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time to exit, stage left

It is kind of impressive how functionally all of the problems a vehicle is having can come down to one, little thing. 

In addition to the brakes failing, the Rover was also having a difficult time maintaining highway speeds as well as cooling its engine.  Defenders lack a lot (well, all) sound and heat insulation, but even through the bulkhead, I could feel – and especially smell – that the engine was getting really, [...]

behold, the rover

Nope, that is neither my driveway nor my garage. 

There is, unfortunately, a reason for that. 

So Better Half and I drove up to the shop and we went through the whole pre-hand-off inspection, including a test drive, checking all the lights (one of the LED arrays has gone bad, but I am going to have to talk to the people who sold me the bulbs, not the shop), making sure everything [...]

that is not me driving it

But at least it is driving: 

You might have to click through to see the video if you are reading this on an RSS reader. 

No real estimate on when it might be done, but this was the first time it has been out of the shop in nine months, so I guess I should take what I can get. 


So over the weekend I happened to learn that the individual who thoroughly shafted me on my Land Rover D90 purchase has fallen on some hard financial times.  I will not say this news makes me particularly happy, per se, especially since he has a family and a couple of small kids, but I will say that it could not have happened to a nicer person.

On a somewhat related note, if you [...]

remembered to take a picture this time

So I got to pat my Defender yesterday.  The entire driveline has been removed (and part of it has thankfully already been sold off), and the donor car is getting prepped for being gutted itself.  The shop has promised me that I can have the truck back in-hand by the 18th of next month, so I guess we will see how things turn out.  All said and done, it will be a 1985 Defender with [...]

gmr 4×4 and armada services

On 20JUN13, I agreed to purchase the following vehicle from GMR 4×4: 

A “jump in and drive away” 1985 Land Rover D90 with: 

- ~55,000 miles – a 2.25L petrol engine – a verbally-assured “good”, “solid”, and “rust-free” frame and body – newly upholstered front seats – front seat heaters – a Mantec rear tire carrier – a CD player – a protective roll-cage installed. 

On 06AUG13 I received the following vehicle:  [...]

could you stop the world please? i would like to get off

Alright, I am officially not a fan of North Carolina.  Since moving to this state…

- My DSLR has broken (refuses to auto-focus).  – My printer has died (printer head went kaput, and those cost more than printers).   – My new-to-me Land Rover Defender’s engine detonated for no apparent reason.  – My desktop’s video cards are exhibiting all the classic symptoms of spontaneously combusting in the near future (no, I do not overclock, and yes, [...]

gmr 4×4

Based on personal experience and for a plethora of reasons I am simply not going to get into on here, if I should ever find myself in the market for an early-model, older, non-American, or otherwise importable Land Rover again, I will not be using GMR 4×4 out of Charlotte, VT.  I wish I could tell you who I would use, but I have insufficient experience with any other company.  Although, really, this whole experience [...]

looks like a puma

That monstrosity I found on the interwebs is still for sale (the listing expired, but I am sure it will be back up). Color me not-at-all surprised… I still kind of want it, though.

I could really live with this, though:

Yup, that is a fully-functional, street-legal (at least in once-Great Britain) Warthog, built off a 1982 Land Rover Defender 110 with the 2.5L Diesel, for sale for any "reasonable offer" around [...]