hava fundraiser, preliminary details

Regular readers will know that I have been hinting at a fundraiser for Honored American Veterans Afield next month, and plans are currently in the works to make that happen. 

However, experience and observation has shown that combining a giveaway with the fundraiser tends to work out better for the organization I am fundraising for, so I am working on that as well.  Thus far I have some patches (both E. TN MHI and “walls of the city” varieties), some Russian Origami t-shirts (as long as you fit a L, XL, or XXL), a hardcopy of Nature Wars, some to-be-determined goodies from Dipstix, a holster for a Ruger Blackhawk (or something similar) from Dragon Leatherworks, two Neoprene-covered Two-Gun Racks from Armory Racks, and an interesting offer – if you had to foot the bill for an NFA transfer and take care of all the paperwork, would you all want a chance at a .22LR suppressor?  No, really, I have awesome friends. 

I have harassed somewhere around 20 companies – not going to name them all here, out of a desire not to shame them into playing along – but does anyone have any suggestions for companies they would want me to bug, or that they have contacts at? 

The giveaway rules are going to change from last time, and I am going to borrow extensively from OldNFO for the new rules:  All of the prizes will be broken up into sets/groupings, as I see fit.  Every $5 you donate to HAVA nets you one ticket.  Each ticket will be numbered, and Random.org will pick numbers for me.  The first person whose ticket gets pulled gets first choice of the prize sets, the second person gets second choice, and so forth.  You can only win once. 

All that said, the fundraiser has not started yet.  You can donate to HAVA if you want to, but it will be out of the goodness of your heart; not the promise of a potential prize.  If you wait a few days, it could be both. 

And, speaking of, I have not decided on a start date yet, but stand by for further information on that. 

[Update]  And an anonymous donor has already promised to match the first $100 donated to the cause!  However, remember: the fundraiser still has not started yet. [/Update]

earn yourself some free swag

As previously mentioned, I will unfortunately not be attending SHOT Show this year… however, as a recent anonymous coward reminded me, one of my Eastern Tennessee Monster Hunter International patches is still up for grabs for those lucky folks who are going.  What do you have to do to earn this patch?  Simple: 

To all you lucky bastards going to SHOT Show this year, take heed!  I have a few Eastern TN Monster Hunter International patches left, and I will send one patch, free of charge, to the first two people to send me a picture of the following:  you, standing at the edge of the GunsAmerica booth (with their sign/logo visible/legible behind you), holding a sign/placard/piece of paper with “Don’t be a dick, Paul” legibly written upon it.  You can anonymize yourself however you like (I will be posting the pictures here), and be as creative with that as you like, but, hey, free patches!

As an intrepid reader showed us last year, this is not hard, but only one of the two patches was claimed last year, so here is your chance to snag the other. 

According to the SHOT Show map, GunsAmerica.com is on the first floor in booth 1925, near LaserShot, SOG, CRKT, and Volquartsen, so it should not be hard to go out of your way and accomplish this…  And it will be all kinds of high-larious to remind Paul Helinski that the internet never forgets. 

In fact, I will sweeten the pot a little and throw in another patch… one you all have not seen yet, but one I promise you will like.  Probably.  Hopefully.  Whatever. 

In other news, H-S Precision is right next to the Second Amendment Foundation on the Second Floor… that has the promise of being positively epic… 

tactical sporran

Dragon Leatherworks makes some classy sporrans – I do not think anyone can dispute that – but this, ladies and gentlepeople, is a proper tactical sporran: 


That is a Maxpedition Mil-Spec Monkey Admin Pouch with some very appropriate patches on it.  In fact, the only patches it is missing are one I have not made yet, and one I have not earned yet.  Gotta love the storage capabilities of modern “tactical” kilts… 

(For the curious, it is attached to the kilt by way of legitimate load-bearing carbiners through the vertical loops stitched into the front belt loops and the top row of MOLLE webbing on the pouch.  Works pretty well, and seems more secure than the d-rings stitched in beneath the belt loops.) 

paul helinski, meet the internet

By now, you are probably well aware of the difficulties Paul Helinski, the president (?) of GunsAmerica and current sufferer of faragosis, is having comprehending how the internet works.

