fair warning and good advice

Once again, I will not be attending SHOT Show (mostly because I will be saving up money for a significantly less exciting trip in the hopefully-near future), but those of you who are going should bear this in mind:

I just received some disturbing news about this year’s SHOT Show from a well respected member of the firearms industry. The mainstream media will be at the 2013 SHOT Show in force with the express purpose of furthering their anti-gun agenda.

(Emphasis in the original.)

If you are surprised by this, frankly, where have you been for the past month? SHOT Show is the first major, national firearm-related event immediately following the Newtown, CT shooting, and you can bet your very last bullet that every major news manufacturer (and I use that term intentionally) out there will be canvassing the convention looking for firearm owners to frame as the next Sandy Hook Murderer (name intentionally omitted). And, yes, that is exactly what they will be doing – they will not care about whatever facts, figures, or statistics you care to present, or how reasonable and level-headed you appear; they will only be looking at how best to portray you as a heavily-armed whackadoodle inches away from snapping.

So I concur with the advice of the folks at Great Satan, Inc.:

Here’s the best advice I’ve heard to counter this unwelcome infiltration: DON’T SPEAK TO THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA AT SHOT SHOW. My friend in the industry made some suggestions that I’d like to pass on – Be polite, and rather than say “no comment”, just tell them that you are busy and can’t talk right now. Do not forget that these people are not reasonable people and do not want a discussion. Please realize that despite your best efforts, there is no answer or statement you can give that can’t and won’t be used against all of us.

(Emphasis again in the original.)

I will not go so far as to say you should avoid everyone with a camera or notepad (and neither does GS,I, for that matter), since a huge number of my gunblogging brethren will be there with their hardware, but I would get in the habit of asking attempted interviewers who they are and who they represent before responding.

Try not to give the anti-rights cultists any more ammunition than they already have.

(And for those of you who are going, we are depending on you for copious quantities of pictures!)

dear jeremy alcede, owner of tactical firearms

I do not live near Katy, Texas, and I probably never will, but I can guarantee you that I will never purchase a single thing from you.

For the rest of you all, the answer to the inevitable, "Why?" is contained within this radio interview:

Matt Patrick: It is 6:16, Houston’s Morning News and I’m Matt Patrick. Glad you’re here; also glad that Tactical Firearms owner Jeremy Alcede is joining me, and, Jeremy, first of all, I love your place. I’ve bought a couple guns from you already. Love the new range. But I also love what you were saying about the Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act, which is being presented by the Democrats now. You say, "Look, if this is gonna make them happy, then let’s give them this, let’s let them have this and go away and leave us alone." Right?

Jeremy Alcede: Right. I mean, they’re never going to stop. This is just an ongoing thing that, y’know, I don’t agree with anything, y’know, if you give ’em an inch, they’ll take a mile. But, y’know, if this is gonna shut ’em up, then give it to ’em. The only good thing that could come out of this is, y’know, it’s gonna not allow all these big online companies to purchase ammo from the manufacturers so the manufacturers are gonna be overloaded with ammo, so guess what that means? They’re gonna be calling me sayin’, "Look, I’m gonna give you an extra dollar-fifty off off a box when you buy it. Please buy it." So it might actually lower the cost for you, the consumer. I know when I get it lower, I’m gonna sell it lower to you.

Patrick: And that’s good for me.

Matt and Jeremy, you are cordially invited to get bent, which should not be terribly hard with your heads so far up your respective asses already.

Oh, and, yes, you read that correctly – Jeremy Alcede is supporting the Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act because he correctly believes that it will result in more business for his company through the shutting-down of other companies, but, better, he considers this bone tossed to the authoritarians hopefully enough to keep them satiated for the time being, while simultaneously acknowledging that authoritarians are never satisfied and this is just one step in a long line of steps.

The first position is that of a cold-blooded, calculating businessman; oh, sure it screws over his competitors, and it likewise screws over his customers (no matter how he spins it, removing competition is never a good thing for the customer), but establishments like his probably will end up making more money under the SOASA.

The second position, however, would be laughable if it were presented in a humorous fashion, but I have an annoyingly nagging suspicion that Jeremy was 100% honest; he truly believes the SOASA would be sufficient to stall "gun control" extremists for the time being, despite knowing that "if you give them an inch, they will take a mile". That kind of disconnect from reality makes me truly wonder as to his sanity…

1 With a Bullet has some additional information on Jeremy Alcede and Tactical Firearms, and in answer to his question, I do believe, from what I have seen, that Jeremy is a quisling, especially given his willingness to sell his competitors up the river to make another buck.

made it to the bigtime

Remember how I mentioned that Dragon Leatherworks was producing copies of the lunchbox he made for Abby Sciuto in NCIS? Well, that run of 500 is now open for your orders, and while not many have come in over the past month or so, something tells me if you want one, you might want to get your order in now.


Only because Dennis and his lunchbox got featured in the local dead-tree media.

Good for him! Every time I talk to him, Dennis is inching closer and closer towards making holster-fabrication his primary business, and publicity like this can only help him in his endeavor. Better yet, with more time to dedicate to folding leather, he will have more time to figure out awesome things to make!

baldr odinson outs himself

By now, regular readers of my weblog should be familiar with the name “Baldr Odinson” – that spineless, dishonest, cowardly troll who so very much hates it when his own methodologies and tricks are used against him (speaking of, I need to put his poll back up at some point).  Regular readers of the pro-rights community would also be aware that Baldr Odinson condoned, if not outright supported, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence’s vicious, vindictive, and generally bullyish “outing” of various pro-rights activists, myself included; for example: 

baldrodinsonjasonkilgoreoutingOne pro-gun blogger, Wer’d Beard, is sensitive about his real name being "outed" by CSGV. Poor guy, but I’ll abstain as a fellow blogger.

