“It may be better to be a live jackal than a dead lion, but it is better still to be a live lion. And usually easier.”
by Lazarus Long




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my thoughts on tonight’s charade

First, if you vote for candidate X because some idiot tells you that candidate Y stands no chance of winning, you successfully managed to find about the only way you can legitimately “waste” a vote, you succumbed to a base logical fallacy, and you completely missed the point of voting to begin with.  The idiot who convinced you of this, however, is orders of magnitude more idiotic. 

Second, I received a thousand of the […]

michael moore is a certifiable moron

But you knew that already.

Apparently Mr. Fat-Ass Lard-Ball himself had a "conversation"* with Piers Morgan over the non-existent merits of "gun control" here in the United States, and while I am going to try very, very hard to ignore the rest of his idiocy, this particular comment stood out in stark relief from the rest of his bigoted screed:

And I wish that we would just live in this century. […]

facts which do not fit the narrative are discarded

I love internally inconsistent people, no matter what their political or sociological leanings might or might not be; obviously, I would prefer them to be as far away from "my side" (whatever that means any more) as possible, but, regardless, without them I would not have nearly as much good material on this site as I do now.

Take, for example, Penny Bernath, writing on Twitter under the rather appropriate screenname of […]

north carolina had nothing better to do

And now for a topic this weblog does not frequently touch upon: Way to be bigoted idiots, ~60% of the North Carolinians who voted yesterday. So glad that you have settled all of the other pressing issues in your state, and feel comfortable wasting your time on something as inane as gay marriage.

Look, so long as everyone involved is legally an adult, consenting, and not being hurt against their wills, it […]

them’s fightin’ words

Thanks to the magic that is TiVo, we do not watch commercials, but this one popped up before I could snag my remote, and being only 15 seconds long, we went ahead and sat through it:

Now, I am fairly certain I know that font and I know those instructions and I know the look of the pieces scattered around our protagonist, and speaking personally, I have never once had a problem […]

reminds me of a star trek episode

Question: What happens when a car manufacturing company fails miserably (and rightfully so), is ruled "too large to fail", is purchased by governmental (i.e. your) money, and eventually gets "back on its feet" by shuffling bills around and calling it "paying back your debts"… and shorting the American taxpayer in the process?

Answer: You get a $36,000 2012 white Jeep Wrangler Limited with three white fenders… […]

examine their motivation

A goodly number of my compatriots are justifiably annoyed at the second-in-line for the American throne Presidency referring to supporters of a more fiscally-sound budgetary policy as "terrorists", and I can certainly understand where they are coming from.

But, really, Vice-President Joe Biden saying something mind-numbingly idiotic is not much of a concern to me… after all, […]

for the record

If the car to the left belongs to you:


That is all.

way to prove your idiocy

There are so very many things wrong with this headline that I am not even going to bother delving into the article that spawned it.

And, no, unfortunately I was not at the theater at 0001 this morning… I plan on going this weekend, though not wasting my money on our not-really-IMAX, or the still-unimpressive 3D.