Well, just over two days ago, I issued the following challenge to my readers:

To all you lucky bastards going to SHOT Show this year, take heed! I have a few Eastern TN Monster Hunter International patches left, and I will send one patch, free of charge, to the first two people to send me a picture of the following: you, standing at the edge of the GunsAmerica booth (with their sign/logo visible/legible behind you), holding a sign/placard/piece of paper with “Don’t be a dick, Paul” legibly written upon it. You can anonymize yourself however you like (I will be posting the pictures here), and be as creative with that as you like, but, hey, free patches!

… And today, on the first day of the actual SHOT Show, shortly after the doors opened, I received my first picture:


No, that person is not me – I could not rationalize the cost, time, and vacation necessary to make a full going of that event. In fact, I am not even sure who that person is. However, I, as a "nobody" with fewer than a thousand hits of traffic a day, a weblog only a few years old, and a Compete.com ranking that looks more like the population of one of the top 30 largest cities in the States (for reference, lower is better), was able to reach across the country and put a nice little thorn in the side of an apparently incorrigible jerk, courtesy of an enterprising reader.

Kind of cool how that works. Of course, you know what this means – one more patch is still available for the claiming!

Oh, and Paul, my original offer still stands – make a public apology, hitting all three necessary parts, regarding your words at the NSSF/SHOT Show weblog, and all of this will… well, be reduced. At this point, the posts I have written are so deeply impacting Google hits now, I doubt I can make them "go away" entirely any more, but that is rather your fault for dragging your feet.

Speaking of, does anyone know if H-S Precision is at this year’s SHOT?

(Many thanks to the pictured intrepid reader – your patch will be in the mail shortly!)

paul helinski just does not know when to quit

Paul Helinski, president of GunsAmerica, simply does not understand the Internet or how it works.  This profound ignorance is rather surprising in this day and age, especially since he claims to have been using the “network of tubes” for the past 15 years or so, but being the gracious and generous person I am, I took it upon myself to try to correct this oversight yesterday

Apparently, I was too late

Alas, I have to get on a plane in the morning and will be working 16 hour days for the next week, so I will not be able to be as lively in this discussion as I would like. But please understand that I didn’t mean any disrespect for the couple dozen real bloggers out there who have been hard charging for many years out there, nor was I suggesting that just us and Jeff Quinn be allowed into media day. Some of the comments about this post came up in my google notifications, and some of the people whining about what I said are just the people who would be included in what I suggested, because they have been blogging for many years and have thousands of readers per month, they attend the blogger conventions and have been active in the gun blogger community. I was talking about the guys who installed wordpress and registered a domain a month before the show, or "blog" three times per year for a print magazine website that has 16 people visiting it every month, and who **will not** post anything about media day or the show. Jeff knows what I am talking about and I am surprised you don’t. I suggested at the end of last year that NSSF google around and see who actually did post blog stuff about the show to qualify them for media day next year.

Please say Hi if you are going to media day, or stop by the booth. If you mention this post you get a t-shirt you can burn in efigy for a youtube video due to your outrage at my inflammatory and just plain not nice comments. We are booth 1925. -ph

Oh, poor Paul, having to work such long hours, in Vegas, of all the horrible places in the world, shooting guns, and playing with guns, and rubbing shoulders, and all that hard work that comes from pimping his own company.  Don’t’cha just feel horrible for him? 

And obviously he was not talking about the “couple dozen real bloggers out there” when he said things like “nobodies” and “wish I were internet journalists” and “wanna be internet media professional”.  I mean, duh

And, oh noes, someone said something mean about him and it showed up in teh Googolz!  Whatever shall he do?!

Oh, and if you were one of those people who somehow took offense at what Paul said previously, you are just a whiner, and your opinion is meaningless. 

… *sigh* 

Paul, you are being a dick.  Don’t be a dick

Hm… speaking of…  In yet another attempt to show Paul Helinski how the internet works, here is me, throwing down the gauntlet to my readership. 

To all you lucky bastards going to SHOT Show this year, take heed!  I have a few Eastern TN Monster Hunter International patches left, and I will send one patch, free of charge, to the first two people to send me a picture of the following:  you, standing at the edge of the GunsAmerica booth (with their sign/logo visible/legible behind you), holding a sign/placard/piece of paper with “Don’t be a dick, Paul” legibly written upon it.  You can anonymize yourself however you like (I will be posting the pictures here), and be as creative with that as you like, but, hey, free patches! 

