“Experience should teach us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when the government's purposes are beneficient... The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well meaning but without understanding.”
by Louis Brandeis




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2 Overreactions

There are two somewhat prominent stories that have made headlines recently, both involving government overreaction. Both of these could have been easily avoided without any hoopla or to-do.

The first happened less than 75 miles from where I grew up in rural South Carolina. It appears they had some overreactive employees at a nuclear power plant who called the sheriff’s department after a glider took a single pass over the plant. The police then […]

how not to be a dick

Now, see, this is a position I can respect:

I have open carried when I was not legally allowed to conceal but prefer to conceal when I can. I have found that it is just easier to go about your day and interact with people when they have no knowledge of you having a firearm. First impressions are important and cannot be erased. Many develop a poor perception of someone when they […]

gunsmoke lied. twice.

Dear producers and writers of “American Guns”, and staff and owners of “Gunsmoke”, 

I understand the need to exaggerate and embellish a little to make “good” television shows – after all, reality can be somewhat boring from time to time, and you want to ensure the people watching your show today continue watching it tomorrow and the next day.  So you tweak a few little details: you have targets explode […]

it did happen here

In honor of George Takei giving one of the best "Peace, y’all, I’m outta here" monologues I have ever seen come out of a reality television show after his firing from The Apprentice last week, I thought I would take a moment today to remind my readers of a piece of American history that most people probably were never taught, and most of the rest probably try to actively forget:

Once upon […]

no matter how hard i muddle

… Guns and alcohol simply will not mix.

But moving on to more serious matters, it would appear as though the usual, useful idiots are trotting out the usual, useless arguments about ZOMG guns in bars. Color me surprised. However, just like here in Tennessee all those years ago, most of the arguments against allowing law-abiding, trained, and permitted individuals to carry firearms into establishments that serve alcohol are based on […]

quote of the day – mike w.

No, I am not going to get any more involved in the current Open Carry Drama Llama parade than I obliquely did in my previous post. Why? Mike W. said it best:

Sigh. I am sick of the in-fighting. You don’t want to open carry? Fine, then don’t, but don’t tell others that they shouldn’t simply because YOU don’t like it. It makes you sound like some smarmy liberal.


a funny thing happened yesterday

Dennis from Dragon Leatherworks gave me all his guns.

Okay, not all of them, and I am more “holding on to them for the time being”, but he did hand me a case loaded up with all sorts of pistols.

So why is this peculiar? Well, I had never actually met Dennis before yesterday when he handed me the case. Oh, sure, we have exchanged no shortage of emails, and we […]

yesterday, at sharkey’s

…I did not openly carry my sidearm.  Why?  Because, contrary to some narrow-minded folks’ opinions, there is a middle ground between “attention-whoring, in-your-face, out-to-prove-a-point open carrying jackass” and “concealed carrier”. 

You see, Sharkey’s Wing and Rib Joint is literally right across the road from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute campus, and they have shown a recent history of potentially overreacting to the notion of people carrying firearms […]

registration leads to confiscation… again, and again, and…

Historically speaking, registration has invariably lead to confiscation; the only major question is how long it takes for the latter to follow the former. If you happen to be unfortunate enough to live in Australia and know or be related to suspected criminals, that time just got a lot shorter:

Raids yesterday morning by detectives working in Taskforce Acer 17 netted firearms police feared could be passed to criminals.


examine their motivation

A goodly number of my compatriots are justifiably annoyed at the second-in-line for the American throne Presidency referring to supporters of a more fiscally-sound budgetary policy as "terrorists", and I can certainly understand where they are coming from.

But, really, Vice-President Joe Biden saying something mind-numbingly idiotic is not much of a concern to me… after all, […]

not fitting the propaganda

One of the favorite lies of the anti-rights cultists (at least when they are not whinging about the NRA being all-powerful – consistency is not their strong suit) is that the firearm industry is dying/drying up/collapsing/shrinking/etc.

If that were actually the case, I wonder what the explanation would be for the SHOT Show having to limit attendance to only firearm- and shooting-related companies, on the basis that there are too […]