“An elephant. A mouse built to government specifications.”
by Lazarus Long


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"walls of the city" logo conceptualized by Oleg Volk and executed by Linoge. Logo is © "walls of the city".

‘walls of the city’ patches

Remember that awesome new logo Oleg Volk dreamed up and I somehow managed to cobble together? 

Remember how I promised I would make up patches of that logo? 

Remember how the shipment was on its way? 

And remember how fundraisers, moves, job hunts, and busted-ass vehicles got in the way of me actually selling the bloody things? 

Well, ok, you might have missed that last item, but not the repercussions of […]

patch update

By my count, including my 10 (which is a variable number), we are up to 53 patches ordered (at least as of this posting).  This means that all patches will cost $6 each; if we can make it to 100 ordered, that will go down to $5 each. 

Given the price drop, if you want to increase your order, leave a comment here or at the previous post. 

Likewise, once we get closer, […]

pegged to a drawer

For not being a terribly handy individual, I seem to be on something of a roll these days.

First, it was my ammo can shelves (Note: these shelves will not accommodate Cabela’s dry boxes, given that they are significantly larger than .50 caliber ammunition cans. I am sure the design could be jiggered to work with the dry box dimensions, though.).

Now, it is this:

Well, ok, that is a sheet […]