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pre-christmas sale

Speaking of Christmas presents, I still have a number of Russian Origami t-shirts in inventory, all Larges, X-Larges, and XX-Larges (i.e. no Mediums or XXX-Larges left).

In the interests of getting the out of my house and maybe under one of your trees, from now until the 18th, I am offering free shipping on any quantity of shirts.

If you want this deal, email me directly; do NOT use the order form on […]

million-dollar question

Ok, maybe not, but it could be. 

Apparently my pictures of the Knoxville Standard Knitting Mill were a hit.  Go me. 

So do you want an actual copy of one of those (or any of my other pictures) to hang on a wall of your own?  Zazzle seems capable of generating 8”x10” to 24”x35” photo prints for between $3ish and $40ish respectively, and posters for between $10ish and $25ish, and CafePress can do […]

why did borders fail?

Anecdotally, when I hit up the Borders sale in our area, it took a 30% markdown to get their prices anywhere near what I could procure online (except on certain things like Feed and Deadline, but those were only 10% off), and even then, I very carefully checked every book I purchased through my Google Shopper app to ensure that the prices I remembered were accurate.

Turns out, that was a very good idea: […]


If any of my readers are still waffling about the Flipside 2x Wallet I reviewed last month, I still like mine, and the folks at Flipside are offering $5 off any purchase until midnight EST this coming Wednesday – just enter “DAD” as your discount code at the checkout. 

–Download flipsale as PDF –

short-notice deal

… Or, well, semi-short notice, since they have been warning about "limited stock" for about two weeks now, and are still selling the product.

Anywise, head on over to the Novatac 120ST Storm listing at Battery Junction, put one in your cart, and punch in "NOVATAC60" as your coupon code, and walk away with a surprisingly capable flashlight for all of $40.

Ever since I procured my NiteCore Extreme flashlight about a year […]

my budget cannot keep up with their regulation

After picking up my new toy from their gunsmiths yesterday (headspace checked out fine, which means I can start doing unconscionable things to it in the near future… but more on that later), I stood around and gleaned all kinds of interesting information from the good folks at Coal Creek Armory.

First up, regardless of what the “official” determination is by the BATFE, importation of Saiga shotguns is pretty much done. Russian American Armory Company […]

deal alert

Brownell’s 20- and 30-round AR-15 magazines are on sale for $9.99, and if you use the coupon code “CRD”, you will get $5 shipping on all orders $100 and over. If it were not for my next AR being a .22, this package of a lower parts kit, flash suppressor, assembly DVD, and ten magazines would be in the mail to me as we speak, considering that it is a steal at $160.

*sigh* […]

they’re coming…

For five bucks, Plants vs. Zombies is totally worth it, and appropriate for the holiday.

–Download they’re coming… as PDF –

sale time

Starting right about two hours ago and running through until midnight tomorrow night, if you purchase two white or light T-shirts from CafePress, and you enter the code “CAMISETA”, you get them both for $20 total – not a bad deal.

Sure would be nice to stock up on some Philosophy of Jayne shirts, which come in standard white t-shirts, lightly-colored t-shirts, and women’s variants. Just sayin’.

–Download sale time as PDF […]