“You are an evil yet resourceful individual. Kudos sir.”
by Miguel


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the tsa does not care about your health

This is me, not being surprised:

The Transportation Security Administration has been quietly removing its X-ray body scanners from major airports over the last few weeks and replacing them with machines that radiation experts believe are safer.

I have only been harping on this for about two years now, but, hey, giving two years’ worth of airline passengers an increased chance of cancer is no big deal, right?

Oh, wait, the Thousands of […]

but… guns are bad news for women!

Apparently I need to start using bold font or all uppercase or something, because it is becoming increasingly clear that you all just are not getting the message: guns are "bad news" for women, period, end of story, no debate. So with that obvious fact again expressed (I mean, really, how many times am I going to have to say it before y’all start listening?), I wish you folks would stop founding made-up organizations like […]

ace in the hole

My, how the times change… A few years ago, every anti-rights organization in the country was drooling all over themselves at the prospect of getting the most anti-firearms President in recent history into office. After all, then-Senator Barack Hussein Obama supported making the “Assault Weapon” Ban permanent in addition to banning private firearm sales by closing the non-existent, mythical “gun show loophole”, he discriminated against firearm owners, he was the director of the notoriously anti-rights […]