“If you are not prepared to use force to defend civilization, then be prepared to accept barbarism.”
by Thomas Sowell




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my, what an interesting coincidence

And regular readers know how much I love coincidences.

Yesterday afternoon, I received this comment from Robert Farago:

This morning, I received this now-deleted comment from "Daedalus":

The comment has been deleted because that black block is covering up personal information, and, by and large, I do not permit that kind of information to be posted on this site. I attempted to email "Daedalus" here and inform him […]

earn yourself some free swag

As previously mentioned, I will unfortunately not be attending SHOT Show this year… however, as a recent anonymous coward reminded me, one of my Eastern Tennessee Monster Hunter International patches is still up for grabs for those lucky folks who are going.  What do you have to do to earn this patch?  Simple: 

To all you lucky bastards going to SHOT Show this year, take heed!  I […]

fair warning and good advice

Once again, I will not be attending SHOT Show (mostly because I will be saving up money for a significantly less exciting trip in the hopefully-near future), but those of you who are going should bear this in mind:

I just received some disturbing news about this year’s SHOT Show from a well respected member of the firearms industry. The mainstream media will be at the 2013 SHOT […]

the gun culture is dying. sure it is.

This recent Black Friday – the Friday immediately following Thanksgiving wherein Americans try to commercialize Christmas as hard and as fast as they can – apparently set a new all-time record for the number of NICS checks in America:

Tell me again how the "gun culture" is dying – I need something to laugh at.

Additionally, I would like to correct something the NSSF article said, and add […]

our rights are not the only things in danger

All of us look at certain situations through the perspectives of our own experience, and I will freely and openly admit that I considered the aforeposted ammunition and magazine idiocies from the perspective of a consumer, a recreational shooter, and a person who values his individual rights and freedoms.

However, Owen Martin, the proprietor of AllAK47.com and Snake Hound Machine, looks at such things from the […]

gun blogger rendezvous

Speaking of things I will not be able to attend this year, the Gun Blogger Rendezvous is this September 6th through 9th in Reno, Nevada, and you really should try to make it if you can:

Once a year Gun Bloggers and Gun Blog Readers from around the country gather in Reno at the Silver Legacy Hotel & Casino to visit, compare notes, discuss everything firearms related, and get in three range […]

gunsamerica fails at marketing

Oh, for Heaven’s sake…

A little over a week ago, Paul Helinski of GunsAmerica decided to pull out all the stops and be a complete dick about small-time webloggers (who he referred to as "nobodies") daring to attend the NSSF’s SHOT Show, and then he doubled down on his dickery and dig himself even deeper into his hole. In the interim, I tried to show Paul […]

paul helinski just does not know when to quit

Paul Helinski, president of GunsAmerica, simply does not understand the Internet or how it works.  This profound ignorance is rather surprising in this day and age, especially since he claims to have been using the “network of tubes” for the past 15 years or so, but being the gracious and generous person I am, I took it upon myself to try to correct this oversight yesterday

Apparently, I […]

now witness the firepower of this fully operational intertube

Since everyone’s favorite company president, Paul Helinski, was having such a hard time comprehending the nature of the internet and how exactly it works, I thought I would take a moment and give him some easy-to-understand, graphical pointers. 

First, run a Google search for “gunsamerica”.  If you do it sometime near the time of this post’s writing, check out return number seven. 

Yup, that would be […]

paul helinski of gunsamerica fails at the internet

So apparently there is this site called GunsAmerica… frankly, I have never heard of it, and after reading the comments and opinions of a certain Paul Helinski (who feels quite comfortable speaking for the site as a whole), I am going to go on remaining blissfully ignorant of it (hence the lack of a link).  Personally, I stick to GunBroker.com for any information I need pertaining to the buying and selling of firearms.  […]

not fitting the propaganda

One of the favorite lies of the anti-rights cultists (at least when they are not whinging about the NRA being all-powerful – consistency is not their strong suit) is that the firearm industry is dying/drying up/collapsing/shrinking/etc.

If that were actually the case, I wonder what the explanation would be for the SHOT Show having to limit attendance to only firearm- and shooting-related companies, on the basis that there are too […]

presented without comment

(Image shamelessly yoinked from the NSSF. Courtesy of No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money.)

rumors of our demise are greatly exaggerated

One of the more-amusing talking points that is repeated ad nauseum by anti-rights cultists is that the “gun culture” is slowly dying, with the associated hand-waving and smoke-blowing to try to explain away the recent increases in NICS transactions and growth in firearm sales. Well, allow me to hand you two more nails to put in the coffin of that particular myth.

First up, it would appear as though […]

all the lies are starting to make sense

For somewhere over two years now, anti-rights cultists have been trying to club us over the head with the myth that “90% of the firearms recovered from Mexican crimes originated in America”. Obviously, this claim is not true, but the hoplophobes in question continue to parrot the party line like the broken records they so frequently resemble.

The unfortunate truth is that a non-zero number of […]