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wts: unfired/unissued CZ-52

Yes, you read that right.  I have a completely unissued, unfired CZ-52 (more accurately known as a vz. 52) pistol for sale.  How, you ask?  The good folks at CzechPoint stumbled across them a few years ago, and I will let them tell the story: 

How are these unissued vz. 52 pistols made available?  While opening boxes of ‘very good condition’ pistols that were sold previously, CzechPoint discovered a very limited quantity of unissued […]

mauser in kydex

I know, I know, I promised you pictures after the NRA Annual Meetings, but, honestly, I was expecting more people to take more pictures there.  As it was, they largely seemed pretty dumbfounded and completely… confused?… by what they were seeing.  In fairness, the folks at Daniel Defense and Bansner’s Ultimate Rifles could not get enough of it, and a Chinese gentleman was absolutely enthralled by it (apparently C96 Mausers are a Big Deal over […]

promises fulfilled

So Dennis of Dragon Leatherworks made Gay Cynic a holster, and the former requested that the latter wear it at the Boomershoot dinner… and he did: 

Yes, those are rhinestones… everywhere.  Yes, the buckle is even… better?  Yes, that is legitimate rabbit fur.  No, I will not be ordering one myself. 

I did, however, sport this shirt all day today: 

No, I am still not a brony; I can safely […]

kydex mauser c96 race holster, completed

Yup, you read that right.  The holster for the C96 Broomhandle Mauser has been completed, and every bit of it was made out of kydex (assuming you discount the belt attachment method and rivets, of course).  And to add the cherry to the top of that concept, I even fabricated a clip carrier, just to make everything match. 

Want to see it?  Great.  Come see me at the NRA Annual Meetings – I should […]

it’s alive!

After two attempts at forming the kydex around the Mauser (note to self: remove grips from any gun that has removable grips, and use the less-dense foam for thicker guns), the Crazy Holster Plans are well and truly underway: 

While it certainly does look like I goofed up around the rear holster with that nasty crimp, I promise that will not affect things in the slightest, at least with the plans I have.  […]

dragon leatherworks and ncis

Everyone remember the all-of-maybe-one-second-of-airtime that Dragon Leatherworks’ spiffy lunchbox received during the NCIS episode “Playing With Fire”?  Well if that was hitting the bigtime (and it was), I do not even know how to categorize this: 

Note the banner on the upper right. 

Note the guy in the green shirt. 

Banner again. 

Really blurry banner. 

Behold the whole banner and the guy in the green […]

need a holster for your lists?

Rob Reed asked for an explanation of the tools/materials I use to fabricate the two holster-looking things I have managed to produce, and the short answer is "watch these two videos":

I hate sitting through a 30-minute video when I could just read something, but I made an exception in those two cases, and I am very thankful I did; PHLster is a very accomplished kydex-smith, and he is not at all […]

not like i could compete with it

As I said on the Facebooks and Twitters a few days ago, one of the fun advantages of making your own holsters is the ability to do crazy things you would never actually ask someone else to make for you.

And, sometimes, they work:

Obviously this is not an everyday carry holster, but I contend that neither is that an everyday carry gun (though a friend tells me they are increasingly popular […]

hava fundraiser and dragon leatherworks

I promised you pictures today, and darned if I did not get them up in the nick of time: 

(Pictures taken with a new toy, which I dare say will work just fine.) 

What we have here is the very, actual holster Dragon Leatherworks is donating to the Honored American Veterans Afield fundraiser I am running.  This one is made specifically to fit a 5” Ruger Blackhawk, but it will also […]

i have to keep reminding myself this is practice

I am not a perfectionist – just ask my wife – but I have an annoying tendency to want to do things right the first time, and not getting it right frustrates me.  This despite the reality that, if I have no experience doing something, I cannot exactly do that something particularly well. 

Anywise, enough whining.  Aside from being wider than strictly necessary, yesterday’s lens cover holster turned out pretty well.  That made up […]

well, that is that

After damned near eight solid hours of work, more trial and error than I care to admit, and only a small amount of blood loss, I have this: 

Not pretty, but it works. 

Definitely not pretty.  One of the reasons it took so long were these: 

Since I wear a neutered rigger’s belt, I dislike having to unthread it every time I get home in order to load […]

what i will be doing instead of weblogging

Obviously it is still a work in progress (the wings need to be bent, and the loops need to be finished/fixed – sadly, Better Half’s hair drier was not up to the task), and I doubt I will be putting Raven out of business any time soon, but given that I have more than a few guns that need left-handed holsters, and more than a few guns that need holsters in general, the […]

honored american veterans afield fundraiser and giveaway

This post will be sticky until the fundraiser concludes.  Please scroll down for new posts.

Current Total Donation Amount: (0700 01APR13)


The Rules:

The rules are a little different than last year’s exercise, so pay attention.

How to Earn a Ticket:

1.  Every five dollars you donate directly to Honored American Veterans Afield nets you one numbered ticket. 2.  DO NOT SEND ME MONEY.  All money and goods should go directly to HAVA. 3.  […]

because it is shiny

I have, and need, no better excuse than that for this: 

What’s that, you say?  It looks remarkably like something from some movie or television series you might have seen once upon a time? 

I have no idea what you are talking about. 

None at all. 

In all seriousness, this is far from an every-day carry rig, for a variety of reasons, but the TT-33 is far from […]

product of a bored sunday

So I spent most of yesterday blowing the not-insubstantial mass of leaves provided to our not-insubstantial back yard courtesy of the not-insubstantial forest behind our house, and I vacuumed the downstairs this morning (when the cats start sneezing on their own dust bunnies, it is about time to do that); the upshot of all of this is that my right hand has been functionally reduced to a “mewling quim”, to quote the inimitable Loki (look […]

dragon leatherworks, in the news

We all know that Dragon Leatherworks makes good holsters, but now more of Eastern Tennessee can find out (if you are using an RSS reader, you will probably have to click through to see the video):  

Yup, that would be Dennis, the proprietor, on regional television during prime-time on a Friday evening, and I have to admit that I am remarkably impressed at how positive and salutary the segment was. 

I mean, […]

as seen on tv

A little birdie (who happens to have a good bit of leather dye on his hands) told me that WATE‘s “Made in Tennessee” segment just wrapped up filming at the headquarters of Dragon Leatherworks.

No real word on when the segment will air, but I will try to record it when it does.

Also, if that is not “normalization”, I do not know what is. And speaking of not knowing things, are you […]

yesterday at chick-fil-a

So, as everyone is aware by now, I was at Chick-Fil-A yesterday protesting the government sticking its unwelcome nose into a private corporation’s private business, and, as Lynn H. accurately guessed (I guess I am that predictable), I was openly carrying at the event as well, with my not-easy-to-overlook Baby Eagle at that.

For the entire hour I stood in line, while I was surrounded by literally hundreds of people, and apart from the […]

oldradartech’s paddle holster – a review

Well, I had planned to put up this post today in order to cap off an unusual density of leather-and-holster-related posts, but Jay G. went and beat me to it, and here I am looking like Johnny-come-lately. Oh well.

Anywise, regular readers will know that I have been searching high-and-low, off-and-on for a holster for my Baby Eagle for quite some time now, and that I finally settled on snagging this set that is […]

made it to the bigtime

Remember how I mentioned that Dragon Leatherworks was producing copies of the lunchbox he made for Abby Sciuto in NCIS? Well, that run of 500 is now open for your orders, and while not many have come in over the past month or so, something tells me if you want one, you might want to get your order in now.


Only because Dennis and his lunchbox got featured in the local dead-tree […]