“We would just go out and line up a bunch of cans and shoot with rifles, handguns and at times, submachine guns... When I was a kid it was a controlled atmosphere, we weren't shooting at humans… we were shooting at cans and bottles mostly. I will most certainly take my kids out for target practice.”
by Johnny Depp


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2012, in review

It is that time of the year again… Just like all the previous posts like this one, I am using Google Analytics data, with the same warning that its numbers do not match the numbers generated by other statistics engines. Likewise, we will compare numbers against last year.

Absolute Unique Visitors: 94,843 (35% increase)

Visits: 174,805 (9% increase)

Peak Daily Visitors: 1,549 (23JAN12) (27% decrease)

Average Daily Visitors: 478.92 (9% increase)

Pageviews: 244,249 (not […]

knoxville chick-fil-a respects your rights

I meant to put up this post over the weekend, but life conspired against me, and then Say Uncle linked to my last post, and here we are. However, the short-and-sweet of it is this:

The Knoxville / Turkey Creek Chick-Fil-A has NOT posted itself as a “gun-free zone” / victim-disarmament zone.

I drove by the store yesterday, and neither of its two entrances were posted with anything even approximating a “gunbuster” sticker, […]

quote of the day – markofafreeman

To steal a page from Say Uncle‘s schtick, I do this to entertain me, not you. Except in the case of sponsored or review posts, everything you see written here was pounded out by me simply because I (1) found it interesting, (b) had some opinions on the matter myself, and (iii) wanted to share those opinions with the world – such things as "exposure" and "traffic" and "CPM" and "SEO" and all the rest […]

i win

‘Cause, y’know, I am just that awesome. Oh, and so is Miguel.

(For those not keeping score at home, this is solely and exclusively to ridicule the hilarious notion of "Smoke & Thunder" naming "The Truth About Guns" the "#1 Best Gun Blog of 2012". As the man says, this will be a daily feature, so you, too, could have a Major Award of your very own. Something tells me it is not Italian, […]

say uncle / ctc and soldiers’ angels

Alright, folks, we are coming into the home stretch. You officially have less than two weeks to get any final donations in to the Soldiers’ Angels Fundraiser and Giveaway before it shuts down and the prizes are distributed to the winners. Better yet, we are within easy striking distance of $2000 raised for Soldiers’ Angels, and, speaking personally, I would very much like to see that ticker roll over… so get out there, donate to […]

almost like clockwork

I suppose I should be thankful that some things in this world will remain constant, no matter how much everything else around us changes.

It would appear as though wanna-be gunblogger and certified attention whore Robert Farago is still being a dick, and a rather ineffective one at that.

Color me surprised.

Someone who stoops to arbitrarily deleting comments and then lying about the content of those comments, misappropriating and misrepresenting others’ […]

what are you doing here?

My idea of “fun” this weekend consists of mowing my lawn…  ohyayohyay, could I please!? 

On the other hand, Mike W., Say Uncle, Jay G., Weer’d Beard, Breda, Cemetery, and countless other pro-rights webloggers are in Pittsburgh enjoying the NRA Annual Meetings and laughing at the pathetic turn out of the anti-rights cultists and how the “gun control” supporters flagrantly disregard the law and endanger people’s lives. 

And, on the gripping hand, Joe […]