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they should share notes

So here is a random thought… 

According to the great and all-knowing Federal Government, I am sufficiently mature, trustworthy, law-abiding, and responsible to safely and lawfully operate items regulated by the National Firearms Act, up to and including fully-automatic firearms, suppressors, and even grenades. 

However, according to the sheriffs and other law-enforcement entities of San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, California (among other cities there), Maryland, New Jersey, Illinois, and Hawaii, I […]

why are gun control extremists so abusive?

[Note:  If excessive foul language, abusive mentalities, and borderline death threats are not your cup of tea, I would advise against reading through this post; I did not write any of that particular material, but I do believe it should be preserved for the future.]

Yesterday, I had the… misfortune… of interacting with the Twitter account @HockeyOpera, whose screen name is “Gloves Off!”, which apparently refers to “A Hockey Opera in Three Act is is […]

helps to know what you are talking about

So apparently the Mayors Against Illegal Guns took out some massive, whole-page ad in USA Today against the Senate approving H.R. 822, which would require states that issue handgun carry permits (or their equivalents) to recognize other states’ permits.  *shrug*  Cannot say as though I particularly care about a group of self-righteous, bigoted egotists who, on average, are convicted of crimes significantly more often than average citizens, so I never would have even noticed if […]

yesterday*, at parafrog

I would like to thank Parafrog Airsoft here in Knoxville for not even batting an eye at the sight of someone lawfully and openly carrying a live firearm into their shop. 

Furthermore, I would like to thank them for answering my unquestionably stupid n00b questions, hooking me up with a full-face shield, and letting me drool over their wares for a few minutes past their scheduled closing time.  I have to admit, it is […]

a funny thing happened yesterday

Dennis from Dragon Leatherworks gave me all his guns.

Okay, not all of them, and I am more “holding on to them for the time being”, but he did hand me a case loaded up with all sorts of pistols.

So why is this peculiar? Well, I had never actually met Dennis before yesterday when he handed me the case. Oh, sure, we have exchanged no shortage of emails, and we have talked […]

why are they so eager to expose their bigotry?

Thank you, dear Twitter gods, for giving the willfully ignorant, narrow-minded, and bigoted a place to demonstrate their shortcomings freely and without limitations to the rest of the world.


Someone who enjoys blogfodder.

Now that we have taken care of giving thanks, let us turn to the matter at hands. This morning, I had the… privilege… of engaging in the following conversation with an anti-rights cultist who, as her words will […]

don’t be a dick

If you have ever considered openly carrying a firearm or are doing so now (and I certainly do not have a problem if you do… or do not, for that matter), please take a moment and read this post, in its entirety:

So all of that to say this.

If you are going to openly carry your pistol please don’t openly carry that chip on your shoulder.

I touched on this topic a while […]

the opportunity cost of gun control

One of the recurring, common themes in my "graphics matter" series of posts is that anti-rights cultists simply have no concept of scale. For example, they would claim that "firearm deaths are a ‘major health issue’", but when you look at the numbers and put them in perspective, those firearm-related fatalities are not even in the top ten causes of American deaths. Major? No so much. Likewise, those "gun control" supporters would have their faithful […]

the idea is catching on

Regular readers will be familiar with my belief that pretty pictures can make otherwise-complicated concepts easier to understand, and, thankfully, a lot of people are getting the chance to see why. However, I am always open to suggestions or new interpretations, and while I do not always have the chance to generate them on my own (speaking of, does anyone know when the CDC will be providing the 2008 fatal injury data?), I can definitely […]

open carry – it is not such a big deal

I seem to have started a trend…  We have librarians openly carrying: 

Photo evidence – I really did it…and nothing happened. Mike says he thinks he saw a few people take a second glance, but that was it. No comments, no hysteria, no police. I did not go berserk and mow down other shoppers in a crazed hailstorm of bullets when I got in the vicinity of the beer cooler. Just a normal trip […]

too busy making asses of themselves

While the anti-rights cultists are busy stalking anyone who dares to disagree with them, we are busy winning:

So the 2011 legislative session in Indiana was pretty good to gun owners. We went six for six, with everything from improved preemption to a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law for employers. That’s right, it’s illegal for employers to discriminate against you for exercising your constitutional rights here in Indiana!

To flesh out the point even […]

how bigoted is the csgv?

As a reminder to my readers, the word “bigot” generally means, “a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices, especially one exhibiting intolerance, and animosity toward those of differing beliefs”.  This behavior is generally identified by a person’s refusal to accept or even acknowledge any information, facts, or figures that contradict or disprove their personal opinions; an overwhelming desire to dominate a conversation through the use of carefully-crafted insults, […]

of course not, you dozy git

About the only positive thing I could ever say about MikeB302000 is that he has prompted a significant number of folks to pen a significant number of truly outstanding posts… kind like how overbearing, authoritarian, abusive governments prompted the founding of our great nation. At any rate, Joe Huffman has yet another amazing post up wherein he takes MikeB’s points out to the woodshed and beats them like the proverbial red-headed step-child, and I definitely […]