You see, Paul, I am very much a “nobody” – my site had all of 15,000 unique hits last month, which, for me, was almost something of a record.  However, I have heard of this thing called “RSS”, and I have heard of this other thing called “Twitter”, and I know how to tinker around with this crazy thing called “metadata”, and, most importantly of all, I know how not to be a dick so people actually read what I write.  And those are skills and abilities that people can learn or have regardless of whether they have been doing this “blogging” thing for 15 days or 15 years. 

So stop being an elitist prick.  Yes, you apparently have an accomplished web business (which very few of the people I read have heard of, but that is a separate problem), and, yes, you have been writing for however many years, but none of that matters if you unnecessarily alienate your readership or your customer base, and none of that grants you the position to justifiably demean up-and-comers… or, better yet, those who will one day replace you. 

Times are changing Paul.  “Nobodies” can create WordPress weblogs yesterday and have enough readership to seriously impact your business.  Time to get with it. 

Oh, and nowhere in that comment did I see an apology. 

monster hunter international, eastern tennessee branch

Take an angler fish, cross it with the ugliest toad you ever had the misfortune of laying eyes on, and blow the whole thing up until it was about two meters in diameter. That particular… creature… was what James Arthur was eyeing up through his riflescope this not-at-all-bright-but-way-too-damned early Tuesday morning. Personally, he would have taken the old myths and stories about spectral women wandering around in their nightgowns, but those old wives’ tales did not pay the bills these days.

Instead, this particular will-o’-the-wisp was a pretty usual example of its supernatural species, but "cold, slimy, and squishy" never got attractive no matter the creature involved.

"Crap on a crutch, J.A., would ya look at the trail of slime that bastard’s leaving behind it?" Charles Dent always did have a way with words, but putting warheads on foreheads did not exactly require a certain tact.

Stretching from being cramped in the same position for the past night, James would have left it at nothing more than a nod, but then he remembered that Charles was another hundred yards down the shoreline, and keyed his mic, "Yeah, but that trail is pointing right at the killbox."

On account of their being scant more than a few steps up the evolutionary ladder from a supersized amoeba, will-o’-wisps were annoyingly difficult to kill – even the .308 rounds James’ M1A threw out, complete with their silver payload, barely would get the attention of the almost-amorphous blob shambling across the field; its body would just seal up over the new hole, and its vital organs were more distributed than the internet.

"Ayup, and then the fun starts!" James could see the childish grin plastered across Charles’ face even without actually being able to lay eyes on the man. You really could not work for MHI without being entertained by, or at least having a healthy respect for, high explosives.

And that form of back-country entertainment was about the only way to adequately take care of will-o’-wisps. Since their bodies were so uncaring about small, high-velocity shards of metal, one had to change tactics, and just go for massive explosive compression, coupled with a dose of gratuitous incendiaries, just to be sure. James and his team had been staking out the old, "abandoned" community of Calderwood, TN for the past week, getting a lay of the land and watching the hunting habits of their current target enough to know where it set up shop every morning. This time around, it would be greeted with a small flotilla of flashbangs strategically floating on concealed milk jugs out on Chilhowee Lake, a few more gasoline-laden milk jugs with strapped-on detonators, an overkillishly-large number of shaped C4 charges sitting on the shoreline, and, just in case, James’ favorite – two claymore mines. "Kill it with fire," has been a long-standing tradition at MHI.

Speaking with the only clearly-understood voice of the party, Amy McMillan piped up with, "Now, boys, don’t you go getting ahead of yourselves… My mother’s going to kill me when I tell her I lost her cast iron cooking set as it is, I don’t want it to be a complete waste."

"Real" shaped or directional charges required specially-crafted, specifically-engineered metal domes, cylinders, and whatnot else to put the maximum amount of hurt on the smallest amount of area. "Budget" shaped charges took cast iron cookware, an even stronger constitution, and more than a little creativity, the latter two of which Amy had in abundance. Her mother unknowingly provided the former.

"Yah, yah, yah, we know. ‘No boom ’til the blob is in the box.’ J.A. only went over that… how many times now?"

