“It shouldn't happen in this country or anywhere else. but, you know, it's a free society, we're going to be subject to people like this, so I prefer this to the alternative.”
by John Green




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customer service: compare and contrast

At the risk of turning this into an all-Oleg-all-the-time weblog, another reason Oleg Volk is a rather awesome individual is that upon hearing that I was trying to assemble equipment for Boomershoot as affordably as possible, he offered to pay me for modeling services rendered in the past, rendered at Boomershoot, and probably to be rendered in the future by calling in a favor at Primary Arms.  This favor basically […]

the girl who says things

Some time ago, an acquaintance of mine expressed to me that she always liked me because I "have a serious amount of ‘I don’t give a f*ck’", and actually go out of my way to say things – to be specific, I put in to words what other are unwilling to unable to express, for a variety of reasons, and direct those words to people largely unaccustomed to hearing them, for any number of reasons. […]

credit where it is due

I would like to take a moment and thank Brownells for being an amazing corporation. In addition to generously supporting the recent HAVA Fundraiser, I also emailed my contact there with a somewhat random question this morning, and he had amazingly comprehensive answers from two of the gunsmiths there to me before lunch. Given how busy you and I both know Brownells must be at the moment, what with […]

a figment of my imagination

According to self-appointed minor deities of the gunblogging community, firearm manufacturers do not bother dealing with anonymous webloggers or folks who choose to write under a pseudonym when it comes to test-and-evaluation units or reviews. 

I guess that means this interesting little gadget: 

… that somehow managed to follow me home from Dragon Leatherworks today is just, as the title says, a figment of my imagination.  […]

nature wars – in review

Back when a representative from Random House Publishing contacted me to ask if I was interested in a review copy of Nature Wars, by Jim Sterba, I warned her that such a book would not be terribly up my alley – I am not a hunter, I am not a farmer, I generally keep my interactions with wild animals to a bare minimum, and I generally find the American "conservation" movement to be at […]

inforce wml and streamlight tlr-2, a comparison

(Note:  I am well aware that the TLR-2 has an underslung laser and the WML does not.  I will do my best to notate where the existence of that laser affects the comparison, and the laser itself was not used in any of the performance/run-down tests.  Unfortunately, I did not have a TLR-1, so I had to make do with what I had.) 

As a recent negligent discharge adequately illustrates, […]

that solves that problem

Only it was not really a "problem", per se, but… oh, never mind.

Anywise, while I was busily trying to make this comparison review between the Inforce WML and the Streamlight TLR-2 work (was having issues trying to show comparative output levels over time, but I hopefully have fixed it… now I just need to find the time to implement my plan), one thought that occurred to me while handling […]

not terribly surprised by this

Remember that firearm I was supposed to get for test-and-evaluation and had not gotten for the past almost-year?

It turns out there may be a reason for that:

To our valued customers:

As the inventor of the DoubleTap™ pistol and owner of the design and utility patents, along with other intellectual property including the DoubleTap™ name, I am issuing this press release to inform our loyal customers of the […]

good thing i did not give them money

Otherwise I would be rather annoyed right now.

Remember that test-and-evaluation firearm I talked about back in February?

I still do not have it.

Remember how I was supposed to have it in March, the month after February?

As of two weeks ago, I am now supposed to have it in October… the month after this one.

That is perhaps the one thing this company has been consistent […]

so you want to assemble your own 10/22, the barrel

[See Part 1 for receiver options, Part 2 for a documentation of the fiddly bits, and Part 3 for a discussion on bolts.]

Everyone knows that if you take a football and just huck it in the air, it will spin out of control and come down Lord-knows-where. So what do you do? You impart a bit of spin to it as it leaves your hand, and the nose […]

inforce wml – not quite a review

So the good news is that I do, indeed, have my test-and-evaluation Inforce WML in-hand and ready to go. The bad news is that I have not even had time to so much as mount it on anything.

I do want to take a moment to touch on the WML‘s mounting system, which, honestly, might be one of the better ones I have ever seen (and this after […]

efoods direct, creamy potato soup – a review

So almost three months ago, eFoods Direct sent me three packages of their dehydrated survival / preparedness / emergency food, and, honestly, thanks to our chaotic schedules, needing to make leftovers for work lunches, and various other problems, we have only had a chance to eat just one of the packages – their creamy potato soup (and, in honesty, that was about a month ago… never enough […]

i get to play with an inforce wml

Thanks to either my nonexistent abilities at smooth talking or my apparent abilities at creating and maintaining a halfway decent firearm-related weblog, I will be having the opportunity to test and review an Inforce WML weapon-mounted light in the near future.

This particular flashlight caught my attention when I went to mount my TLR-2 on my Saiga, and realized that since my natural non-dominant hand gripping position was something like […]

the bug is catching

I seem to have created a monster…

A few months back, I helped Erin Palette score a Crimson Trace Lasergrip for her mother’s Ruger LCR as a Test and Evaluation unit, and the aforementioned mother has been playing around with it ever since. The verdict?

Her first shot was approximately 2 inches to the left of the center of mass.

This is especially noteworthy when you consider that […]

mantis knives – a review, revisited

A few years back, I wrote a somewhat negative review of Mantis Knives’ products, which even managed to attract the attention of the president of that particular company (who never emailed me, I would point out).

Well, a few days ago, I discovered the B-3 Necessikey sucks almost as hard as the MT-1 Sliver. The Necessikey has a grand total of three tools to its name – a flashlight that is barely […]

a grandmother’s review of crimson trace

Not here, though; here

Erin contacted me some time back and asked how it was I managed to snag the few things I have for test and evaluation purposes; I told her the simple truth: I asked.  However, it does not hurt to have someone with previous experience with the company in question doing the asking for you, so I got in touch with Iain Harrison of […]

short-notice deal alerts

I do not know a darned thing about the book, not having had a chance to read it yet, but I at least know of the author, Rob Robideau, and, if nothing else, "free is free": today only, his new book, Tactical Bible Stories: Personal Security Tips from the Bible, is a free digital download from Amazon, and the paperback is offered "at cost" (though I think he might have included an […]

uvmatlite – in review

As I mentioned a few months back, I approached the folks at The Amazing Light to see if I could possibly procure one of their various glow-in-the-dark units for test and evaluation, and generously enough, they agreed

So, just to recap, take a look at The Amazing Light’s story – I dare say we all need an “Uncle Vernon”: 

In our family we all got […]

who wants to be a gerbil?

Of all the random things, it looks like Better Half and I will be reviewing some of eFoods Direct‘s offerings.

Even better (at least for my ego), they contacted me!

Anywise, not being familiar with the company (and there seem to be so many long-term-storage food companies these days), I did a little digging into them, as I am wont to do. To begin with, they are BBB […]