“Whenever personal arms have fallen out of fashion, society has become something no sane person would consider worth defending. The same thing happens to individual: they start rotting too, becoming helpless, disdaining to lift a finger because it's 'beneath them'. They're no longer fit to live and are simply proving that they know it!”
by L. Neil Smith


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hava fundraiser, preliminary details

Regular readers will know that I have been hinting at a fundraiser for Honored American Veterans Afield next month, and plans are currently in the works to make that happen. 

However, experience and observation has shown that combining a giveaway with the fundraiser tends to work out better for the organization I am fundraising for, so I am working on that as well.  Thus far I have some patches (both E. TN MHI and […]

earn yourself some free swag

As previously mentioned, I will unfortunately not be attending SHOT Show this year… however, as a recent anonymous coward reminded me, one of my Eastern Tennessee Monster Hunter International patches is still up for grabs for those lucky folks who are going.  What do you have to do to earn this patch?  Simple: 

To all you lucky bastards going to SHOT Show this year, take heed!  I have a few Eastern TN Monster Hunter […]

tactical sporran

Dragon Leatherworks makes some classy sporrans – I do not think anyone can dispute that – but this, ladies and gentlepeople, is a proper tactical sporran: 

That is a Maxpedition Mil-Spec Monkey Admin Pouch with some very appropriate patches on it.  In fact, the only patches it is missing are one I have not made yet, and one I have not earned yet.  Gotta love the storage capabilities of modern “tactical” kilts… 


paul helinski, meet the internet

By now, you are probably well aware of the difficulties Paul Helinski, the president (?) of GunsAmerica and current sufferer of faragosis, is having comprehending how the internet works.

Well, just over two days ago, I issued the following challenge to my readers:

To all you lucky bastards going to SHOT Show this year, take heed! I have a few Eastern TN Monster Hunter International patches left, and I will send one patch, […]

paul helinski just does not know when to quit

Paul Helinski, president of GunsAmerica, simply does not understand the Internet or how it works.  This profound ignorance is rather surprising in this day and age, especially since he claims to have been using the “network of tubes” for the past 15 years or so, but being the gracious and generous person I am, I took it upon myself to try to correct this oversight yesterday. 

Apparently, I was too late: 

Alas, I […]

monster hunter international, eastern tennessee branch

Take an angler fish, cross it with the ugliest toad you ever had the misfortune of laying eyes on, and blow the whole thing up until it was about two meters in diameter. That particular… creature… was what James Arthur was eyeing up through his riflescope this not-at-all-bright-but-way-too-damned early Tuesday morning. Personally, he would have taken the old myths and stories about spectral women wandering around in their nightgowns, but those old wives’ tales did […]

soldiers’ angels fundraiser and giveaway

This post will be sticky until the fundraiser concludes. Please scroll down for new posts.

[1900 10JAN12 Update: Changes/updates to this page since 2100 03JAN12 have been italicized.]

I knew announcing the Soldiers’ Angels Fundraiser and Giveaway the week before Thanksgiving was kind of a bad idea, but I wanted to get it out there and get the ball rolling, and now we are going to go back, go over the details, and pimp […]

giving thanks, in more ways than one

Hopefully you all are currently enjoying some happy and thankful times with your families at the moment, but even though my Soldiers’ Angels fundraiser is only a little over a day old, I have some exciting news.

First, Jason over at Empty Mags has offered up one of his brand-spanking-new Tombstone Monster Hunter International patches as an additional prize. Check out that monster-whacking goodness!

Second, as of last night, we have already racked […]

support your overseas soldier

Hopefully you have already decided where your Thanksgiving dinner is going to be held, and you are working on the setting for your Christmas festivities, but not all of us have the ability to make such plans for the impending holidays. Having had the distinct… "privilege"… of being away from home for a back-to-back Thanksgiving and Christmas, I can personally attest to just how much it sucks to miss out on those festive occasions by […]

i come bearing patches

Look what the nice FedEx delivery person left for me today (minus a crazy cross-country expedition): 

Want one?  Drop me an email at “linoge (at) wallsofthecity (dot) net” or leave a comment here with an email address I can reach you at. 


in real life

I have to admit, it is kind of cool to see an idea come to fruition. 

As a reminder, go here and vote for the above patch by leaving a comment including either the words “Eastern Tennessee Monster Hunters” or “In God we trust, all others we nuke”; if you do, and you are interested, we will work out how to hook you up with an example or two of the above awesomeness*.  […]

your patch in stitches

Yup, I went and submitted it again.

Go forth and make your votes here (though I am fair certain the winner is already a given) – the patch that emerges victorious gets included in Larry Correia’s next Monster Hunter International book.

If it will help your decision process any, I should have a few of these in the coming few weeks/months:

Just sayin’.


buy monster hunter alpha

Was that subtle enough?

Larry Correia needs our help:

So please tell your friends.

That’s the favor. Word of mouth is the best advertising ever. If you guys like MHI and MHV tell your friends to go get Monster Hunter Alpha. (preferably on preorder or the week it comes out) MHA comes out on July 26th. If you’ve got a blog, and you want to plug me there, I will say nice […]

livin’ the dream

I always had a quiet dream of writing a sufficiently-entertaining science fiction story that was able to attract enough fan support and following that it would eventually be made into something audio-visual for the masses to watch, but between a frenetic imagination and short attention span, I have about the same chances of success as a gerbil attempting to scale Mount Everest unassisted.

Thankfully, though, some people have the focus and determination to live that […]