“I don't support everything, and many things the 'official' gun controllers do accept, like the legitimacy of the 2nd Amendment, I don't.”
by Mike Bonomo, writing as 'MikeB302000'




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he might know a thing or two about totalitarian governments

Those who would unjustly deprive us of our Constitutionally-protected individual rights to self-defense, self-preservation, and the peaceful ownership of private property make a big deal about the number of "gun violence" victims they have on their side, as if being shot at by a criminal somehow makes you an expert on all things firearm- and rights-related (note: it does not). Unfortunately, once you start pulling back the layers of publicity polish and bluster, you start […]

the truth about the truth about guns and robert farago

Unless you are prepared for a veritable skyscraper of text (over 9,000 words) and a serious airing of grievances, you should probably go ahead and plan on skipping this post.

That disclaimer dispensed with, here is how it is. Over the past few years, Robert Farago – the editor of The Truth About Guns – has functionally leeched off of, exploited, stabbed in the back, maligned, abused, lied about, misrepresented, stolen from, and infringed upon […]

welcome to the club

I will admit that it is something of a warped tradition, but a gunblogger has never really "arrived" until they have been cyberstalked and harassed by Guy Cabot (aka "JadeGold") and his facilitator, Michael Bonomo (aka "mikeb302000"). Thankfully, Squeaky has the exactly correct attitude about the whole thing; in short, "piss off".

The post from Bonomo’s all-but-abandoned weblog that Squeaky highlights (she does not link to it, and neither will I), is […]

just trying to help out

Dear Joan Peterson (aka “japete”),

Since you seem to be having such a hard time understanding the concept of “zombies”, much less why anyone would want to shoot them (helpful hint: THEY EAT BRAINS), I thought I might take a moment to offer you a suggestion.

Just three hours south of you in Morristown, MN, Ahlman’s Gun Shop is […]

quote of the day – weer’d beard

Why do "gun control" extremists hate women? Hold that question – we will come back to it.

I have to admit, the color pink does nothing for me. This is not some sexist statement; the color just has no particular attraction for me, and its extreme overuse by Hollywood socialites has all but soured me on the entire concept.

Furthermore, Better Half and I are both somewhat disheartened by firearm and […]

laws are for the little people

Oh, look, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is intentionally violating a photographer’s copyright.

Color me surprised.

No, not really. "Gun control" extremist organizations have a longstanding history of violating copyrights in their unending crusade to demonize and dehumanize firearm owners and carriers, which bring us back to an interesting point that comes up time and time […]

tellin’ riddles in the dark

Want to know the difference between “gun control” extremists and pro-rights activist in one easy-to-swallow lesson?  Behold. 

Brady Campaign Board Member, blood-dancer extraordinaire, arguable face of “gun control”, and eugenicist Joan Peterson (writing under the moniker “japete”) at the conclusion of a post abusively castigating pro-rights activists for daring to point out that the anti-rights cultists’ “candlelight vigils” will do […]

make your own future

Yesterday, I accurately said that there was nothing I could add to the letter A Girl and Her Gun wrote to those who would deprive her of her rights, and I stand by those words; however, coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous, and here I am… shall-we-say "expanding" on her driving point.

I found myself re-(re-?)reading Fallen Angels recently (available free online through Baen, if you […]

the eugenical dreams of joan peterson

I do not read Joan Peterson‘s (aka "Japete") misnamed weblog "Common Gunsense", simply because the level of derangement that woman exhibits frankly frightens me, but the cost of that restraint on my part is that I miss out on a great deal of blogfodder, which, if this post is any indication, might be just as well for my blood pressure and opinion of humanity.

To cut straight to […]

quote of the day – joan peterson

This is me, being about as speechless as I get:

Who needs guns then? Well, hunters need guns for the sport. Some peo­ple need guns for their pro­fes­sion– law enforce­ment, secu­rity guards, peo­ple who trans­port cash from busi­nesses to banks, etc., gang mem­bers, drug car­tels, felons, rob­bers and those who, with­out a gun, could not do their jobs.

