“Nothing worse than a monster who thinks he's right with God.”
by Captain Malcolm Reynolds


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not pretty, but it will work

Speaking of building your own "garage-expedient" firearm, this may just be a trailer for a movie, and thus just a dramatization, but, yes, making a firearm-like device capable of grievously wounding / killing someone really is this simple:

Look at the tools and materials she used: wire snips, a block of wood, a knife, a short length of steel pipe, a file, the pipe end cap, copper wire, a small square of cotton […]

sign them up for a marathon

I was not a huge fan of the book, so maybe it is just as well the movie’s only point of similarity appears to be its title:

Of course, the movie goes with freakishly hyper-fast zombies, whereas the books featured the standard shamblers… I cannot say as though I have ever been a huge proponent of the former position. I mean, unless we are going to the 28 Days Later theory, "zombies" are […]

who would give a 300-foot-tall battlebot to that ai?

I do not care how bad-ass your mecha are or how much the world’s continuing existence depends on someone using them to beat the everloving crap out of some oversize, extradimensional beings; if the assistant AI sounds like GlaDOS, I am NOT driving the bloody thing:

(Click through to see the video.)

And, yes, it really is Ellen McClain voicing the Jaegers’ control matrix; if there is not some joke about / […]

who is john galt?

Well, I know where I will be next Friday, and this time it will be shown in the "real" theater here in Knoxville, rather than the artsy-fartsy indie theater off in the boonies.

Part One was good, but it could have been significantly better; this time around, we have changed everyone in the credits aside from Brian Patrick O’Toole as one of the screenwriters and John Aglialoro as the producer, so I guess […]

does this make it "classic"?

Huh. Apparently it has been ten years since Firefly first aired (in truth, the anniversary will come on 20SEP12).

As I told someone after a particularly strenuous karate class, "So this is what getting old feels like…"

I will confess that I have never seen Firefly on network television; at the time it first aired (out of order, irregularly, and at strange timeslots, thanks to the idiots at Fox), I was in college, […]

nazis… from the moon!

I have been idly keeping an eye on this production for quite some time now, and judging from the preview alone, here is my highly-qualified and unassailable opinion on the matter:

This is going to be awesome.

If its graphics are bad and its story sucks, there is pretty much no way for it to avoid being campy… which is just great. If its graphics are good (which they appear to almost […]

you sank my shape-changing, alien ship thingie!

On the one hand, a movie based off Battleship (no, really, the board game) is possibly the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard of.

On the other hand, it seems to give the Navy some good airtime (despite dressing the actors in the same mind-numbingly idiotic Navy Working Uniform our sailors have been forced to adopt), and as a veteran, I can hardly argue with that:

(Note to Google Reader viewers – […]

yesterday, at wal-mart

The only real shortcoming to the whole redbox system is that when you snag a movie while you are out doing errands one day, you have to go back out the next day to return it, whether you were planning to or not. If there were some way to return it from your home, that would pretty much be perfect, but would also drive the overhead – and thus costs – for the company through […]

atlas shrugged

Atlas Shrugged, Part 1: Some parts of it dragged longer than I might have done (specifically the anniversary party scene and sex scene), and some things were a bit understressed in my opinion (specifically how irrationally depraved the looters were, and how they exhibited that behavior), but speaking as someone who had no particular appreciation for the book, the movie was significantly better than it could have been, and while it does feel a bit […]

source code

This concept has been beaten to death in everything from The Twilight Zone to other big-budget flicks, but at least the execution and cast look interesting: