“I am sorry, but I don't feel too much regret since looking at her [Meleanie Hain] smug face made me want to grab her gun and pop a cap in her ass as well.... it would be funny as heck if Hain was shot with her own gun. I am hoping that her husband turned her own gun against her......Most concealed carry idiots make me want to grab their guns and pop a cap in their sorry moronic arses.”
by James Charles Michael Bannerman, writing as 'Laci the Dog'


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i guess introductions are in order

So Better Half and I wandered back to Knoxville this past weekend, her for work stuff and me to hang out with some friends.  While there, I got to handle something I never thought I would see in person, much less touch: 

That is a positively beautiful 12 gauge / 12 gauge / .30-30 WCF Drillings made for Charles Daly by J.P. Sauer and Sons, before Sig joined the game, and let me […]

knoxville home for sale

Not sure if any of my readers would be interested, but if anyone is looking for a contemporary, 3000+ square-foot, 4 bedroom / 2.5 bathroom, two-floor-plus-finished-basement house on half an acre that recently had its kitchen, living room, dining room, powder room, and master bathroom completely renovated from the floor panels up and that is very convenient to West Knoxville shopping, let me know. 

I might have a lead on one… 

for sale: 2008 pre-production mustang bullitt

Own a piece of history!

In 1968, Steve McQueen charged across the screen in the critically acclaimed movie “Bullitt“, which featured one of the best car chase scenes in all of Hollywood’s history. However, one of the biggest characters in the movie never had any speaking lines – a 1968 390 V8 Ford Mustang GT Fastback painted in, of course, hunter green.

40 years later, Ford released the 2008 Bullitt Edition Mustang GT, but before […]

i do love some urban decay

My friends at Tennessee Tactical Airsoft of Knoxville are in the midst of cleaning out the warehouse soon to be their indoor CQB arena (incidentally, this building was originally constructed by Camel Manufacturing Company, which provided the US Military with tents and associated canvas products way back right after World War 1 and on until today), and they let me come over and take a few pictures.  I promised them some useful pictures for their […]

knoxville night-time shooting

Is there a range / facility / backyard with a good back stop in the Knoxville region that would be willing to let me do a night-time/low-light photo/video shoot with a shotgun?  It might be a little noisy, but you would get to play with some frankly awesome toys… 

knoxville elections

As a reminder to folks, Knox County’s early election started on the 17th and will run through until the 27th (1100-1900 M-F, 1100-1700 Saturday, closed Sunday), and then again 29OCT through 01NOV (1000-2000). I think I want the full “election day experience” this time around, but I am wavering on just getting it done and over with.

Not sure what the hours are going to be for voting locations on 06NOV, so you are […]

i guess this is a case where babble can be good

A fellow Knoxville blogger has gotten a gig at a parenting blogging site, and examined the benefits and dangers of keeping firearms in the house, complete with a helping handful of statistics from yours truly – statistics that are, I would point out, properly cited and sourced. In any case, I am not one to tell another person that they should or should not do something, but if you are considering purchasing firearms (and thus […]

who is john galt?

Well, I know where I will be next Friday, and this time it will be shown in the "real" theater here in Knoxville, rather than the artsy-fartsy indie theater off in the boonies.

Part One was good, but it could have been significantly better; this time around, we have changed everyone in the credits aside from Brian Patrick O’Toole as one of the screenwriters and John Aglialoro as the producer, so I guess […]

‘under new management’ indeed

Really, Coal Creek Armory?


Any gun shop owner in America with two neurons to rub together comprehends that females are one of the – if not the – fastest growing market segments in the firearm-owning community, and you go and decided it would be a fantastic idea to sponsor one of the "premier" exercises in objectifying women?

"Tone deaf" seems like a woefully underwhelming phrase to describe this particular notion of […]

more views of downtown knoxville

These pictures were taken approximately at these two locations: 

The first two are of the Harris Distributing Warehouse, the third is of a building near it, and the rest are along the tracks near Old City. 

