“Are we at last brought to such humiliating and debasing degradation, that we cannot be trusted with arms for our defense? Where is the difference between having our arms in possession and under our direction, and having them under the management of Congress? If our defense be the real object of having those arms, in whose hands can they be trusted with more propriety, or equal safety to us, as in our own hands?”
by Patrick Henry




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Given the relative price / non-existence of pistol-caliber ammunition these days (up to and including, shockingly enough, .22LR), the rational behind these awesome little toys is somewhat more… lacking, but, still, want:

Converts 12 gauge single or double barrel (break action) shotgun to use 9mm Luger Rifled for accuracey Typically shoot’s a 1 inch or less group at 30 ft. Length of adapter is same length of a typical 12 gauge shell […]

i despise gun "buy-backs"

Without even addressing the patent idiocy of "buying back" something you never really owned to begin with, I absolutely hate gun "buy-backs". Why? Gos-se like this:

That one image, borrowed from KOMONews.com’s appropriately anti-firearms news article, adequately sums up all of my reasons for hating this bit of governmental idiocy.

First, take a look at the right end of the table – those three large drum magazines and […]

shoot like a girl

If you can:

Katelyn Francis is all of 13 years old, and I have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in admitting that she shot that stage far better than I could ever hope to at the moment.

Of course, that short video also neatly undermines a massive number of arguments put forward by your average anti-rights cultist – "assault weapons have no sporting purpose", "assault rifles have no sporting purpose", "children […]

buy a gun day – john moses browning edition

This year, on account of some mathematical fumbles on my part, we unintentionally gave the federal government one hell of an interest free loan. Coincidentally, there is no penalty to you or the government if you overpay your taxes, but if you underpay your taxes enough, you can bet your ass there will be financial repercussions involved.

That disparity rather says everything about our current taxation / representation situation, does it not?

In […]

what’s this?

What’s this?  There’s magic in the air… 

Anywise, time for a game of “What is this?” 

First up, we have… this: 

So, aside from being annoyingly out of focus, what do you make of it? 

Ok, that one is a freebie – it is a pile of the first eight HAVA fundraiser boxes to go out.  Now, if I screwed anything up (and I am fairly sure I did), please […]

an elegant weapon for a more civilized age

These days, saying the word "Webley" in a gunny geek crowd is a good way of determining if the folks you are speaking to are younger than me, my age, or older, but the honest truth is pretty much everyone who watches movies and likes firearms knows the name and the somewhat peculiar top-break reloading action. Well, here is some more information to flesh out that familiarity.

"Webley" […]

baby needs new shoes

The Saiga 12 – you either love it or hate it, but it is hard to argue that there is not a market for them, and it is likewise hard to argue that they are not "sporting arms" given that they are one of the go-to platforms for 3-Gun, IPSC, and other shooting sports competitors (but that does not stop the BATFE from trying). Just like any other popular firearm platform, there is […]

dear white house: kiss my ass

So apparently the White House has gone and released a photo of Our Glorious President, Barack Hussein Obama, allegedly shooting some skeet; no mention was made of whether or not he actually managed to hit them.  Whatever.  Given Obama’s long and sordid history of being anti-firearms, this is rather like a racist individual claiming to have black friends, and in that vein, I never would have even bothered to comment on […]

inforce wml and streamlight tlr-2, a comparison

(Note:  I am well aware that the TLR-2 has an underslung laser and the WML does not.  I will do my best to notate where the existence of that laser affects the comparison, and the laser itself was not used in any of the performance/run-down tests.  Unfortunately, I did not have a TLR-1, so I had to make do with what I had.) 

As a recent negligent discharge adequately illustrates, […]

it will be in a movie soon

$2400 for the shotgun.

$200 for a spare magazine.

~$40 to fill the both of them with self-defense ammo.

Good Lord.

For about the same price, you can have a semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun tricked out to your specifications that is two inches shorter with the stock extended and about 12 inches shorter when folded up, does not require any manipulations from you to […]

knoxville night-time shooting

Is there a range / facility / backyard with a good back stop in the Knoxville region that would be willing to let me do a night-time/low-light photo/video shoot with a shotgun?  It might be a little noisy, but you would get to play with some frankly awesome toys… 

famous on the internet

Hm. I think I know that guy:

As my mother (who recently out-shot my father with his HK45, much to his chagrin) told some of our Boston relatives, this is what happens when you do not allow children to have realistic-looking toy guns in the house. Bear that in mind. (I still made ones out of LEGOs.)

And apparently I resemble Hugo Weaving. News to me. Though I can live […]

~20 ounces of lead downrange

Hey, I know that guy!

I need to lean in more… I seem to "tuck" around the gun more than lean, but I am still fighting four years of air rifle training from my NROTC days.

(Video courtesy of Guns, Cars, and Tech. SBS Saiga courtesy of Coal Creek Armory.)


shotshell reloading

Tell me about it.

Because, based on my off-the-cuff estimates from scrounging around the intertubes yesterday and today, I can reload birdshot rounds for about half the price as new-off-the-shelf ones (so long as I get the components on sale / cheaply), which means this little press will pay for itself in somewhere around ~400 rounds. Additionally, it seems like shotshell reloading is a lot easier to do and get into than handgun […]

an organized play for my ego

I happened to be in downtown Knoxville yesterday with some time to spare, so I swung by Organized Play to see if there was anything I could waste some money one (coincidentally, there was, but such things are not hard to find in that store).

Morgan, the owner, greeted me as I came in with a "So what’s new in the world of firearms this week?", to which I responded, "Oh, not […]

welcome to the club

I will admit that it is something of a warped tradition, but a gunblogger has never really "arrived" until they have been cyberstalked and harassed by Guy Cabot (aka "JadeGold") and his facilitator, Michael Bonomo (aka "mikeb302000"). Thankfully, Squeaky has the exactly correct attitude about the whole thing; in short, "piss off".

The post from Bonomo’s all-but-abandoned weblog that Squeaky highlights (she does not link to it, and neither will I), is […]

quote of the day – better half

Upon meeting the brand-spanking-new Vera shortly after about 25 rounds were slammed through it at Coal Creek Armory, Better Half had this to say:

It smells like mistletoe and Christmas!

I would explain, but it is just too damned funny as is.

Hopefully she will be as enthralled with it after today’s trip to the range…

the short verdict

At 1138 today, 1 With a Bullet made the correct guess of "Short Barrel Saiga", and, in fairness, lucusloc was this close on the very first picture, but he went a slightly different direction with his guess.

Anywise, here is the new toy:

Not my best work, but this week has been crazy busy at […]

drooling from afar

As I probably have mentioned (and probably will keep mentioning), I was not at SHOT Show this year, but that does not mean I was not keeping fairly close tabs on those who were. Here is a brief rundown of all the news and pictures that caught my eye.

Over the past almost-three-years now, I have been monitoring the "coming to America" story for the Israeli-made Tavor, all the way back when […]

i have to ask

So Stoeger has had their Side-by-Side Double Defense for a couple years now, and I have always kind of wanted one because coach guns are awesome and, hey, rails, and that was all well and good.

Now apparently they have a Over-Under Double Defense, and I still kind of want one because of that classic, “I mean business” profile and, hey, rails.

So now, like I said, […]