“A gun is worth a thousand pictures.”
by Doug Powers




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i seem to have slipped while shaving


freedom tastes good

I do not oppose homosexual marriage; in fact, I firmly believe that mature, adult human beings should be able to freely enter into whatever contractual arrangements they so desire, so long as they are doing so of their own free will.  Furthermore, I believe that the federal, state, and local governments should get their happy little noses out of the “marriage” business entirely; that is a matter between the the persons getting married, their god(s) […]

this weekend’s products

You may recognize the person "voting from the rooftops" here, but I rather prefer the shooter featured here, here, here, and here.

The photography was, of course, done by the inimitable Oleg Volk and the props, including the Hummer, were provided by Wolf Arms (except the Vera SBS Saiga, which was, of course, provided by Coal […]


And, yes, mine connect underneath my jaw, much to Better Half’s chagrin. However, courtesy of those awesome ‘burns, and assuming all goes according to plan, I should be playing with other people’s toys using other people’s ammo right about now, so I can live with that.

(Comic courtesy of Doghouse Diaries.)