"walls of the city" logo conceptualized by Oleg Volk and executed by Linoge. Logo is © "walls of the city".

‘walls of the city’ patches

Remember that awesome new logo Oleg Volk dreamed up and I somehow managed to cobble together? 

Remember how I promised I would make up patches of that logo? 

Remember how the shipment was on its way? 

And remember how fundraisers, moves, job hunts, and busted-ass vehicles got in the way of me actually selling the bloody things? 

Well, ok, you might have missed that last item, but not the repercussions of [...]

freedom is about more than just firearms

This probably comes as no surprise to some of my readers, but I grew up in a very conservative family, and for many years, I had a… shall we say "less than salutary" view of homosexuals, transgenders, queers, and all of the rest of the terminologies and categories people can fall into other than "straight and square". I would not say I was homophobic, per se, simply because they did not frighten me, but rather [...]

little honey badger

Yes, dear readers, that is, in fact, a Chiappa Little Badger sporting a Gemtech Alpine suppressor and a Fraser-Volpe MARS sight. 


Because race gun. 

Or, to put it another way: 

I did not get the chance to shoot the Little Badger, but I kind of want one now… if it were made by any other company, I would already have one.  It is just the most elemental gun [...]

uhm, wow

When Oleg Volk says I "improved" on what amounts to be the official history of Webley revolvers with my perhaps-too-detailed deconstruction of my new acquisition, it might be time to hang up my keyboard an call it a day.

That, or I need to find someone who will pay me better than I do for writing this stuff…

hava fundraiser and monderno

So by now, everyone should be aware that I am getting patches stitched up with the new “walls of the city” logo (as conceptualized by Oleg Volk) on them, but they are going to be the traditional fabric patches that have been around since… forever. 

Not being folks satisfied with the status quo, however, the boys at Monderno went the high-speed-low-drag route, but in an awesome way: 

Yup, that is a patch, with [...]

inforce wml and streamlight tlr-2, a comparison

(Note:  I am well aware that the TLR-2 has an underslung laser and the WML does not.  I will do my best to notate where the existence of that laser affects the comparison, and the laser itself was not used in any of the performance/run-down tests.  Unfortunately, I did not have a TLR-1, so I had to make do with what I had.) 

As a recent negligent discharge adequately illustrates, one of the most [...]

the truth about the truth about guns and robert farago

Unless you are prepared for a veritable skyscraper of text (over 9,000 words) and a serious airing of grievances, you should probably go ahead and plan on skipping this post.

That disclaimer dispensed with, here is how it is. Over the past few years, Robert Farago – the editor of The Truth About Guns – has functionally leeched off of, exploited, stabbed in the back, maligned, abused, lied about, misrepresented, stolen from, and infringed upon [...]

manchester appleseed get-together

Where:  Oak Restaurant, 947 Interstate Drive, Manchester, TN. 

When:  06OCT12, 1900 (7:00PM for you civilian-types). 

Who:  You!  Any reader, commenter, blogger, or whatnot else in the area, but at the least, me, Better Half, Oddball, Lynn H., Oleg Volk, and Wizard PC. 

So apparently the Timberloft in Manchester closed, Celtic Cup does not have “real” food (just sandwiches), and the TaterBox is not open past 2000, so aside from chain restaurants, this [...]

manchester appleseed get-together, follow-up

So I touched on this before, but with us getting to almost a week before the actual Appleseed shoot, it is probably time to start getting reservations and such on the move.

Thus far, as confirmed attendees to some sort of get-together, I have:

Better Half Me Oddball Lynn H Oleg Volk

With Wizard PC being a tentative addition. Anyone else going to show up?

Next detail: what day? We are going [...]

bit the apple

Better Half and I are now registered for the 06OCT-07OCT Appleseed shoot in Manchester, if anyone else wants to join us. I understand Oddball will be registering for the same event, and I am trying to get Oleg onboard as well.

And yes, I went ahead and snagged a Rifleman Opportunity Card while they were still available; I have some serious reservations about being able to achieve The Patch in only a single weekend. [...]

freedom tastes good

I do not oppose homosexual marriage; in fact, I firmly believe that mature, adult human beings should be able to freely enter into whatever contractual arrangements they so desire, so long as they are doing so of their own free will.  Furthermore, I believe that the federal, state, and local governments should get their happy little noses out of the “marriage” business entirely; that is a matter between the the persons getting married, their god(s) [...]

this weekend’s products

You may recognize the person "voting from the rooftops" here, but I rather prefer the shooter featured here, here, here, and here.

The photography was, of course, done by the inimitable Oleg Volk and the props, including the Hummer, were provided by Wolf Arms (except the Vera SBS Saiga, which was, of course, provided by Coal Creek Armory), who are coincidentally owned by the same folks as Tennessee Guns International; I only mention the [...]

good for my ego

I can now officially say that a picture I took with my very own two hands has been featured on Oleg Volk’s site: 

Granted, I was using his hardware, but that is almost a challenge in and of itself – the number of buttons on a camera is directly proportional to the price of said device, and, as you can imagine, he does not exactly use cheap (in either sense of the word) equipment.  [...]

sam colt, and the internet, made them equal

Remember that video of me going to town with my Saiga-12? (I mean, it is only a few posts down from this one.)

Well, it turns out that single, solitary video, posted six days ago, has had more views than the 33 most-recent videos the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence Ownership put up… combined (and some of those videos have been up for four months now). Even better, neither "likes/dislikes" nor comments have [...]

famous on the internet

Hm. I think I know that guy:

As my mother (who recently out-shot my father with his HK45, much to his chagrin) told some of our Boston relatives, this is what happens when you do not allow children to have realistic-looking toy guns in the house. Bear that in mind. (I still made ones out of LEGOs.)

And apparently I resemble Hugo Weaving. News to me. Though I can live with this [...]

a victim of their own failures

Since Better Half and I have spent two weekends out at Oleg Volk‘s way, we had the opportunity to discuss some of his up-and-coming projects, as well as some of his ongoing work, which gives one something of a unique perspective into the firearm industry as a whole, since he is something of that industry’s primary professional photographer. I will not (and probably should not) discuss most of the details, but one of the most [...]

always good to be inspiration

You know you have had a birthday party at Oleg Volk’s when you come home with a small box full of .22 ammunition of various types, flavors, and loadings.  A big thanks to Oleg, Peter, Miss D., WizardPC, Mrs. WizardPC, everyone else who showed up, and, of course, Better Half for putting together what was a thoroughly entertaining party. 

With regards to the title, it would appear as though my recent modeling has convinced [...]

designating your publicity

Over last weekend, thanks to Oleg’s seemingly bottomless pile of "shiny, cool stuff", I got to tinker around a little with a Crimson Trace Rail Master Universal Mount Laser, which appears to be a mouthful of advertising buzzwords essentially boiling down to "stupidly-small laser that can go on almost anything".

Robb has a full-up review over at his place, and I largely concur with his overall impression of the gadget – easy to mount, [...]

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