“Laws aren’t just for the little people. If the government cannot be constrained by laws, then the government is invalid. Period. If I violate laws, I run the risk of fines and jail time. Just because you work in a government building doesn’t shield you from that.”
by Robb Allen


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assault weapons are not assault rifles

This is an assault rifle: 

This is an “assault weapon”: 

Can you spot what makes one an “assault rifle” and one an “assault weapon”?  I will give you a few hints: it is not the stock, the pistol grip, the sights, the barrel length, or the fact that the top one has a flat-top upper receiver. 

Nope, the answer is quite simple: assault rifles are capable of fully-automatic fire, while […]

candle in the recoil

What does lighting a candle do to prevent the meaningless statistic of “gun violence” from growing? Absolutely nothing. But it does give lazy, unmotivated, unimaginative anti-rights cultists a chance to “do something” and feel like they are actually accomplishing something great with their bigotry, and I guess there is that.

What does having the mentality and means to defend yourself and your family do to prevent predatory violence in general? Potentially everything. And, to […]