because it is shiny

I have, and need, no better excuse than that for this: 


What’s that, you say?  It looks remarkably like something from some movie or television series you might have seen once upon a time? 

I have no idea what you are talking about. 


None at all. 


In all seriousness, this is far from an every-day carry rig, for a variety of reasons, but the TT-33 is far from an every-day carry firearm, for a variety of reasons as well (most notably its complete and utter lack of anything even approximating an “internal safety”).  However, there is something particularly compelling about putting a firearm in like that in a holster like that.  Obviously it is not a perfect rendition – for instance, the thumb break was impossible with a semi-automatic firearm, and the direction of the buckle on Mal’s rig bugged the hell out of the guy who made mine, so he turned it around – but I dare say it gets the point across. 

If you want one of your own, contact [email protected] at “oldradartech (at) hughes (dot) net”; he can obviously make them for TT-33 platforms, even ones with the whacky-arsed muzzle brake attached, and I imagine you could talk him into something similar for 1911s or a couple other different firearms as well.  From what I understand, this rig design is better-suited for revolvers than semi-autos, if that makes a difference to you. 

(Union of Allied Planets Standard Mineral Claim Form borrowed from here, in compliance with their Creative Commons licenses.  ‘Verse money borrowed from here.) 

(Thanks to Better Half for the latter two pictures.) 

these soft cotton dresses feel kinda nice

Want to know how to help people not care – and possibly not even notice – that you are openly carrying a firearm in public?

This is how:


Yes, that is indeed one of the mythical 5.11 Tactical Duty Kilts. No, I have not yet gone out in public like that (though I am sorely tempted to wear it to work tomorrow). Yes, I made that hiking stick, contrary to Our Glorious President’s claims otherwise. No, I have no otherwise photographed that holster yet… but I really need to. Yes, my legs are that hairy.

Perhaps most importantly, no, I will not be participating in Kilted to Kick Cancer this year, simply because this is the first kilt I have ever owned, much less worn, and it is already the 20th of the month. That said, there are a number of awesome folks who are not only competing, but who are also offering to shave half their mustache, shave their whole mustache, wax portions of their anatomy that really do not need to be waxed, and proffer up good, old-fashioned fan-service with an enthusiastically consenting wife. How the hell would I compete with that?

So go donate to one of them; I know I will be.


life is full of choices

And given the choice between the Coat to End All Coats, and a firearm or similarly-actually-functional toy…  Well, I just cannot rationalize the price. 

For those of you who do have the pockets for such a thing, however, be advised:  AbbyShot will be discontinuing the Malcolm Reynolds Browncoat in the near future, so if you want one, you should get one.  Soon.  And one for me… contact me for sizing info.

In other news, I can remember when the American Dollar price of their products was lower than the Canadian Dollar price…  *sigh*