not just an american notion

Did you know that Poland acknowledges and protects a human’s right to self-defense, up to and including defense of property? Neither did I, until I noticed this incoming link in my referral logs (translated from Polish here). In short,

Defense against unlawful attack (attack) is guaranteed by the law in force in Poland, the Criminal Code of 1997 year. This right is, however, one of the fundamental human rights of individuals.

The source of that quote and the full breakdown of this protection seems to be here, and while Google Translate did an absolutely fantastic job mutilating the text, I am under the impression that Poland ascribes to the "reasonable person" test of self-defense (in that a "reasonable person" must agree that force was necessary to keep you safe/alive), limits you to no more force than the person is levying against you, requires you to stop defending yourself once the attack is repulsed, and, of course, confines the notion of "self-defense" exclusively to defending yourself against unlawful, immediate actions against you or someone else.

The rest I am not so sure about from the broken translation, and I could even be getting these parts wrong – I would be very interested in hearing from someone who can explain these laws in somewhat better English, if they are willing.

I do love that last phrase, though… 

[Update]  According to this comment from kawador, I may have been a little too optimistic. Well that sucks. [/Update]