“The right of a citizen to keep and bear arms has justly been considered the palladium of the liberties of the republic, since it offers a strong moral check against the usurpation and arbitrary power of rulers, and will generally, even if these are successful in the first instance, enable the people to resist and triumph over them.”
by Joseph Story




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now this is interesting

One of the favorite tactics of anti-rights cultists is to loudly point to the differences in murder rates between the United States and once-Great Britain, and proclaim that the latter’s significantly lower murder rate is due to their draconian and oppressive "gun control"… despite the complete and utter lack of any evidence of causality (see "correlation != causation").

This is all good and well… except for the small detail that none of […]

an elegant weapon for a more civilized age

These days, saying the word "Webley" in a gunny geek crowd is a good way of determining if the folks you are speaking to are younger than me, my age, or older, but the honest truth is pretty much everyone who watches movies and likes firearms knows the name and the somewhat peculiar top-break reloading action. Well, here is some more information to flesh out that familiarity.

"Webley" […]

looks like a puma

That monstrosity I found on the interwebs is still for sale (the listing expired, but I am sure it will be back up). Color me not-at-all surprised… I still kind of want it, though.

I could really live with this, though:

Yup, that is a fully-functional, street-legal (at least in once-Great Britain) Warthog, built off a 1982 Land Rover Defender 110 with the 2.5L […]

it is so cute when the once-great british try

This screen capture comes from the not-bad-but-not-great British science fiction series Primeval; the lady pictured was forcing the driver of the vehicle they were in to go to a certain location.  Can anyone tell me what is wrong? 

What is funny is that this is the only scene wherein this occurred – you would think the actress, at least, would have noticed that something was mysteriously different about her prop…  I […]

presented without comment

(United States murder rate data from Disaster Center / FBI UCR. England/Wales murder rate data from Home Office Statistical Bulletin; Homicides, Firearm Offences and Intimate Violence 2008/2009; Table 1.01. Latter sourced by John Hardin.)

almost want to make one just because

We have touched on the topic of home-made firearms a few times here, but mostly it has been in an academic, "Yeah, you could do that if you really wanted to but I would not want to actually use one," kind of way.

Well, in the realm of "beggars cannot be choosers", it would appear as though criminals have started employing do-it-yourself firearms in crimes in […]

an olympic-sized slap in the face

I have not been watching a whole lot of the Olympics recently – mostly whatever Better Half happens to have on – but I do need to say this: once-Great Britain should be gorramed ashamed for (A) doing such a piss-poor job rigging Serena Williams’ gold medal flag that it fell off its rod, and (2) letting the bloody thing hit the ground.  Two simple carabiners would have solved this entire problem, but apparently […]

so old it is new again

One of the occasional "arguments" (and I do use that term lightly) you will see come out of the more-deranged anti-rights cultists is that parts of the Constitution, and, specifically, the Bill of Rights, are so outdated that we can simply ignore them or abrogate them at will, and it is No Big Deal (TM)*. The Third Amendment is typically held up as an example of how "outdated" the Constitution is, […]

a case study

What happens when you try to child-proof the world?

People die:

This was Walpole Park in Gosport, Hampshire, on an overcast lunchtime last March when no fewer than 25 members of the emergency services, including a press officer, descended on a 3½ft-deep model boating lake minutes after Simon Burgess, 41, fell into the water when he suffered a seizure. But as an inquest heard last week, he lay floating face-down for more […]

god must love the british

… Because the fact that some of them remember to breathe seems to be, frankly, a miracle*.

Dennis over at Dragon Leatherworks managed to get Better Half and I hooked on the new series Sherlock, which takes the eponymous main character and places him in modern times, complete with smart phones, once-Great Britain’s pervasive Big Brother surveillance society, modern laboratories (though Sherlock’s personal medical kit is cutely quaint), and all the […]

quote of the day – oleg volk

Much like graphics, analogies are remarkably useful tools for people to use to help other people understand concepts that may be outside of their realm of knowledge or immediate understanding. However, unlike graphical representations of hard data, analogies are almost invariably flawed (after all, few things/situations are exactly equivalent in all ways, shapes, and forms), but you can still learn something from not only the comparison itself, but also how it falls short. […]

a not-so-hypothetical riot

You own a shop.

This shop cost you money to purchase/lease, and it is filled with an inventory of products that probably represents more than your personal net value.

This shop is in a decent part of town, and you have never really had a problem with shoplifting or other issues you could not handle with a phone call to the cops.

Only now, people are rioting down the street from you, […]

not fitting the propaganda

Over the weekend, British subject stucon90 took it upon himself to lecture pro-rights activists on how much better once-Great Britain is than the United States thanks to the former’s draconian gun control, saying:

The US needs to overcome it’s anachronisms. Come join the rest of us with our safe streets and universal healthcare! It’s great!

Curiously, Stuart deleted that particular tweet, but twazzup was able […]

csgv hates us for our rights

Today presented another leaden opportunity to peer into the dark, twisted, demented depths of the mind driving the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Ownership Twitter account (in all likelihood, that anti-rights organization’s “Director of Communications”, Ladd Everitt), and, hey, when you get the chance to procure some free blogfodder, it is on you if you do not jump at it. 

Consider the below conversation: 

CSGV:  Did you know that the Quran-burning […]

of course not, you dozy git

About the only positive thing I could ever say about MikeB302000 is that he has prompted a significant number of folks to pen a significant number of truly outstanding posts… kind like how overbearing, authoritarian, abusive governments prompted the founding of our great nation. At any rate, Joe Huffman has yet another amazing post up wherein he takes MikeB’s points out to the woodshed and beats them like the proverbial red-headed […]

quote of the day

Anti-rights cultists have a long-standing history of focusing their efforts exclusively on firearm-related crimes, often to the detriment of the societies they are working in – one need only consider the history of once-Great Britain, and its current status as “most violent nation in Europe” to see how that particular train of thought ends. However, I have had the suspicion, especially of late, that those same “gun control” advocates would consider […]

expanding the dataset

About a week back, I demonstrated that there is a negative correlation between firearm ownership rates and the rate of crimes committed with the assistance of firearms, which completely precludes the possibility of there being a causal relationship between the former and the latter – in short, firearms do not cause crime. But that conclusion was based solely off information from here in the United States, where the number of firearms has been […]

so sets the sun

Over a year ago, once-Great Britain was highlighted by its own journalists for having the worst violent crime rate in the world.

Based on historical data just now becoming public, once-Great Britain has been working hard to earn that distinction:

According to the figures released yesterday, 3.6 per cent of the population of England and Wales were victims of violent crime in 1999 – second only to Australia, where […]