“A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie.”
by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin


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a word about advertisements

As some of my readers – and I – have noticed, advertisements from “Cheaper Than Dirt” are occasionally showing up in the banner ad space at the top of the page and the skyscraper ad space on the right side of the page.  Unfortunately, the only control over those is “all or nothing” – those advertisements are randomly generated and provided by Tactical Republic, and, at the moment, they are unwilling / unable to filter […]

recorded for all posterity

One of the favorite sayings of ‘net denizens is, “The Internet never forgets,” but the unspoken other half of that phrase is, “… because we never let it.”

With that in mind, I am recording the below paragraph from Mike Church’s radio show’s webpage regarding a certain Indiana Sheriff’s comments:

According to Newton County Sheriff, Don Hartman Sr., random house to house searches are now possible and could be helpful following the Barnes […]