Charles’ voice was just as staticky and muffled as James knew his was over the communications net, no thanks to the breather masks and goggles they had to wear this morning. Will-o’-wisps were almost pathetically ungainly creatures, so to get their prey to their overly large and massively-toothed mouths, they had to get evolutionarily creative – the "mist" one always sees in their haunts is instead an aerosolized, mildly psychedelic compound that has much the same reaction on mammalian nervous systems as date-rape drugs. Likewise, those mystical, randomly floating "lights" are actually phosphorescent tentacles/appendages that the wisps seemed to keep aloft by some careful combination of blisters of methane gas coupled with some form of natural, low-level magic. The end result is that creatures great and small get fixated on the pretty lights and follow them to their toothy demise, with the solution being this ungainly facemask that, when coupled with night vision headset, makes the wearer resemble Sand People from Tatooine.

"And speaking of the box, it looks like our guest is about there. At least if that blob is the same blob I was watching a few seconds ago… Bloody natural camouflage…"

Really, Tennessee is so far outside of the natural haunts of will-o’-wisps that James initially had a hard time convincing the Monster Control Bureau to give up the appropriate PUFF payment, but this particular infestation comes courtesy of the Patron State of Shooting Stuff’s sordid governmental and corporate history. Typically wisps stick to marshes and swamps where their drugged mists blend in with the natural environments and do not spook their intended dinners, but courtesy of the Aluminum Company of America’s and Tennessee Valley Authority’s aggressive dam-building over the past half-century, all of the lakes in the state are remarkably calm, and brew up a storm of fog every morning… Which leads to three wet, bedraggled, and smelly adults skulking around the forest like kids playing "army".

"Uh, boss, we’ve got a problem." James knew from experience that "problems" for monster hunters ranged from "oh, look, a spider" to "oh, look, my leg isn’t attached", but Amy’s voice was remarkably calm, "It looks like we might have a few uninvited guests showing up for the party. Fishing boat, inbound, about a mile out. Three or four occupants."

One of the other side effects of dropping so many dams all over the state was that boating and fishing rapidly turned into the state’s primary form of recreation. James was hoping that the steady drizzle would convince people to stay warm in their homes, but he was all-too-familiar with the damned-near religious fervor that surrounded drowning worms in a lake, and Chilhowee Lake was one of the favorite holes.

Charles was not one to pass up on the chance to blow up something, but he knew the dangers of getting civilians involved. "Ya still wanna do this, James? We know where th’ bastard sleeps, and we can sort this later…"

calderwoodThe problem was that the town of Calderwood was not so much "abandoned" as "evacuated". No one knows how the first wisp got into the Little Tennessee River, but once there, they propagated like rabbits, preying on deer, ducks, fish, and the occasional, unfortunate ALCOA worker. The situation was mostly balanced with the wisps occasionally picking off a lone dam worker, and the Alcoa engineers responding by the careful application of dynamite (for "expansion work on the dams", of course), until about 1962, when there was an absolutely unprecedented "bloom" in the will-o’-wisp population, to the point where they started overrunning the small towns and settlements that had sprung up around the dams. The death toll started getting attention from local governments, the local Monster Hunter International branch was called in, the settlements, including Calderwood, were evacuated, and now James and his team, in addition to their responsibilities in the Smoky Mountains and certain glow-in-the-dark towns, have a standing contract with ALCOA to exterminate any wisp that comes near any of the dams on the lakes and rivers. The PUFF bounty is just icing on the cake.

"No, we take this slimer now – I sure as hell do not want some fishermen calling up the MCB because we goofed, or, worse, turning into this thing’s next snack." Ignoring Amy’s muttered comment of, "You sure you got that priority scale set right?" James waited until the will-o’-wisp made it past the first marker tuft of grass, checked the area to make sure no bystanders had wandered in, made a silent prayer to the gods of high explosives, and pushed the first clacker in front of him. The explosions were not that large, but the billowing ball of fire over them, and the half-circle sprays of burning gasoline was more than enough to elicit a respectful, "Oooh," out of Charles… Of course, the shrieking emanating from that light show pretty much drowned out his commentary.

The good news is that apparently human ears were not engineered to catch the full vocal range of will-o’-wisps. The bad news was that what they could pick up would put "nails on a chalkboard" to shame. All of the wisp’s tentacles – five, indicating it had been here a while – were out and flailing about (and periodically exploding as the methane blisters caught fire) while the creature sprinted… well… shambled towards the waterline in a desperate attempt to extinguish the flames that had all-but consumed it. James was not a particularly vicious individual, but he knew that if it made the water it would probably survive, so right before the wisp could place a flaccid appendage in the cool lake, he triggered the line of flashbangs.