That tweet used to include a link to the CSGV’s weblog wherein they did the outing, until such time as Weer’d requested Baldr take it down.  One cannot mistake the sentiment in those short sentences, though. 

baldrodinsonjasonkilgore1baldrodinsonjasonkilgore2Well, it would appear as though Baldr Odinson has beaten all of the rest of us to the punch, and gone and “outed” himself on Facebook – say hello to Baldr, everyone… or should I say “Jason Kilgore”? 

Now, normally, I would not go posting the personal information of folks who choose to use a screen name while they make use of the Intertubes – being one of those folks myself, I fully understand the motivations involved.  However, in this particular case, I feel as though it is particularly warranted for a variety of reasons. 

First, as you can see to the left, he “outed” himself, on a public page, on Facebook.  He put his screen name right next to his carbon name, in a place where anyone and everyone could see it.  And, lo and behold, someone did. 

baldrodinsonjasonkilgore3Second, as previously mentioned, he condoned / supported / encouraged / facilitated the CSGV when they were going on their mass “outing” spree a few months ago, and personally leveraged some of the outcomes of that despicable activities for his own gain.  The shoe is now on the other foot. 

Third, he has been using either his screen name or his carbon name to sock-puppet for the other, as seen in the two screen captures to the right (the first is available here, the second is available here).  Trying to make yourself look more popular, more appreciated, more widely-recognized, and more agreed-with by generating additional screen names / accounts / etc. is a time-honored tradition of the Intertubes, but not a particularly honorable one. 

Fourth, he actually gave an interview, to a television station, using his screen name as his identification: 

Really Jason?  Really?  Welcome to being a “public figure” (as your Facebook profile claims, by the by); once you assume that mantle, any semblance of “privacy” goes right out the window.  (Of course, the misspelling is all the more amusing, given the circumstances.) 

Fifth and finally, Jason Kilgore (aka “Baldr Odinson”) decided to get his panties in a wad over the lawful use of the above-left Facebook image.  As you all know, I am a firm believer in individual rights, including the right to intellectual property ownership; however, as I said in comments

He cannot even claim that. He did not take the picture!

That, right there, is the key element.

Baldr was in a public place, acting as a public figure. As such, he had no reasonable expectation of privacy when that photograph was taken. As such, he has no copyright claim, whatsoever, to that picture, despite being the subject of it.

The only person who originally owned the copyright was the person behind the camera that took it. Did Baldr have that person’s permission to put the picture on his Facebook page?

Seemingly petty though that question may be, it is invaluably important, given Facebook’s rather… demanding… copyright rules, in that they claim ownership of anything and everything that is posted on their domain, regardless of who owned it previously.

Unless Baldr has a notarized power of attorney (or equivalent documentation) from the person who took the picture, or from Facebook themselves, he simply has no standing.

IANAL and all that.

… And as Tango followed up with

That’s not the key. You didn’t reuse his picture. You captured the picture with the surrounding page because what you wrote is specifically about that exact picture and the article associated with it. You wrote an article ABOUT the picture, so reproducing it as such is very very clearly covered under fair use.

So welcome to the club of “outed” webloggers, Jason Kilgore (aka “Baldr Odinson”).  If you had not gone to the effort of Streisanding yourself, maybe this all would have blown over and no one would have been the wiser.  As it is, given your encouragement of the CSGV when the started violating people’s privacy, you are, as I believe the saying goes, not-so-respectfully invited to “suck it”. 

(Oh, and what the hell is with the Heaven’s Gate outfit?) 

moving open carry forward

Some days, you just want to throw in the towel. Other days, you do, and realize there is absolutely no shame in doing so. Nothing I could write today would even compare, however remotely, to this outstanding piece of parody by Robb (of which the below blockquote is just a very small sample):

Salesperson: “Good afternoon Ma’am. How can I help you today?”

Customer: “Hi, yes, I was hoping to look at banning a gun today”

Salesperson: “Absolutely, you’ve come to the right place. We’re one of the top stores in the south-east for banning weaponry. I think you’ll find what you’re looking for as we have a wide selection of firearms for you to demand be banned. What exactly are you looking for?”

… or this news interview Robb gave… yes, a broadcast news interview, given to WFTS, the ABC affiliate for the Tampa Bay region of Florida.

First up, Robb has significantly larger gonads than I could ever hope to – what with his stepping in front of a camera with millions of people behind it – and is a hell of a lot more articulate to boot. I stumble over what I am saying when I am just typing; good on him for keeping it together on-camera, and presenting a reasonable, every-man face for the open carry movement.

Second, that is how you encourage people to at least consider your position, folks… You do not go around flinging logical fallacies like monkeys fling poo, you do not be an asshole just because you can, and you do not subject folks to unsafe behavior just to make a point. You make your point in a reasonable, polite, calm manner, and let people make up their own minds. Not everyone is going to agree with you – and that is ok – but the point is to not scare people off with your presentation.

Third, I love that Florida was singled out for being one of seven states where open carry is illegal… Granted, that is only half the story, in that some states (*cough*Massachusetts*cough*) you could end up losing your carry (or even ownership) license for openly carrying just because your local police department does not agree with it, but it was still nice for the generally anti-rights media to touch on that point, however briefly.

Fourth, that Brady Bunch weenie was a whiner, was she not?

So, really, go read Robb’s post and watch his interview… We just keep on winning, slowly but surely, and that is aided significantly by efforts such as these.