“A soft answer turneth away wrath. Once wrath is looking the other way, shoot it in the head.”
by Seven Habits of Highly Effective Pirates




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quote of the day – h. beam piper

For words written in 1963, they surely do resonate poignantly today:

You were there; you saw what’s happening. The barbarians are rising; they have a leader, and they’re uniting. Every society rests on a barbarian base. The people who don’t understand civilization, and wouldn’t like it if they did. The hitchhikers. The people who create nothing, and who don’t appreciate what others have created for them, and who think civilization is something that […]

are his speech writers that stupid?

By now, everyone is more than familiar with Our Glorious President’s idiotic and infantile proclamation that "you didn’t build that", but something about that entire moronic speech resonated with some deep-seated memory that refused to get off its lazy ass and move into the spotlight of my consciousness.

Thankfully, Jennifer applied boot to ass:

“He didn’t invent iron ore and blast furnaces, did […]