On slightly more solid organisms, the general effect of stun grenades detonated in close proximity is blindness, short-term deafness, and disorientation. On the other hand, will-o’-wisps kind of react like the fluid in your ears does – SQUISH. Bits of floppy, flaming, fantastical flesh went flying all over the shoreline as the supernatural creature, finally inarticulate with pain, collapsed backwards away from the new hell it was presented with. Checking one more time that the range was clear, James pushed the final, and oldest-looking, clacker laying in front of him… about at the same time as the boaters cruised around the bend about half a mile away.

While they probably did not appreciate it at the time, the sight of some hundreds of 1/8 inch diameter steel balls impacting a flaming, phosphorescent creature at over half-a-mile-a-second was something that would probably remain with the fishermen for the rest of their lives. Most of the mines’ steel matrix missed the will-o’-wisp and burned themselves out into the lake, but those that struck home splattered the creature all over the grassy field, shoreline, and water, extinguishing its murderous existence. In an amusingly karmic turn of events, though, ending the will-o’-wisps life now threatened to catch that patch of Calderweood on fire. Calmly – but fluently – swearing as only an Appalachian can do, Charles slung his KRISS, grabbed the fire extinguisher James had forced him to lug around this little exercise, and took off for the killbox while his team boss removed his facemask and goggles to greet the unfortunate witnesses before heading down to render assistance.

James arrived, Charles got the fires out, and the wide-eyed onlookers disembarked about 50 feet down the beach in a jumbled mass all at about the same time, so putting on his best "shake the babies and kiss the hands" face, James gave them a hearty wave and yelled over, "Nothin’ to see folks, just tending to some errant wildlife." Of course, saying that while standing in a puddle of still phosphorescing, smoldering will-o’-wisp splatter was not as effective as he had liked… And the smell…

"You folks alright?!" shouted the older of the fishermen as they headed towards the slaughter… and then stopped once the growing glow of the day made the hardware James and Charles had slung across the backs and chests a little more obvious. The youngest occupant of the boat – no more than a teenager – grew some pretty wide eyes at that point.

Dent looked like he was about to hack up a lung, and James had to agree the odor was a bit much, but the answer was obvious, "Oh, yes sir, we’re fine, but y’all probably shouldn’t come any closer… Cleaning up a bit of a mess here."

Eyeing up the spray of faintly-luminous monster bits around the field, the middle fisherman looked more and more like he wanted to dive back into the boat. "No kidding… That stuff’s glowing. It radioactive?"

"Oh for the love of…" Working in Eastern Tennessee, you always got that question when it came to monsters, and with the area’s 60+ years of being a nuclear weapon and power test and construction facility, it is hardly surprising. Even after over a hundred years of monster hunting, MHI has yet to find one that has a Godzilla-like radioactive-birth history, but that did not stop James from ad libbing, from frustration alone. "You know what, yes, yes it is radioactive, and that’s why you should stay away. In fact, you probably shouldn’t mention this, to anyone, or someone is going to have to take you in for observation and Lord knows what else." Knowing the Monster Control Bureau’s track record, that part was not as much of a lie as James might have liked. "Y’all just head on down the lake, and forget this ever happened."

A whole herd of will-o’-wisps could not have kept the younger two fishermen from their boat as they broke personal speed records towards it, but the old-timer stuck around with a funny look in his eyes. "You sure you know what you’re doin’, son?"

James walked over to him, and, holding out a business card with a circular logo, a very private phone number, and the motto, "In God we trust, all others we nuke," emblazoned upon it, he said, "It’s what we do, sir."

A few hours later, after scraping together enough still-steaming pieces to qualify for a PUFF bounty and dumping the rest in the lake, the team was heading up to the nearby ALCOA service buildings to settle up accounts and Amy quipped, "Well, that wasn’t so bad, boss. With all those stories out of Ireland and whatever we had to read back in ‘Bama, I kinda expected more out of these ‘wisp’ things. It’s not like they’re dragons or anything…"

Casting a wry eye up to their road out of here – the inimitable US Route 129 – James had a funny smile on his face. "Let me tell you a story…"

This pathetic attempt at a "fanfic" takes place in the universe conceived by Larry Correia and described in Monster Hunter International, Monster Hunter Vendetta, and Monster Hunter Alpha. All appropriate copyrights remain his, and no infringement is intended.