Follow the link for the full explanation (be not afraid – it does not […]

quote of the day – patrick

Regular readers should be wholly aware of Brady Campaign Board Member and general-purpose "gun control" extremist, Joan Peterson, and her particular inability to craft or identify logical arguments, but do you remember that Joan’s flagrant, whimsical, and ineffective attempts to censor conversations at her site were the reason Sean Sorrentino started weblogging? Patrick did, which allowed him to make this priceless comment regarding how […]

quote of the day – john richardson

Two of the most important axioms of any argumentative or combative situation are, "Know yourself," and "Know your enemy," and in the ongoing battle to secure and defend our individual rights from those who would whimsically and arbitrarily deny them to us, both of those continue to be relevant.

However, one of the most important instructions of any situation is, "Follow the money."

Where am I going with this?

Well, […]

the strange bedfellows of "gun control"

A little over two years ago, law-abiding open carrier Meleanie Hain took Lebanon, PA County Sheriff Michael DeLeo to court for his capricious and whimsical revocation of her Pennsylvania license to carry for lawfully openly carrying her firearm to her daughter’s soccer game.  Unfortunately, shortly thereafter, Mrs. Hain was violently murdered by her husband, and while her estate attempted to move her lawsuit forward in her name, it was […]

do not get distracted by the little things

Unfortunately, I am starting to see a slightly surprising amount of confusion from my fellow pro-rights activists regarding the tactics of our opponents, so I thought I would take a moment, consolidate my comments, and offer up some clarification here.

Put simply, Joan Peterson is an adherent to the belief that if you repeat a lie often enough, and with enough conviction, people will start believing it is true.


i am a naughty, naughty person

… And I do not feel the slightest bit of shame for it. 

By now, you already know my opinion of the probably-soon-to-be-law in Florida barring doctors from discussing firearms with their patients, but just to recap – it is stupid, it is unnecessary, and it pointlessly gives ammunition to the anti-rights cultists

However, it is how those anti-rights cultists are employing that ammunition […]

pop quiz, part the second

What is this? 

(Click to really, really embiggenate – do not say I did not warn you.) 

Give up? 

This is me accepting a damned good suggestion, and running with it. 

As you all are probably aware by now, I am a firm proponent that graphics and pictures can take otherwise complicated concepts and numbers and make them easy to understand for the average reader.  […]

pro-rights gun violence victims

The anti-rights cultists of America frequently like to pretend that they have the market cornered on "gun violence" victims*, and often parade these individuals around in front of the media as a way to generate empathetic, emotional support for their blatantly bigoted positions.

Unfortunately for them, that act is nothing more than a farce.

I am sure my regular readers will remember John Green, the man who lost his daughter in […]

joan peterson lies

Last week, Joan Peterson (aka “Japete” on her misnamed “Common Gunsense” weblog – link intentionally omitted) took it upon herself to appear before the Minnesota House Public Safety Committee as a representative of the anti-rights, pro-criminal cult of America, and speak out against the bill relating to the use of deadly force in defense of home and person (Castle Doctrine, in short), pistol permit renewals, and the comprehensiveness of […]

quote of the day – joan peterson

I have spoken previously concerning how Joan Peterson is the face of “gun control” (though Colin Goddard is desperately trying to supplant her), how the majority of Joan’s arguments are based on inherently flawed logical fallacies, and how some of her positions are borderline disgusting in their flagrant blood-dancing, so today’s revelation should not no surprise for anyone. Specifically, Joan Peterson has no problem libeling […]

free your mind

As Weer’d reminded me, so I shall remind you: tomorrow marks the beginning of Chris’ “Anti-Gun Blog Boycott”, and I would sincerely ask that you do not visit, do not comment upon, and do not do anything that would add to the traffic of the various anti-rights weblogs during that boycott – Chris proposes 72 hours, Weer’d is extending that to the 9th, and I see no reason not to run […]