“The power to tax involves the power to destroy;...the power to destroy may defeat and render useless the power to create...”
by John Marshall




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hava fundraiser and zombie tools

(Note: This post contains images and text that contain arguably gratuitous amounts of blood and profanity. If either cause you problems, feel free to skip it.)

When it comes to zombies, my preferred weapon is something along the lines of "orbit-based kinetic strike" (a concept which, coincidentally, appears to be featured in the upcoming GI Joe movie), but something tells me that we are not going to have that kind of hardware if/when the […]

james yeager is a coward

… and a disgrace to the great state of Tennessee, unfortunately.

No, the title of this post does not stem from James Yeager’s questionable behavior during his time in Iraq – I was not there, and I cannot comment on it – but rather his recent behavior here, in these United States.

To begin with, James Yeager is voluntarily on-record as saying he will "break your f—–g back" if […]

in which i completely recant what i said

So late last year, I wrote a post generally defending Red Jacket Firearms and their Discovery Channel television show, “Sons of Guns”, from those who considered it to be less-than-satisfactory.

Well here is me, saying I was wrong. Better Half and I have completely given up on Sons of Guns, barring the unlikely event that there is absolutely nothing else on the TiVo, in which case we will go read a book. So […]

why are gun control extremists so abusive?

[Note:  If excessive foul language, abusive mentalities, and borderline death threats are not your cup of tea, I would advise against reading through this post; I did not write any of that particular material, but I do believe it should be preserved for the future.]

Yesterday, I had the… misfortune… of interacting with the Twitter account @HockeyOpera, whose screen name is “Gloves Off!”, which apparently refers to “A Hockey Opera in Three Act is is […]

you will not occupy my site

I really thought my days of writing posts like this were at a close, what with my commenting policy being obviously published at the top of every page and underneath every single commenting form, but apparently some Occupy $Location facilitators are illiterate in addition to be irreverent, impolite, and inconsiderate.  As such, it is time to clear up a few points. 

Point the First: This weblog is private property.  I […]