Likewise, this post was originally intended to be put up before the end of the Monster Hunter International Patch Contest II, but I was accurately informed of its … substandard … quality, and back-burnered it. However, Miguel’s post about my E TN MHI patches prompted me to take it out of cryogenic storage. Your loss.

Speaking of patches, though, out of the original batch of 50, I am down to somewhere around 20 unclaimed – if you want one, you need to email me at "linoge (at) wallsofthecity (dot) net" in the very near future. By way of encouragement, they seem to be being received remarkably well, with folks saying such things as, "It’s more awesome in person,", "Look great and are bigger than I thought they’d be," and "Look great, definitely going on my range bag." (They are 3" in diameter, by the by.)

(Image borrowed from Tail of the Dragon.)

soldiers’ angels fundraiser and giveaway


This post will be sticky until the fundraiser concludes. Please scroll down for new posts.

[1900 10JAN12 Update: Changes/updates to this page since 2100 03JAN12 have been italicized.]

I knew announcing the Soldiers’ Angels Fundraiser and Giveaway the week before Thanksgiving was kind of a bad idea, but I wanted to get it out there and get the ball rolling, and now we are going to go back, go over the details, and pimp it a little more.

Current Total Donation Amount:


The Rules:

How to Earn a Ticket:

1.  Every five dollars you donate directly to Soldiers’ Angels nets you one numbered ticket.
2.  Every five dollars you spend in their Dollar Days or Amazon shops (where the products are shipped directly to them) gets you one ticket.
3.  Every five dollars you spend in the Angels’ Store for any product that is shipped to "ANY Hero", "ANY Wounded Soldier", or "A SPECIFIC Soldier" earns you one ticket.
4.  DO NOT SEND ME MONEY.  All money and goods should go directly to Soldiers’ Angels
5.  DO SEND ME THE RECEIPT.  Anonymize it however you like, and use the actual receipt or a screencap, but email from an address I can reach you back at.  Send the receipt/proof to “linoge (at) wallsofthecity (dot) net”. 
6.  Specify how many of your tickets you want in the "holster", "belt", and "general" pools. 
7.  Within 24 hours, you should receive an email from me indicating your ticket numbers.  If you do not, feel free to email me again or comment here.

How We Will Do the Drawing:

1.  The drawing will occur in decreasing fair market value (in other words, most-expensive item first, according to MSRP). 
2.  You can only win once. 
3.  When you send me your receipt, please indicate how many tickets you want put in each pool. 
4.  A single drawing will take place for each prize (currently 29), not each pool. 
5.  At 1800 EST on 12JAN12, with Better Half watching over my shoulder, I will hit up Random.org and generate however many numbers I need.  I will email the winners that day.  

The Prizes:

Current number of prizes:  29

(In the order they will be drawn.)

The Dragon Leatherworks Holster Pool:


1x Wyvern Pocket Holster for a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380, as made and donated by Dragon Leatherworks.  So it does not have a name yet; that is ok – maybe if you win it, Dennis will let you name it.  What cannot be questioned, though, is this is a holster from a fabricator with a history of producing quality products, dressed up in some pretty shiny-looking snakeskin, and designed for one of the more-popular up-and-coming pocket pistols.




The Best Belt Pool: 


1x The Best Belt, courtesy of Michael’s Custom Holsters.  Whether or not this belt lives up to its name is up to you, its eventual winner, to decide, but with two layers of top-grain leather, a sandwiched layer of nylon webbing, stainless steel hardware, and a lifetime warranty, I am not really seeing how it could not.  Want a way to carry your holsters in comfort and security?  This is a darned good start.



The General Pool: 


2x Crimson Trace Corporation Glock Generation 4 LaserGrip, courtesy of CTC.  Want something that is not even on the market yet?  Donate to Soldiers’ Angels, and you could win it at the beginning of next year.  This LaserGrip is just like all of its kin, except that it is designed specifically to be mounted on the newest Generation of Glock handguns, of all various sizes.  And, yes, there are two of them up for grabs now!






