“Early rising may not be a vice ... but it is certainly no virtue. The old saw about the early bird just goes to show that the worm should have stayed in bed.”
by Lazarus Long




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assault weapons are not assault rifles

This is an assault rifle: 

This is an “assault weapon”: 

Can you spot what makes one an “assault rifle” and one an “assault weapon”?  I will give you a few hints: it is not the stock, the pistol grip, the sights, the barrel length, or the fact that the top one has a flat-top upper receiver. 

Nope, the answer is quite simple: assault rifles are […]

the stupidity of assault weapon bans, revisited

About two weeks ago, I addressed the stupidity of “assault weapon bans”, and specifically the moronic claim that they are intended to keep “military-style” hardware out of the hands of civilians. Today, we are going to replow that same ground, but in a different fashion.

Consider these rifles. What do you see?

The first is a good old M1917 bolt-action rifle, constructed by Eddystone in […]

the stupidity of assault weapon bans, illustrated

I have two rifles. For the sake of simplicity, we will refer to them as Rifle A:

… and Rifle B:

Both rifles use “military calibers” – Rifle A eats a round adopted by the military in 1963 (the 5.56x45mm NATO) and Rifle B employs one that has been around since 1954 (the 7.62x51mm NATO).

In fact, both rifles are civilian-legal clones of still-serving military […]