“Yes, people have a right to life and gun control is a plausible means of preserving innocent life but when put to the test it failed to live up to it's promise. It's time to end the experiments.”
by Joe Huffman




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my get-home bag

Unless you have the pleasure of working from home (which, generally I do, so “win” on that), a get-home bag is probably a good addition to your back seat / trunk. 

But what, exactly, is a “get-home bag”?  Simply put, it is a collection of supplies that will help you get from where you are (probably your office or equivalent) back to your house, should that prove difficult for some reason. 

What constitutes […]

tiwhatnraam – a. g. russell’s odin’s eye

So on the last day of the NRA Annual Meetings, we arrived in the Media Room and noticed that someone had left sheets on all the tables proclaiming, “Writers, we have a present for your wives! Stop by booth #XXXX to pick it up!”* 

I will not lie, we did not really make any serious plans to actually do so, but by complete happenstance we stumbled across the booth, which happened to be owned […]

not pretty, but it will work

Speaking of building your own "garage-expedient" firearm, this may just be a trailer for a movie, and thus just a dramatization, but, yes, making a firearm-like device capable of grievously wounding / killing someone really is this simple:

Look at the tools and materials she used: wire snips, a block of wood, a knife, a short length of steel pipe, a file, the pipe end cap, copper wire, a small square […]

not just for firearms

So for Christmas, the in-laws got me a Mora 106 Knife and a 220 Woodsplitter; thanks to my hand deciding to give the world, including myself, the finger, I have not had a chance to actually use them yet, but they needed safe places to live.  The 106 comes with something that could be charitably called a “sheath”, but anyone who knows Mora knives knows that thing does not amount to […]

hava fundraiser and zombie tools

(Note: This post contains images and text that contain arguably gratuitous amounts of blood and profanity. If either cause you problems, feel free to skip it.)

When it comes to zombies, my preferred weapon is something along the lines of "orbit-based kinetic strike" (a concept which, coincidentally, appears to be featured in the upcoming GI Joe movie), but something tells me that we are not going to have that kind of hardware if/when the […]

a thousand blind monkeys could do better

This keychain tool kit that I forgot was still attached to my carabiner was deemed unacceptable for me to have on my person by the Nashville branch of the Thousands of Sexual Assaulters due to its 1.375" knife, and was therefore confiscated from me at the security checkpoint for the airport (sorry, Weer’d).

However, at both Nashville and SeaTac airports, this solid stainless steel pen (that could […]

mantis knives – a review, revisited

A few years back, I wrote a somewhat negative review of Mantis Knives’ products, which even managed to attract the attention of the president of that particular company (who never emailed me, I would point out).

Well, a few days ago, I discovered the B-3 Necessikey sucks almost as hard as the MT-1 Sliver. The Necessikey has a grand total of three tools to its name – a flashlight that is barely […]

oldradartech’s paddle holster – a review

Well, I had planned to put up this post today in order to cap off an unusual density of leather-and-holster-related posts, but Jay G. went and beat me to it, and here I am looking like Johnny-come-lately. Oh well.

Anywise, regular readers will know that I have been searching high-and-low, off-and-on for a holster for my Baby Eagle for quite some time now, and that I finally settled on snagging […]

yesterday, at kroger

On my way to Organized Play to have my ass handed to me at a prerelease game for the new set of Magic: the Gathering (I did manage to "win" one round, but only because we ran out of time and the other guy threw the last of our three games… and one of the rounds I "lost" because we once again ran out of time and I threw the last […]

i sweated a lot to bring you this situational irony

To get to Mount Le Conte Lodge – the establishment we recently spent the night at – one must first traverse somewhere between 5 and 8 miles of single-track trails through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. As with all National Parks, the trails and area are remarkably separated from the rest of the world, to the point where you are much farther from civilization than the "as the crow flies" […]

steel by your side

I can tell you as much as you want to know about the sheath: it was fabricated by Dennis at Dragon Leatherworks, it has a standard cow-leather backing with an ostrich-skin overlay on top, it holds the knife quite well and is designed for off-hand reverse-grip carry, and it is apparently going to be pretty much the only one of its kind for the foreseeable future (apparently knife-sheath-making takes more time/effort than either […]

soldiers’ angels fundraiser and giveaway follow-up winner

Dear Captain Murphy, 

You suck and we hate you. 

Sincerely,  Me. 

That out of the way, as you all know, most of the winners for the Soldiers’ Angels Fundraiser and Giveaway were announced yesterday, and congratulations to all of them.  While a certain package from CKRT was still lost in the nether between them and me, I did not want to draw out the drawing (har […]

cutting to the chase

Matthew over at Straight Forward in a Crooked World does not write often – and more the shame – but when he does, you really should read it:

To what extent are you willing…and capable of saving your life? If no gun were available could you …would you…are readily capable of doing so with a knife.

Would you slit an attacker’s throat?

Could you use a knife to filet […]

one take on a "survival shotgun"

Another month, another post wherein Art of Manliness brings the awesome.

I cannot say as though I agree with all of the author’s choices (most notably toting around a survival kit in his survival shotgun*, as well as relying exclusively on an anchor-like shotgun during the impending zombie apocalypse), but I also cannot say as though I ever thought about just how much space there is in those hollow-plastic buttstocks.

The […]

soapy self-defense

A lot of bytes have been sacrificed in the unending debates and conversations we pro-rights activists have about the efficacy of various calibers in self-defense situations, but it is a rare opportunity indeed to come up with some actual, hard data concerning how a small piece of lead traveling at high velocities will affect the human body. One such opportunity presented itself in Gwinnett, Georgia this very week:

Gwinnett police Cpl. Edwin […]

epic paracord

I had stumbled across the Gerber Epic a while ago while mindlessly browsing the internet, but after reading JP’s recent review of the blade, I figured, “What the hell,” and added it to my recent Cabela’s order. This post, however, is not going to be a review of the knife – if you want one of those, and JP’s is not enough, check this one out – rather, this is […]

self-defense is a mindset

A gun is a tool, just like a bus:

Mabry, a 16-year bus driver, was on his way to pick up students about 6:45 a.m. Friday when he noticed a truck on East Raccoon Valley Road pulling a trailer he’d seen in a neighbor’s yard on Halls Gap Road for at least three months, he said.

He blocked the two-lane road with his bus so the truck could not leave […]