“Linoge, reading your blog convinced me. People who support gun control are incapable of understanding the Law of Unintended Consequences.”
by Jetaz




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russian origami t-shirts – grab them now!

Two-dozen shirts down, another sixty-odd to go before you all buy as many as you said you would. As if I needed further evidence that online polls are not scientific nor necessarily representative of reality.

In any case, the Russian Origami t-shirts are still for sale, and I still have inventory in all sizes (M-XXXL), so get your order in now! And I do mean that seriously, with not a […]

this is it

No, The Big One (whatever that means in your stretch of the woods) has not unleashed its fury.

Today is pretty much the last day you can put in an order for Sean Sorrentino’s awesome Gunwalker T-Shirts, so if you do not push that "buy" button by 1600 tomorrow, you are pretty much out of luck.

I almost wish I had enough spare funds / time / entrepreneurial spirit […]

cave-shopping is hard for a dragon

Looks like Dragon Leatherworks has a shiny new webpage, and you might recognize the holster being used as the model for the Flatjack… doubly shiny indeed! Anywise, the new page has his complete inventory displayed, offers a relatively simple ordering interface, is replete with no shortage of pictures (which is almost always a problem with holster companies), and even has links to the reviews of the respective holsters – […]