“An armed man need not fight.”
by Robert Heinlein


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photography cube

For Christmas, Better Half gave me this: 

It makes a lot more sense when removed from its case.  Also, it tends to be somewhat energetic about the whole “removing” thing: 

(The sides are held up by metal bands which are wrapped around themselves for packaging – if you do not expect it, it can be… interesting.  )

Which allows me to take photos like this: 

Now I […]

unfamiliarity breeds ignorance

So what happened with the saga of the basement lights?

Well, there is a sordid tale behind it all… but the shortest story of all, since I doubt you all care about the particulars, is that on the recommendation of some good-and-generous folks, I purchased a new switch to replace the old one, and, on taking the old one out of the wall, I noticed that it had more wires going into it than […]