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who would give a 300-foot-tall battlebot to that ai?

I do not care how bad-ass your mecha are or how much the world’s continuing existence depends on someone using them to beat the everloving crap out of some oversize, extradimensional beings; if the assistant AI sounds like GlaDOS, I am NOT driving the bloody thing:

(Click through to see the video.)

And, yes, it really is Ellen McClain voicing the Jaegers’ control matrix; if there is not some joke about / […]

sugary awesomeness

Originally found at Cake Wrecks, where there is additional awesomeness for the viewing.  Courtesy of Better Half. 

there will be cake

Remember that perverse sense of humor I have? Yeah, I am starting to think, thanks to it, Portal 2 is going to be my favorite game ever, even before it hits stores’ shelves:

“How do we get so many bullets in ’em? Like this!”

Cannot. Stop. Laughing.

(Courtesy of Everyday, No Days Off.)