I just keep seeing the second-to-last one as a resupply station in Half Life 2 or something… 


russian origami

Alright, it is time to put your money where your mouth is. Or at least near where your mouth might be.

[Update]  See below for an easy-to-use poll, instead of having to leave a comment.  Sizing information would still be useful, though, so email/comment with that if you can.  [/Update] 

After checking around on the intertubes for a little while, and hearing back from only one of the five or six local screen printers […]

dragon leatherworks, in the news

We all know that Dragon Leatherworks makes good holsters, but now more of Eastern Tennessee can find out (if you are using an RSS reader, you will probably have to click through to see the video):  

Yup, that would be Dennis, the proprietor, on regional television during prime-time on a Friday evening, and I have to admit that I am remarkably impressed at how positive and salutary the segment was. 

I mean, […]

knoxville chick-fil-a respects your rights

I meant to put up this post over the weekend, but life conspired against me, and then Say Uncle linked to my last post, and here we are. However, the short-and-sweet of it is this:

The Knoxville / Turkey Creek Chick-Fil-A has NOT posted itself as a “gun-free zone” / victim-disarmament zone.

I drove by the store yesterday, and neither of its two entrances were posted with anything even approximating a “gunbuster” sticker, […]

as seen on tv

A little birdie (who happens to have a good bit of leather dye on his hands) told me that WATE‘s “Made in Tennessee” segment just wrapped up filming at the headquarters of Dragon Leatherworks.

No real word on when the segment will air, but I will try to record it when it does.

Also, if that is not “normalization”, I do not know what is. And speaking of not knowing things, are you […]

knoxville chick-fil-a wants you defenseless?

[Update] Please see updated information regarding this story here. In short, Chick-Fil-A has NOT posted itself as a “gun-free zone”.[/UPDATE]

Well, now, this is interesting.

As regular readers will remember, I went to Chick-Fil-A on the first of this month to support them and show my disdain, to put it politely, for those governmental lackeys who would tell a private corporation where it can and cannot build based off nothing more than the personal […]

tim hutchison tries… and still fails

Politicians are so easy.

Almost a month ago, I wrote a friendly letter to Tim Hutchison, an apparent state representative candidate for the newly-moved 89th District (*.pdf warning) here in Tennessee (it used to be over in Memphis, and is now in Knoxville… that will not be confusing at all!). Unsurprisingly, he never responded to that email, which happened to ask some rather poignant, penetrating questions, and I decided to send that email to […]

tim hutchison fails

Unsurprisingly, almost a month later, Tim Hutchison has declined to answer any of the questions I emailed him, despite hitting me with snailmail spam and radio commercials now.

People who vote for people like this are part of the reason America is in the dire straits we find her in today.

they never think about who gets to clean up

It may be tremendously callous of me to say this, but I honestly do not have a very large problem with people committing suicide. Oh, I know, it is a horrible thing for their families and friends to go through, and I would not wish that situation upon anyone (especially the inevitable, but still erroneous, self-guilt-tripping of "was I the person who pushed him/her over the edge?"), but the honest truth is that your life […]

dear mr. tim hutchison,

Once upon a time, Breda said she admired me because I "say things"; while I unquestionably enjoy the sentiment, I have honestly been somewhat confused by the motivation, but something tells me this is the kind of thing she was talking about:

My name is [Linoge], and I currently live in the [Name] subdivision of Knoxville – one of the neighborhoods you pamphleted yesterday sometime during normal business hours. I came home to find […]

more deal alerts

First up, GearHog has a $40 gift certificate at Brownells on sale for $20 – I am all about doubling my money, so you can count me onboard for that.

Next up, DealChicken has the following deals at Coal Creek Armory:

• Option 1: $100 for a one-year range membership ($200 value) • Option 2: $182.50 for the women’s handgun essentials class, a TN handgun carry permit class and a one-year range membership […]