgun; a lot of people do. So when Things Go Bump In The Night and you are employing it to defend your home and family, how are you going to go about ensuring you abide by Rule 2 and Rule 4 of the Four Rules of Gun Safety? Sure, you could always turn on the lights in the room you are in… unless you are not near the light switch, […]

a personal revolution

When he is not busy kicking asses and taking names, getting his awesome employer to donate awesome prizes for an awesome cause, and licking heads, Iain Harrison has been swearing allegiance to America in the back of a C17 cargo aircraft.

Congratulations, Iain, and welcome home! I would say "welcome to the land of the free", but, these days, it seems I need to put a "more" modifier in there somewhere…

(On a […]

armory racks and soldiers’ angels

If you are anything like me (and, for your sake, it would probably be better if you were not), you are constantly trying to figure out better ways to do things.  In the past, I was not satisfied with how my carry firearms were basically sliding around loose in their dresser drawer, so I went and engineered a solution that held everything in place.  Of course, as such things are wont to go, we recently […]

crimson trace corporation and soldiers’ angels, the threequel

I promised you something the market has never seen before.

Today, the Brown Truck of Joy delivered something the market has never seen before:

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As you can see, the Glock Generation 4 Crimson Trace grip is designed to […]

crimson trace corporation and soldiers’ angels, the sequel

Remember what I said about the firearm-owning community being astonishingly generous?

Yeah, it keeps happening. I just got this email from Iain Harrison at Crimson Trace:

Figured I’d up the ante on the fundraiser. I’m shipping you a Lasergrip for the Glock Gen 4, models 19 & 23. It hasn’t been released from production yet, but what the hell, right?

Take a look for yourself – every last “Gen 4” model of the Glock […]

militec and soldiers’ angels

One thing that has never stopped impressing me about the firearm-owning / pro-rights community is how very generous they are – they encourage you shoot their firearms with their ammunition, they help out in the community, they volunteer their time at local ranges and clubs, they educate children about the safe and enjoyable use of firearms, and now they are massively supporting an outstanding cause. 

Speaking of generosity, I do not recall how I […]