“I only wish I had a gun, not a camera.”
by Sebastian D'Souza


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boomershoot 2014 preparations, the caliber

So it looks like I am going to Boomershoot.  After somewhere north of seven years of, “Damnit, I really should…” I am getting up off my arse and actually doing… mostly because fuzzyKBP is going to drag me whether I want to go or not.  It certainly does not hurt that he is already planning on bringing the majority of the accessories that make Boomershoot a pleasurable experience. 

So what exactly is Boomershoot?  The […]

i guess introductions are in order

So Better Half and I wandered back to Knoxville this past weekend, her for work stuff and me to hang out with some friends.  While there, I got to handle something I never thought I would see in person, much less touch: 

That is a positively beautiful 12 gauge / 12 gauge / .30-30 WCF Drillings made for Charles Daly by J.P. Sauer and Sons, before Sig joined the game, and let me […]

‘nuff said

To all those arseholes who whinge about other people spending those other people’s money to have fun building their own rifles, I have only this to say: 

Bite me. 

worth saving here

If you know anything at all about Erin Palette, it is probably that she has a Mosin Nagant rifle that she has slowly and surely been customizing in a way that is sure to make purists all manner of… shall we say ‘annoyed’.  Most recently, she has gone and shoved a 10-round magazine into it, because ten rounds is better than five.  Obviously. 

However, whilst teasing us with the prospect of her upcoming review, […]

could you stop the world please? i would like to get off

Alright, I am officially not a fan of North Carolina.  Since moving to this state…

– My DSLR has broken (refuses to auto-focus).  – My printer has died (printer head went kaput, and those cost more than printers).   – My new-to-me Land Rover Defender’s engine detonated for no apparent reason.  – My desktop’s video cards are exhibiting all the classic symptoms of spontaneously combusting in the near future (no, I do not overclock, and yes, […]

still for sale: cbrps white standard mosin-nagant stock


Since neither person who was supposedly interested in the White Standard CBRPS Mosin-Nagant stock I have for sale ever bothered to respond to emails, the stock is still for sale, and still at $275 OBO.

If you are interested, leave a comment here, or email me at "linoge (at) wallsofthecity (dot) net".

I know you know someone for whom this would make an awesome […]

for sale: cbrps white standard mosin-nagant stock


Well, I was going to disassemble this thing and spray-paint it silver, since it needs to be painted something and I just wrapped up painting a shower rod (who in their right mind makes a shower rod out of a material that can rust?), but the thought struck me that there might be some folks out there who want the stock in its original white coloration. […]

you do not have to be a big daddy

… to help out a little sister. Sorry, that pun was just sitting there, and no one else seemed to want to use it…

Anywise, Erin is… well… interesting, and proudly so. She is an unapologetic goth, a freelance writer, a lover of My Little Pony (which I had no idea still existed until I started reading her), a diehard paper-and-pencil RPG player… oh, and she shoots Mosin-Nagants in her spare time and bitchslaps […]

so wrong it is right


Also want.

The first because it would be funny to show up to an indoor, pistol-only range with a Mosin-Nagant (though something tells me the resulting explanation might take a while), and the second, well, just because (though I understand there are concerns over the pressures in the heavily-loaded 7.62×25 round … welding … the insert into the chamber). I wonder how hard it would be to get the latter machined out […]

they’re (almost) heeeeere

You have seen me write about this… well… a lot, but the time may be finally upon us – supposedly all of the parts and necessary materials have arrived at the shop, and supposedly my CBRPS Mosin Nagant Stock is entering its final stage of production.

However, if you want one for yourself, they have opened a new ordering period, probably until the 5th of December, and possibly until the 15th of January (hard […]

here for the duration

I tell you what – bullpup firearms may be a questionable idea with dubious ergonomics (or not, depending on your perspectives), but they are definitely catching on.

Aside from the Kel-Tec KSG (which is not a conversion kit) and the Neostead (which is also not a conversion kit, and was pumped "backwards"), this is one of the few bullpup-configuration pump-action shotguns still produced, kit or otherwise, and it offers a few intriguing features, including […]


kind of like lay’s

polishing a… something

Regular readers might recall that I put in my order for my CBRPS Mosin-Nagant bullpup kit back in March, and according to the webpage, it might be being assembled in the very near future*.

Well, since then, I have been discovering some very interesting things… First, courtesy of Erin, I found that those 10-round Mosin-Nagant magazines I wrote about a while back might be nearing production. Or, at least, the concept works, he now […]

this is my wand. there are many like it, but this one is mine.

I will admit – my desires to turn my Mosin-Nagant into something that looks like a prop out of Star Wars is a little out there (and the kit is probably being built right now, after only a few months of waiting… of course I am not impatient!); however, no matter what I do to my Ruskie boomstick, it will never be as awesome as this.

Go on. Click through. Sure, it has been […]

my lawn. get off it you will.

Personally, if it came time to defend my property from an unruly, violent, and destructive mob of thugs, I would probably reach for something a bit more… capable… than a bolt-action rifle with all of five rounds in the magazine, but it obviously worked:

Roger MacBride says that he’s used to looking out for trouble in his old Northeast neighborhood. But usually the problems involve prostitutes or drug addicts, and he says that he […]

big-bore ruskies

What I plan on doing to my Mosin-Nagant could be politely described as "bastardization" (though, to my credit, it makes no permanent alterations to the firearm).

What these two mad gunsmiths are doing to their Mosin-Nagants could only be described as "pure genius":

Over the last week, after collecting the required parts and tooling we began our attempt to convert a Mosin-Nagant action to fire .45-70 Govt cartridges. Eventually this will be made into […]

and it will stay there

No daily photography today… too busy setting this up, taking it, and editing it. Certainly not Oleg Volk quality, but I like it…

double the awesomeness

Considering the other dastardly things I am planning on doing to my defender of the motherland, this should surprise no one – if Datamancer ever starts producing his now-patent-pending-pending 10-round Mosin-Nagant magazines on any scale that makes them borderline affordable, I am totally snagging one. Hey, if you are going to assemble a positively ludicrous firearm, you might as well go all-out, right?

And, yes, it does work.

(Courtesy of Guns, Holsters, and Gear.)


grabbing the bullpup by the horns

Just a helpful reminder for any other twisted individuals who would be interested in such things: the ordering period for the Mosin-Nagant CBRPS bullpup kit has opened, and Mr. Rolfe now has two variants available for your consumption, along with the options for setting up the stock to accept a speed bolt (warning: the turnaround on those bolts is 10 to 12 weeks), and installing a “coil spring loaded sensed recoil reducing butt” (not exactly […]