“I look out for me and mine. That don't include you 'less I conjure it does. Now you stuck a thorn in the Alliance's paw -- that tickles me a bit. But it also means I gotta step twice as fast to avoid 'em, and that means turnin' down plenty of jobs. Even honest ones. Put this crew together with the promise of work, which the Alliance makes harder every year. Come a day there won't be room for naughty men like us to slip about at all. This job goes south, there well not be another. So here's us, on the raggedy edge.”
by Captain Malcolm Reynolds


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patch update

By my count, including my 10 (which is a variable number), we are up to 53 patches ordered (at least as of this posting).  This means that all patches will cost $6 each; if we can make it to 100 ordered, that will go down to $5 each. 

Given the price drop, if you want to increase your order, leave a comment here or at the previous post. 

Likewise, once we get closer, […]

it will be in a movie soon

$2400 for the shotgun.

$200 for a spare magazine.

~$40 to fill the both of them with self-defense ammo.

Good Lord.

For about the same price, you can have a semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun tricked out to your specifications that is two inches shorter with the stock extended and about 12 inches shorter when folded up, does not require any manipulations from you to mag-dump, and can take magazines with four more […]

what is it worth to you?

People are, as always, interesting.

Last weekend, I had the fortune of being invited out to a very nice gentleman’s house on the side of a mountain in farther-eastern Tennessee, where we literally sat on his porch and plinked spinner targets for a couple of hours with nearly a score of different firearms. While there, I got to shoot a Mauser C96, a Winchester Model 97 clone, an M1 Carbine, and an M1 Garand […]

come to the light (field) side

Speaking of changing how you see the world… I had heard of this technology a little while ago, but I am surprised at how quickly it made it to the market (though "quickly" is a relative term – apparently it has been in the works for 15 years).

I will not even try to behave like I understand the science of that thing’s inner workings, but here is what it turns into when the […]

pray for armless zombies

By and large, electric vehicles are an insufficient replacement for most people’s primary forms of conveyance. A lot of people will not like that statement, but it is true. However, I am glad to see that some innovators are willing to take that reality as a starting point, and work around it:

Like the Toyota Supra Mk IV, the EV-1 was a car loved by some but ultimately too expensive for massive market acceptance. […]

it is a question of scissors

… And digital or steel ones. 

My DSLR shoots pictures at 2592×3888 pixels, which works out to 1×1.5.  This is not equivalent to 5×7 (1×1.4), 8×10 (1×1.25), 11×14 (1×1.27bar), or 16×20 (1×1.25 again). 

In regards to that new shop I might or might not be working on, do you want me to (A) put the pictures up in their original dimension ratio and let you all do your cutting-and-snipping as you like, or […]

browncoats have bucks

By now, my readers should be more than aware of the fact that I am a proud Browncoat – I missed Firefly when it first aired on Fox, but on my parents’ urgings, I found the DVDs, and I am pretty sure I watched the entire series all the way through once I started.  And then found time to watch it again.  And have since watched it more times than I probably care to count.  […]

rapidly becoming the best place on the ‘net

In case you have been living under a rock for the past few days, it would appear as though my favorite firearm parts distributor, Brownells has just started carrying ammunition. From a quick comparison with AmmoEngine (who has not started listing Brownells, but hopefully will soon), it would appear as though their prices are competitive, if not downright "good".

And, personally, I have always preferred one-stop-shopping, especially when doing so does not cost you […]

in memorial

Our rights, freedoms, and liberties, such as they are, came at an extraordinarily steep price. 

Take a moment today to remember those who voluntarily paid it, for our sake. 

getting inside the belt

After about a week of discussing the finer points of his web belts with Kary, the proprietor of and fabricator at Endeavor Stitch Works, and after discovering that he is a fellow Browncoat, I now have a black-on-black version of his 1.5″ Cobra Gun Belt lined up for production, and it should be in my hands sometime next week. I can live with that.

To address a few points we talked about, and commenters […]