1x Crimson Trace Corporation Glock Lightguard, courtesy of CTC.  Imagine a flashlight that is mounted underneath your sidearm that comes on when you squeeze the grip a little more tightly – that is the prize you could win, from a company who made its name applying similar technology and concepts to laser sights, and who know what they are doing when it comes to “light” and “firearms”.




1x Crimson Trace Corporation S&W M&P Lightguard, courtesy of CTC.  Yes, the awesome folks at Crimson Trace donated another Lightguard to this fundraiser.





1x Crimson Trace Corporation Springfield XD Lightguard, courtesy of CTC.  No, you are not seeing triplicate – Crimson Trace donated three separate Lightguards to help out Soldiers’ Angels.  How awesome is that?  I can put the winners of these three prizes in touch with one another if they need to swap around who won what, just for compatibility’s sake.




10x Militec-1 Bonus Pack AND Militec-1 Grease, courtesy of Militec.  Keep your firearms lubricated, preserved, and easily-cleanable with a substance that has operated as intended both at the North Pole and at supersonic velocities.  (Note: if you do not want or will not use the 14oz. of grease, let me know, and I will forward it to Soldiers’ Angels, who can find a home for it.)




Honestly, I have no idea what I am receiving from Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT), but something tells me it is going to be awesome!  Stay tuned for details, but be advised – the drawing will be postponed until I receive the shipment from them.  Keep those donations rolling in! 



1x Elzetta ZSM Tactical Shotgun Mount and Elzetta T-Shirt, courtesy of Elzetta.  Made right here in the good old United States of America, this flashlight mount is designed to clamp through the space between your shotgun’s magazine tube and barrel, giving you the ability to mount just about any flashlight to your home-defense long gun without having to muck around with any hand-shredding rails.




2x FlipSide Wallet, courtesy of FlipSide themselves.  I reviewed these outstanding wallets here and wrote a follow-up here, but suffice to say that if they are worth the price of admission, they are probably worth a donation to an outstanding cause to try to win.  The first one drawn will be the Mech Grey version, and the second will be Stealth (black) – appropriately “tactical” colors indeed.




1x 8 Gun Store, Secure, and Carry Rack, courtesy of Armory Racks.  Want a convenient way to store eight different handguns in a relatively small space without having them stacked on top of one another, marring each other’s frame and generally looking like a mess?  Yeah, this will do that.  With organizational accessories like these, even I have no excuse for abiding by the “gravitic filing method”.



2x Soft Target, by Stephen Hunter, courtesy of Simon and Schuster.  I have not read my copy yet, but the reviewers, including the folks over at Downrange.tv, are writing rave reviews.  In any case, this is a brand-spanking new hardback copy, straight from the publisher, and complete with its publicity insert.  The book does not even come out until the 6th of December!




1x Gift Pack, courtesy of and mixed by DIPSTIX.  With three different flavor combinations to choose from, you are bound to find something that will suit your palate.  And, let us face it – how can you go wrong with a seasoning mix labeled nothing more than “Bacon”?





3x Gunwalker T-Shirt, as designed by and courtesy of Sean Sorrentino.  The entire Gunwalker scandal is a disaster no matter how you look at it, but increasing public awareness of it and trying a little gallows humor will probably help everyone come to terms with it – suffice to say, this perfectly concise t-shirt accomplishes just that.




1x Monster Hunter International (Tombstone, Arizona branch) patch, as designed by and courtesy of Jason of Empty Mags.  Check out that monster-whacking awesomeness!  Something like that would look perfect on an IDPA vest, range bag, or just on a jacket to show off your gunny-geek cred.





2x 2 Monster Hunter International (Eastern Tennessee branch) patches, as designed by me.  Yup, you get two chances to win two patches, and, yes, they look as monster-hunting-cool in person as they do on your screen.



As additional prizes become available (and I am working on more), I will add them here and update things accordingly.  Likewise, if you are interested in donating a prize to this fundraiser and being featured here, please let me know at “linoge (at) wallsofthecity (dot) net”.

Again, the drawing will be held at 1800 EST on 12JAN12, which means your donations can keep coming in until 1700 EST on 12JAN 12.  So… how much do you think we can raise for Soldiers’ Angels?

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me.

(Obligatory FTC Notice:  All prizes were donated by their respective originators, without any agreed-upon compensation or other conditions.  Any advertising I give them is exclusively in thanks for their generosity.)